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Novavax Inc's NanoFlu / NVX-CoV2373 combination vaccine showed positive immune reactions to both influenza and SARS-CoV-2. May 12, 2021 311
Novavax Inc's NanoFlu / NVX-CoV2373 combination vaccine showed positive immune reactions to both influenza and SARS-CoV-2. May 12, 2021 310
China gives 24m COVID-19 doses, adverse effect rate no higher than flu shots. Feb 17, 2021 709
China gives 24m COVID-19 doses, adverse effect rate no higher than flu shots. Feb 10, 2021 709
Relative Bradycardia in Patients with Mild-to-Moderate Coronavirus Disease, Japan. Yan, Gabriel; Ang, Alicia; Tham, Sai Meng; Ng, Alvin; Chew, Ka Lip Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2021 481
Flu vaccinations for high risk group begin in Oman. By: Times News Service Dec 19, 2020 488
Flu jab due? Here's why it's really important; TIPS & TRICKS Life Hacks For those in at-risk groups, getting vaccinated against flu could be lifesaving. Lisa Salmon finds out more. Dec 12, 2020 494
Call to give cancer survivors priority for Covid vaccine after study reveals virus risk; Flu and coronavirus are both epidemic respiratory viruses with similar risks, suggesting cancer survivors are likely to be more vulnerable. By, Brett Gibbons Dec 1, 2020 399
QU academic highlights key role of flu vaccine for high-risk group. Nov 25, 2020 397
Flu vaccination ruled out in 4 deaths in Taiwan. Oct 28, 2020 323
South Korea urges people to get flu vaccinations despite death tolls. Oct 26, 2020 336
Gov't continues flu vaccinations despite 59 suspected deaths. Oct 26, 2020 390
S.Korea urges people to get flu vaccinations despite deaths, Singapore halts use of flu vaccines. Reuters News Service Oct 26, 2020 292
Singapore's health ministry temporarily halts use of two influenza vaccines after deaths in South Korea. Oct 26, 2020 258
Singapore's health ministry temporarily halts use of two influenza vaccines after deaths in South Korea. Oct 26, 2020 254
Death toll rises to 32 in South Korea, no link to flu shot found so far. Reuters News Service Oct 23, 2020 535
Risk for In-Hospital Complications Associated with COVID-19 and Influenza--Veterans Health Administration, United States, October 1, 2018-May 31, 2020. Cates, Jordan; Lucero-Obusan, Cynthia; Dahl, Rebecca M.; Schirmer, Patricia; Garg, Shikha; Oda, Gina Oct 23, 2020 4848
Fears over flu vaccine spread amid more deaths. Oct 22, 2020 753
South Korean deaths spark flu vaccine safety fears, at least 13 dead (Updated). Reuters News Service Oct 22, 2020 667
South Korea reports multiple deaths allegedly related to flu vaccination. Oct 21, 2020 255
Fears grow over flu vaccines after five suspected deaths. Oct 21, 2020 638
Preliminary Attempt to Predict Risk of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Patients with Influenza: Decision Trees May Help? Bellelli, Valeria; Siccardi, Guido; Conte, Livia; Celani, Luigi; Congeduti, Elena; Borrazzo, Cristia Report Oct 1, 2020 3645
Flu vaccination tied to lower dementia risk in large cohort study. Brooks, Megan Aug 1, 2020 460
DOH recommends flu, pneumonia vaccines to prevent COVID-19 complications. Jul 16, 2020 318
High-dose flu vaccine in rheumatoid arthritis beats standard dose. Jan 11, 2020 637
Flu vaccination reduces the risk by 40-60%. Staff Report Dec 4, 2019 376
Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in a Renal Transplant Patient Following Seasonal Influenza Vaccination. Gani, Imran; Hinnant, George; Kapoor, Rajan; Savage, Natasha Nov 30, 2019 2243
[beaucoup moins que]Le plus haut risque de complications de la grippe concerne les sujets fragiles[beaucoup plus grand que]. Nov 14, 2019 1085
It's essential that those at risk of flu get a vaccination; LETTERS. Nov 5, 2019 177
UAE ministry offers free flu vaccination for high risk groups. Saman Haziq Oct 13, 2019 241
Flu vaccination linked to lower risk of death in patients with high BP. Sep 1, 2019 434
Protecting Vulnerable. Engel, Mary Sep 1, 2019 1421
