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Articles from Complexity (January 1, 2018)

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[H.sub.[infinity]] Optimal Performance Design of an Unstable Plant under Bode Integral Constraint. Meng, Fanwei; Pang, Aiping; Dong, Xuefei; Han, Chang; Sha, Xiaopeng 7007
[H.sub.[infinity]] Synchronization of Semi-Markovian Jump Neural Networks with Randomly Occurring Time-Varying Delays. Xing, Mengping; Shen, Hao; Wang, Zhen 6761
3D Reconstruction of Pedestrian Trajectory with Moving Direction Learning and Optimal Gait Recognition. Wang, Binbin; Su, Tingli; Jin, Xuebo; Kong, Jianlei; Bai, Yuting 6012
3D Thermal Finite Element Analysis of the SLM 316L Parts with Microstructural Correlations. He, Ketai; Zhao, Xue 6686
A Binary Cuckoo Search Big Data Algorithm Applied to Large-Scale Crew Scheduling Problems. Garcia, Jose; Altimiras, Francisco; Pena, Alvaro; Astorga, Gino; Peredo, Oscar 10011
A Clone Selection Based Real-Valued Negative Selection Algorithm. Zhang, Ruirui; Xiao, Xin 11418
A Comparative Analysis of the Predictive Abilities of Economic Complexity Metrics Using International Trade Network. Liao, Hao; Vidmer, Alexandre 6560
A Comparison between Theoretical and Experimental Measures of Consciousness as Integrated Information in an Anatomically Based Network of Coupled Oscillators. Ibanez-Molina, Antonio J.; Iglesias-Parro, Sergio 6444
A Complex Network Framework to Model Cognition: Unveiling Correlation Structures from Connectivity. Rosell-Tarrago, Gemma; Cozzo, Emanuele; Diaz-Guilera, Albert 12516
A Comprehensive Algorithm for Evaluating Node Influences in Social Networks Based on Preference Analysis and Random Walk. Mao, Chengying; Xiao, Weisong 13117
A Computable Measure of Algorithmic Probability by Finite Approximations with an Application to Integer Sequences. Soler-Toscano, Fernando; Zenil, Hector 8003
A Conceptual Approach to Complex Model Management with Generalized Modelling Patterns and Evolutionary Identification. Kovalchuk, Sergey V.; Metsker, Oleg G.; Funkner, Anastasia A.; Kisliakovskii, Ilia O.; Nikitin, Niko 7579
A Cosimulation Architecture for Power System, Communication, and Market in the Smart Grid. Mirz, Markus; Razik, Lukas; Dinkelbach, Jan; Tokel, Halil Alper; Alirezaei, Gholamreza; Mathar, Rudo 8473
A Damage Classification Approach for Structural Health Monitoring Using Machine Learning. Tibaduiza, Diego; Torres-Arredondo, Miguel Angel; Vitola, Jaime; Anaya, Maribel; Pozo, Francesc 6784
A Data-Driven Parameter Adaptive Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Peak. Du, Tao; Qu, Shouning; Wang, Qin 8161
A Decomposition-Based Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm with Adaptive Weight Adjustment. Dai, Cai; Lei, Xiujuan 12431
A Flexible Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot with Deep Locomotion Mode Identification. Wang, Can; Wu, Xinyu; Ma, Yue; Wu, Guizhong; Luo, Yuhao 5649
A Flexible Polynomial Expansion Method for Response Analysis with Random Parameters. Gao, Rugao; Zhou, Keping; Lin, Yun 8116
A General Purpose Adaptive Fault Detection and Diagnosis Scheme for Information Systems with Superheterodyne Receivers. Song, Dengwei; Liu, Hongmei; Qi, Le; Zhou, Bo 5142
A Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Optimize the Small-World Network Generating Process. Du, Haifeng; Fan, Jiarui; He, Xiaochen; Feldman, Marcus W. 6004
