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The pill toolbox: How to choose a combined oral Contraceptive: A thorough understanding of the risks and benefits, including noncontraceptive advantages, of varied COC formulations strengthens your pill armamentarium and aids patient decision making. Page, Charlotte M. Dec 1, 2020 3497
Levetiracetam Induced Behavioral Abnormalities in a Patient with Seizure Disorder: A Diagnostic Challenge. Ogunsakin, Oluwaseun; Tumenta, Terence; Louis-Jean, Scarlet; Mahbub, Ayesha; Rabel, Peterson; Olupon Aug 31, 2020 2409
Pulmonary Manifestations of Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) Syndrome: A Systematic Review. Taweesedt, Pahnwat Tonya; Nordstrom, Charles W.; Stoeckel, Jessica; Dumic, Igor Oct 31, 2019 6335
AEDs strongly linked to SJS, toxic epidermal necrolysis. Rans, Caleb Jan 1, 2019 404
Antiepileptic drugs linked to higher risk of stroke in persons with Alzheimer's disease. Report Nov 15, 2018 379
Anticonvulsants Seem to Be Ineffective for Low Back Pain; And, gabapentinoids have a higher risk for adverse events. Jul 5, 2018 212
Mechanisms Underlying Aggressive Behavior Induced by Antiepileptic Drugs: Focus on Topiramate, Levetiracetam, and Perampanel. Hansen, Cerine C.; Ljung, Hanna; Brodtkorb, Eylert; Reimers, Arne Drug overview Jan 1, 2018 14855
5 drug interactions you don't want to miss. Onysko, Mary; Anderson, Holly M.; Cai, Songlin; Winslow, Bradford T. Report Nov 1, 2017 3714
Herb-drug interactions: caution patients when changing supplements. McQueen, Cydney E. Jun 1, 2017 1852
Dermatologic side effects of psychotropic medication and the need for a multidisciplinary approach. Bolos, Alexandra; Ungureanu, Elena; Frincu, Raluca Mihaela; Szalontay, Andreea Silvana Report Mar 1, 2017 3262
Clinical Phenotype of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and Relation to Symptom Patterns: Cluster and Factor Analysis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Korea. Won, Jong Chul; Im, Yong-Jin; Lee, Ji-Hyun; Kim, Chong Hwa; Kwon, Hyuk Sang; Cha, Bong-Yun; Park, Ta Report Jan 1, 2017 7181
When to use an anticonvulsant to treat alcohol withdrawal. Simpson, Scott A. Dec 1, 2016 461
The pattern of adverse drug events to antiepileptic drugs: a cross-sectional study at a tertiary care teaching hospital. Gajjar, Bharat M.; Shah, Amit M.; Patel, Pragna M. Report Dec 1, 2016 3491
Antiepileptic-induced psychosis as a possible predictor of post-temporal lobectomy alternative psychosis. Benedict, F.; Lim, K.S.; Jambunathan, S.T.; Hashim, A. Hanim Binti Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2191
Anticonvulsants Delaying the Diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome in a Patient Who Presents with Schizophrenia. Zhao, Xin; Bai, Harrison; Tan, Li-Ming; Yang, Li Letter to the editor May 1, 2015 676
Safety of antiepileptic medication in breastfeeding. Sep 1, 2014 438
Managing psychiatric illness in patients with epilepsy: appropriate treatment of mental health problems can improve the global prognosis for the patient who has a seizure disorder. Puvvada, Sowmya C.; Kommisetti, Satyanarayana; Reddy, Abhishek Clinical report May 1, 2014 3967
Should you use an anticonvulsant to treat impulsivity and aggression? Eatmon, Courtney V.; Daniel, Jeremy S. Clinical report Apr 1, 2014 1351
Antiepileptic drugs (AED'S) used in those with intellectual and developmental disabilities: for better or worse? Keller, Seth M. Apr 1, 2014 2541
Antiepileptic drugs, breastfeeding, and IQ. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 125
Time course of the changes in novel trioxane antimalarial 99/411 pharmacokinetics upon antiepileptic drugs co-administration in SD rats. Singh, Yeshwant; Kushwaha, Hari Narayan; Misra, Anamika; Hidau, Mahendra Kumar; Singh, Shio Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 4014
Stevens Johnson Syndrome associated with Lamotrigine. Dec 31, 2013 2166
Medications used in epilepsy. Mcgoldrick, Patricia; Wolf, Steven M. Dec 1, 2013 4481
Clinical study of adverse cutaneous drug reactions at a rural based tertiary care centre in Gujarat. Anjaneyan, Gopikrishnan; Gupta, Rajat; Vora, Rita Clinical report Jul 1, 2013 4019
Fetal valproate syndrome in a 14-month-old child: a case report. Abbas, A.; Firdaus, U. Case study May 1, 2013 1910
Psychotic disorder due to withdrawal of barbexaclone/Barbeksaklon yoksunluguna bagli psikotik bozukluk. Kuloglu, Murat; Korkmaz, Sevda; Saglam, Sadullah; Atmaca, Murad Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2013 1024
Bone risks of older antiepileptics may be unaddressed. Otto, M. Alexander Mar 1, 2013 357
Anticonvulsants, dermal complications. Report Dec 31, 2012 496
An overview of medications used in epilepsy: parents, families and caregivers, as well as persons with epilepsy, frequently have questions about medications and often turn to the Internet for information about medications and other treatment options. This method is, at best, flawed and not completely reliable, depending on the websites that are used. McGoldrick, Patricia; Wolf, Steven M. Report Apr 1, 2012 3151