All you need to know about symptoms, complications and vaccines of Flu. Aug 22, 2019 964
Vaccination Does Not Up Risk for Developing Multiple Sclerosis; Odds of MS lower in participants with vaccination, especially for influenza, tick-borne illness. Aug 6, 2019 297
FDA Accepts Genentech's Supplemental New Drug Application for Xofluza for the Treatment of Influenza in People at High Risk of Complications. Mar 7, 2019 354
Ozzy Osbourne out of intensive care as wife Sharon reveals he was 'put on a ventilator'; Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon says the rocker's condition has improved as he battles 'complications' from flu. Feb 14, 2019 333
CLINICAL PROFILE OF PATIENTS WITH INFLUENZA LIKE ILLNESS. Solomon, Lydia; John, Mary; Livingston, John Report Feb 11, 2019 1818
Prevent Flu Viruses from Taking Hold and Reduce Recovery Time. Riser, Stephanie Feb 1, 2019 1995
Children prone to flu complications. Nov 30, 2018 284
'Elderly more prone to complications of influenza'. Nov 20, 2018 417
Elderly at higher risk of complications from influenza. Nov 19, 2018 439
Flu vaccine reduces pregnant women's risks of flu-related hospitalization by 40 percent. Oct 19, 2018 433
Take these steps to improve your flu season preparedness: The 6 strategies outlined here can help you reduce the risk of illness and limit its severity if contracted. Hamilton, Jennifer L. Report Oct 1, 2018 3137
Flu Vaccine Cuts Mortality in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients; Risk of hospitalization also reduced for RA patients receiving influenza vaccination. Jul 31, 2018 230
Registry Cohort Study to Determine Risk for Multiple Sclerosis after Vaccination for Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) with Arepanrix, Manitoba, Canada. Mahmud, Salaheddin M.; Bozat-Emre, Songul; Mostaco-Guidolin, Luiz C.; Marrie, Ruth Ann Jul 1, 2018 7638
GMOA calls for more vaccines as flu death toll rises. May 30, 2018 339
Maternal Vaccination Not Tied to Infant Hospitalization, Death; Vaccination with influenza and Tdap not linked to risk of infant hospitalization, death in first six months. Feb 20, 2018 237
At-risk groups in vaccine rally call; Protection. Jan 17, 2018 227
What Are The Side Effects Of The Flu Vaccine? Jan 11, 2018 358
FLU IDIOTS; Minister Harris' HSE lets country down again as dad, 94, spends 10hrs on trolley; Epidemic out of control as demand for vaccine soars & death toll set to rise; HEALTH SYSTEM IN CRISIS AS DANGER HITS YOUNG & OLD; Man, 94, forced to wait for more than 10hrs on trolley. Jan 10, 2018 456
Syncope and Influenza B: A Case of an Arresting Association. Lucerna, Alan; Lee, James; Espinosa, James Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1967
Get flu vaccine to avoid complications: MoPH. Nov 26, 2017 206
Your Best Defense Against the Flu: Getting a flu shot will help protect you, and taking Tamiflu soon after symptoms start can help you feel better. Nov 1, 2017 793
Confronting the challenges of influenza-like illness. Juretschko, Stefan Cover story Nov 1, 2017 4834
First-trimester flu vaccine didn't boost birth risks. Nellist, Catherine Cooper Jun 15, 2017 312
Rhabdomyolysis and Influenza A (H3N2) infection--a case report/ Rabdomioliza i influenza a (H3N2) infekcija--prikaz slucaja. Stojsin, Anja; Petric, Vedrana; Canak, Grozdana; Turkulov, Vesna; Sevic, Sinisa; Ruzic, Maja Case study May 1, 2017 1980
Get the flu jab.. it might just save your life; HSE launches vaccine appeal to at-risk. Nov 25, 2016 388
Effect of maternal antenatal influenza vaccination on adverse neonatal outcomes in terms of premature birth, small-for-gestational age and low birth weight: a comparative study. Shatla, Mokhtar Mahfouz; Khayat, Mohammed Essam; Ahmed, Majd Masoud; Alzahrani, Aamer Ali; Khadrawi, Report Nov 1, 2016 4705
Get vaccinated to reduce your pneumonia risk: focus on preventive measures to help you avoid pneumonia. Nov 1, 2016 971
Flu vaccine may lower risk of cardiac events in diabetes patients. Oct 1, 2016 193