A Hybrid Approach for Modular Neural Network Design Using Intercriteria Analysis and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic. Sotirov, Sotir; Sotirova, Evdokia; Atanassova, Vassia; Atanassov, Krassimir; Castillo, Oscar; Melin, 8490
A Hybrid Constraints Handling Strategy for Multiconstrained Multiobjective Optimization Problem of Microgrid Economical/Environmental Dispatch. Li, Xin; Lai, Jingang; Tang, Ruoli 6838
A Hybrid Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network Model with Self-Adapted Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and Genetic Algorithm for Water Quality Prediction in Rivers. Huang, Mingzhi; Tian, Di; Liu, Hongbin; Zhang, Chao; Yi, Xiaohui; Cai, Jiannan; Ruan, Jujun; Zhang, 6250
A Hybrid Tabu Search Algorithm for a Real-World Open Vehicle Routing Problem Involving Fuel Consumption Constraints. Niu, Yunyun; Yang, Zehua; Chen, Ping; Xiao, Jianhua 8240
A MapReduce-Based Parallel Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm for Spatiotemporal Association Analysis of Mobile Trajectory Big Data. Xia, Dawen; Lu, Xiaonan; Li, Huaqing; Wang, Wendong; Li, Yantao; Zhang, Zili 9478
A Method Adjusting Consistency and Consensus for Group Decision-Making Problems with Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Preference Relations Based on Discrete Fuzzy Numbers. Zhao, Meng; Liu, Ting; Su, Jia; Liu, Meng-Ying 11241
A Methodology for Evaluating Algorithms That Calculate Social Influence in Complex Social Networks. Smailovic, Vanja; Podobnik, Vedran; Lovrek, Ignac 14287
A Modified Time Reversal Method for Guided Wave Detection of Bolt Loosening in Simulated Thermal Protection System Panels. Wu, Guan-nan; Xu, Chao; Du, Fei; Zhu, Wei-dong 6767
A Motif-Based Analysis to Reveal Local Implied Information in Cross-Shareholding Networks. Liu, Qian; Li, Huajiao; An, Feng; Liu, Nairong; Guan, Qing; Jia, Jingjing; An, Pengli 6503
A Multi-Granularity Backbone Network Extraction Method Based on the Topology Potential. Yuan, Hanning; Han, Yanni; Cai, Ning; An, Wei 4704
A Multidimensional Data-Driven Sparse Identification Technique: The Sparse Proper Generalized Decomposition. Ibanez, Ruben; Abisset-Chavanne, Emmanuelle; Ammar, Amine; Gonzalez, David; Cueto, Elias; Huerta, An 7475
A Multifactory Integrated Production and Distribution Scheduling Problem with Parallel Machines and Immediate Shipments Solved by Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm. Abdollahzadeh, Vahid; Nakhaikamalabadi, Isa; Hajimolana, Seyyed Mohammad; Zegordi, Seyyed Hesamoddin 14011
A Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm for the Localization of Optimal and Nearly Optimal Solutions Which Are Potentially Useful: nevMOGA. Pajares, Alberto; Blasco, Xavier; Herrero, Juan M.; Reynoso-Meza, Gilberto 14189
A Multiscale Differential Evolution Algorithm-Based Maintenance Plan Optimization for Building Energy Retrofitting. Wang, Bo; Wu, Zhou; Liu, Lei 7528
A Multistrategy-Based Multiobjective Differential Evolution for Optimal Control in Chemical Processes. Xu, Bin; Client, Xu; Huang, Xiuhui; Tao, Lili 10843
A Network Diffusion Model of Food Safety Scare Behavior considering Information Transparency. Chen, Tingqiang; Wang, Lei; Wang, Jining; Yang, Qi 13614