Managing seizures: achieving control while minimizing risk: newer medications have improved physicians' ability to control seizures, but have made epilepsy management even more complex. Here's how to find the most effective and safest treatment for your patient. Geiger, William J.; Nievera, Conrad C., Jr.; Musil, Beth; Goldstein, Jessica Taylor Aug 1, 2011 4157
Alternative psychosis (forced normalisation) in epilepsy. Ntsanwisi, V.T.R.; Rataemane, S.T.; Magazi, D.S. Case study Jun 1, 2011 2930
New AEDs--polytherapy yields greater response. Mar 15, 2011 496
Pregnancy and epilepsy--when you're managing both: when a patient with epilepsy is pregnant or planning for pregnancy, you face the challenge of balancing the benefits and teratogenic risks of her antiseizure medication. Here's help. Sethi, Nitin K.; Wasterlain, Amy; Harden, Cynthia L. Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 3017
Antiepileptics did not raise suicide risk in database study. Moon, Mary Ann Sep 1, 2010 753
Antiepileptic side effects a problem for 40% of patients. Splete, Heidi Brief article Jun 1, 2010 309
Anticonvulsants can help, but how? Anticonvulsant medications appear to help in maintenance-phase SUD treatment, but no one knows exactly why. Glazer, William M. Jun 1, 2010 1119
Study links four anticonvulsants to suicide risk. Moon, Mary Ann Report May 1, 2010 595
Drug side effects common with antiepileptics. Splete, Heidi May 1, 2010 443
Study links four anticonvulsants to suicide risk. Moon, Mary Ann May 1, 2010 593
Anticonvulsant drugs linked to reduced bone mineral density. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article Mar 15, 2010 187
In utero valproate may impair language. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Mar 15, 2010 439
The management of seizures in brain tumor patients. Smith, Kristen Catherine Report Feb 1, 2010 8532
Anticonvulsant use elevated in sudden death cases. Zoler, Mitchel L. Feb 1, 2010 448
Drug-resistant epilepsy gets new definition. Mahoney, Diana Feb 1, 2010 867
Anticonvulsant drug use elevated in sudden death cases. Zoler, Mitchel L. Feb 1, 2010 514
Study finds no risk in shifting to generic AEDs. Jan 18, 2010 500
Lower IQs seen in toddlers exposed to valproate in utero. Sullivan, Michele G. Report May 1, 2009 609
Epilepsy drug warnings to add suicidal ideation. Bates, Betsy Feb 1, 2009 849
Suicidality report: more harm than good? Bazil, Carl W. Editorial Feb 1, 2009 679
Antiepileptics to add suicidality warning to label: physicians urged to discuss possible signs. Bates, Betsy Jan 15, 2009 977
Antiepileptic age, polytherapy linked to more adverse effects. Jan 1, 2009 411
Older antiepileptics, polytherapy linked to more adverse effects. Sullivan, Michele G. Dec 1, 2008 399
Antiepileptics may wreak havoc. Sullivan, Michele G. Oct 15, 2008 534
FDA panels reject suicidality warning for antiepileptic drugs. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Aug 1, 2008 946
Panels reject suicidality boxed warning for AEDs. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article Jul 15, 2008 283
Controversy over suicide risk associated with certain medications. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 141
Dangerous duo: antiepileptics plus herbals. Sirven, Joseph I. Jul 1, 2007 460
Seizures and teens: the practical aspects of managing seizure medications. Shafer, Patricia Osborne; Deaconess, Beth Israel Feb 1, 2007 2914
Valproate linked to poor fetal outcomes. Tucker, Miriam E. Dec 15, 2006 453
Lamotrigine and oral clefts. Cohen, Lee Dec 15, 2006 903
Skin can flag drug hypersensitivity syndromes. McNamara, Damian Dec 15, 2006 551
New data on antiepileptic drugs. Briggs, Gerald G. Oct 15, 2006 714
First-generation anticonvulsants. Briggs, Gerald G. Sep 1, 2006 843
Valproate riskier than other AEDs to fetus: risk of major malformation or fetal death with valproate is 20%, vs. 8% with carbamazepine. Tucker, Miriam E. Sep 1, 2006 575
Impact of prenatal exposure to anticonvulsants appears small. Brunk, Doug Sep 1, 2006 557
Lamotrigine effective add-on for seizures: adjunctive treatment reduces frequency of primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures. Mahoney, Diana Statistical data Apr 1, 2006 626
Bipolar disorder. Mechcatie, Elizabeth; McGlade, Lora Jan 1, 2006 1373
When it comes to sedation, antiepileptics not created equal. McNamara, Damian Jul 1, 2005 513
FDA seeks suicide data for 14 anticonvulsants. Ault, Alicia Jun 15, 2005 785
Caution urged with topiramate, bupropion for weight loss. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2005 450
Recognizing deadly anticonvulsant side effects: toxic epidermal necrolysis is the most severe cutaneous manifestation of anticonvulsant use. Mahoney, Diana Apr 15, 2005 716
Recognizing deadly anticonvulsant side effects. Mahoney, Diana Mar 1, 2005 715
Newer antiepileptics may worsen osteoporosis. Bloom, Mark Mar 1, 2005 570
Panel to MDs: avoid valproate in fertile women. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2005 650
Antiepileptics for bipolar disorder. Cohen, Lee Dec 15, 2004 722

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