Maternal flu vaccine is protective: study finds that maternal immunization reduces infants' flu risk. Haelle, Tara Clinical report Jun 1, 2016 668
Flu advisory accompanied by a drug warning. Jan 1, 2016 151
Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in a Patient with H7N9 Influenza Virus Infection. Wang, Jia-Jia; Huang, Jian-An; Zhao, Da-Guo; Jin, Jun; Liu, Sheng-Lan; Fraidenburg, Dustin; Guo, Qia Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 559
This year's flu season: "moderately severe". Feb 1, 2015 431
New risk factor IDed for severe flu complications. Garrett, Nicola Jan 1, 2015 472
Self-medication, skipping flu vaccine raise Congo fever risk in Oman. Oct 20, 2014 479
Influenza: two promising new approaches. Lenhoff, Alan Report Sep 1, 2014 1026
Complications from flu-like illnesses occur in 35%. Haelle, Tara Sep 1, 2014 310
35% of children get complications from flulike illness. Haelle, Tara Aug 1, 2014 449
Flu vaccine lessens Guillain-Barre risk. Tucker, Charlotte May 1, 2014 141
Enhanced winter wellness against colds & flu. Downey, Michael Dec 1, 2013 3030
Complications of Viral influenza. Dec 1, 2013 192
Cardiac findings during uncomplicated acute influenza in ambulatory adults. Dec 1, 2013 221
Flu vaccine linked to lower cardiovascular risk. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 15, 2013 673
Flu vaccine reduces the risk of severe illness. Worcester, Sharon Nov 1, 2013 416
Flu vaccine halves risk of heart attack in vulnerable patients. Oct 23, 2013 232
Flu in pregnancy may quadruple child's risk for bipolar disorder. Brief article May 13, 2013 126
Flu riskier than vaccine to fetus: illness in mom-to-be boosts odds of miscarriage, stillbirth. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Feb 23, 2013 258
Flu shots help ward off complications for heart disease patients. Dec 1, 2012 113
Concern as fewer 'at risk' people get flu vaccination. Nov 3, 2012 146
Flu vaccine may cut risk of heart disease and death. Oct 29, 2012 364
Tobacco smoke tied to flu complications in kids. Sep 18, 2012 533
Flu questions. Benaroch, Roy Disease/Disorder overview May 1, 2012 617
Increased narcolepsy risk with influenza vaccine. Mar 22, 2012 179
Are you at risk? Jan 1, 2012 844
Strengthen your immune system to minimize infection risk: a flu vaccine is a must for most adults; a balanced diet and plenty of sleep also can help keep you well. Nov 1, 2011 825
FLU JAB FEARS; Vaccine pulled over painful side-effects. Oct 27, 2011 219
Getting ready with vaccinations. Oct 1, 2011 269
Influenza vaccination during pregnancy cuts risk of premature birth. Jun 1, 2011 194
Plea for review flu vaccine after tot death. Jan 20, 2011 189
Seasonal influenza A (H1N1) infection in early pregnancy and second trimester fetal demise. Lieberman, Richard W.; Bagdasarian, Natasha; Thomas, Dafydd; van De Ven, Cosmas Case study Jan 1, 2011 1811
Vaccine call after 39 flu deaths; EPIDEMIC FEARS AS CASES SOAR. Jan 1, 2011 388
Vaccine plea as flu death toll reaches 39. Dec 31, 2010 276
Frustration at lack of take-up of flu vaccine; Officials call for 'at risk' patients to get the jab. Dec 31, 2010 413
Seasonal flu vaccine cuts heart attack risk. Nov 1, 2010 108
Flu vaccine during pregnancy cut infants' risk 41%. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2010 475
Maternal flu vaccine cuts infants' infection risk. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2010 836
Seasonal flu vaccine 'lowers first heart attack risk'. Sep 21, 2010 312
Antivirals blunted flu complications. Jancin, Bruce Jul 1, 2010 561
Seasonal flu vaccine banned in Australia, N.Z. after kids fall ill. May 3, 2010 206
LAIV may reduce influenza-associated AOM. Guilford-Blake, Roxanna Report May 1, 2010 424
A 50 year old woman was hospitalized late Wednesday in the urgent center in Skopje after she had unexpected reactions from the vaccine against the A/H1N1 flu. Dec 17, 2009 82
WHO says deaths not linked to H1N1 vaccines. Nov 18, 2009 459
Update: influenza activity--United States, August 30-October 31, 2009. Brammer, L.; Epperson, S.; Blanton, L.; Dhara, R.; Wallis, T.; Finelli, L.; Fiore, T.; Gubareva, L.; Clinical report Nov 13, 2009 2958
