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Component 3: Early Intervention/Preschool (September 1996-August 2000). Final Report.

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This final report summarizes the objectives, activities and outcomes of a federally-funded project designed to improve the quality of graduate-level preservice training for personnel who serve children with disabilities aged birth through 5. Among other things, the project developed a Master of Education Program in Early Intervention (birth to age 5). The program consisted of three components: (1) the Early Intervention M.Ed. Core; (2) Additional Coursework for the Early Childhood Education Certificate; and (3) Additional Coursework for the Special Education Certificate. The project was also designed to incorporate two certification options within this Early Intervention Program focusing on: (1) Early Childhood Education; and (2) Special Education. A total of 17 students were supported by the grant, 12% of whom were from underrepresented groups. Fifteen of these students completed their graduate work and 14 went on to work with students with disabilities in either early intervention or school-aged programs after graduation. Processes were developed through which faculty from multiple disciplines designed and regularly reviewed interdisciplinary coursework. Six video-based assignments for two methods courses were designed by a six-member interdisciplinary committee to assist with more authentic competency acquisition. Additionally, students were asked to compile comprehensive portfolios to demonstrate their competency at the end of the program, which proved to be a successful alternative to taking comprehensive examinations. (SG)

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Author:Kaczmarek, Louise A.
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jan 1, 2000
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