Pregnant women at increased risk of serious flu-related complications. Nov 1, 2009 441
The risks and efficacy of vaccines: in spite of dire casualty predictions for the swine flu, spread in large part by a government information blitz, many researchers are warning that the vaccine is more dangerous. Newman, Alex Cover story Oct 26, 2009 4301
WHO sees a few minor side effects from H1N1 shot. Oct 6, 2009 295
No "serious adverse reaction" from China-made swine flu vaccine: Health Minister. Sep 28, 2009 238
The effective physician: seasonal influenza diagnosis and treatment. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. Aug 1, 2009 801
Neurologic complications seen in kids with novel H1N1 flu. Tucker, Miriam E. Aug 1, 2009 524
Expectant mums 'at increased risk of swine flu complications'. Jun 16, 2009 272
Parapneumonic empyema deaths during past century, Utah. Bender, Jeffrey M.; Ampofo, Krow; Sheng, Xiaoming; Pavia, Andrew T.; Cannon-Albright, Lisa; Byington Clinical report Jan 1, 2009 3973
Third-trimester flu vaccine reduces infant risk. Finn, Robert Clinical report Aug 15, 2008 274
The use of extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal in the management of life-threatening bronchospasm due to influenza infection. Twigg, S.; Gibbon, G.J.; Perris, T. Case study Jul 1, 2008 1737
Nurses face challenge in flu message: nurses and other health care professionals face significant challenges in motivating Australians with underlying medical conditions to protect themselves against serious influenza complications, a research report released by the Influenza Specialist Group (ISG) last month shows. Jun 1, 2008 394
Update: influenza activity--United States, September 30, 2007--April 5, 2008, and composition of the 2008-09 influenza vaccine. Dao, C.; Blanton, L.; Epperson, S.; Brammer, L.; Finelli, L.; Wallis, T.; Uyeki, T.; Bresee, J.; Kli Clinical report Apr 18, 2008 3471
Flu deaths in the family. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 182
Update: influenza activity--United States, September 30-December 1, 2007. Patton, M.; Blanton, L.; Brammer, L.; Budd, A.; Wallis, T.; Shay, D.; Bresee, J.; Klimov, A.; Cox, N Report Dec 14, 2007 2809
Flu vaccine reduces complications, death in older adults. Dec 1, 2007 126
Protecting Against the Flu: Advice for Caregivers of Children Less than 6 Months Old. Fact Sheet. Report Oct 26, 2007 218
Update: influenza activity--United States and Worldwide, 2006-07 season, and composition of the 2007-08 influenza vaccine. Blanton, L.; Brammer, L.; Budd, A.; Wallis, T.; Shay, D.; Bresee, J.; Klimov, A.; Cox, N. Table Aug 10, 2007 3305
Prevention and control of influenza: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2007. Fiore, Anthony E.; Shay, David K.; Haber, Penina; Iskander, John K.; Uyeki, Timothy M.; Mootrey, Gin Jul 13, 2007 21296
Why is flu risk so much higher in the winter? Unraveling a centuries-old mystery. Kiefer, Dale Feb 1, 2007 4062
Influenza C: a common cause of URT illness. Bell, John R. Jun 1, 2006 451
Internet flu drug warning. Jan 29, 2006 134
Cold, flu, or allergy? Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 120
Vaccines come with risk. Editorial Dec 14, 2005 368
Vaccines could boost flu risk. Dec 9, 2005 185
Influenza vaccination in pregnancy: practices among obstetrician-gynecologists--United States, 2003-04 influenza season. Bettes, B.; Hawks, D.; Schulkin, J.; Riley, L.; Rasmussen, S.; Mulinare, J.; Atrash, H.; Bridges, C. Oct 21, 2005 1987
Rapid assessment of influenza vaccination coverage among HMO members--Northern California influenza seasons, 2001-02 through 2004-05. Jul 15, 2005 1538
Add neuromuscular conditions to influenza high-risk list. Tucker, Miriam E. Apr 1, 2005 450
Studies of morbidity underscore value of influenza vaccine for young children. Finn, Robert Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 168

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