A Network-Based Approach to Modeling and Predicting Product Coconsideration Relations. Sha, Zhenghui; Huang, Yun; Fu, Jiawei Sophia; Wang, Mingxian; Fu, Yan; Contractor, Noshir; Chen, Wei 10405
A Network-Based Impact Measure for Propagated Losses in a Supply Chain Network Consisting of Resilient Components. Valenzuela, Jesus Felix Bayta; Fu, Xiuju; Xiao, Gaoxi; Goh, Rick Siow Mong 9671
A New Approach to Modeling and Controlling a Pneumatic Muscle Actuator-Driven Setup Using Back Propagation Neural Networks. Zhong, Jun; Zhou, Xu; Luo, Minzhou 4296
A New Design of Bridge-Subgrade Transition Sections Applied in Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. Changwei, Yang; Xinhao, Tong; Jianjing, Zhang; Haobo, Zhu 5588
A New Dynamic Path Planning Approach for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Huang, Chenxi; Lan, Yisha; Liu, Yuchen; Zhou, Wen; Pei, Hongbin; Yang, Longzhi; Cheng, Yongqiang; Ha 6009
A New Generalized Range Control Chart for the Weibull Distribution. Arif, Osama H.; Aslam, Muhammad 6925
A New Linear Motor Force Ripple Compensation Method Based on Inverse Model Iterative Learning and Robust Disturbance Observer. Fu, Xuewei; Yang, Xiaofeng; Che, Zhenyu 8579
A New Memristor-Based 5D Chaotic System and Circuit Implementation. Wang, Rui; Li, Mingjin; Gao, Zhaoling; Sun, Hui 4546
A New Methodology for Hesitant Fuzzy Emergency Decision Making with Unknown Weight Information. Liu, Xiaodi; Wang, Zengwen; Zhang, Shitao 9071
A New State Estimation Method with Radar Measurement Missing. Wang, Hongjian; Li, Cun; Wang, Ying; Li, Qing; Ban, Xicheng 4738
A Nonlinear Integer Programming Model for Integrated Location, Inventory, and Routing Decisions in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain. Guo, Hao; Li, Congdong; Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Chunnan; Wang, Yu 9809
A Novel Approach for Reducing Attributes and Its Application to Small Enterprise Financing Ability Evaluation. Shi, Baofeng; Meng, Bin; Yang, Hufeng; Wang, Jing; Shi, Wenli 10881
A Novel Approach to a Time-Dependent-Coefficient WBK System: Doubly Periodic Waves and Singular Nonlinear Dynamics. Xu, Bo; Zhang, Sheng 4892
A Novel Approach to Fuzzy Soft Set-Based Group Decision-Making. Feng, Qinrong; Guo, Xiao 9327
A Novel Approach to Numerical Modeling of Metabolic System: Investigation of Chaotic Behavior in Diabetes Mellitus. Shabestari, Payam Sadeghi; Rajagopal, Karthikeyan; Safarbali, Bahareh; Jafari, Sajad; Duraisamy, Pra 5077
A Novel Automatic Generation Control Method Based on the Ecological Population Cooperative Control for the Islanded Smart Grid. Xi, Lei; Li, Yudan; Huang, Yuehua; Lu, Ling; Chen, Jianfeng 8043
A Novel Control Strategy on Multiple-Mode Application of Electric Vehicle in Distributed Photovoltaic Systems. Zhong, Qianwen; Sun, Yize; Peng, Lele 8615
A Novel Decision-Making Approach to Fund Investments Based on Multigranulation Rough Set. Yue, Xima; Su, Xiang 5316
A Novel Efficiency Measure Model for Industrial Land Use Based on Subvector Data Envelope Analysis and Spatial Analysis Method. Chen, Wei; He, Rui; Wu, Qun 7816
A Novel Efficient Feature Dimensionality Reduction Method and Its Application in Engineering. Cheng, Zhun; Lu, Zhixiong 9658
A Novel Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Bearing Based on Improved Sparse Regularization via Convex Optimization. Zhong, Dongjie; Yi, Cancan; Xiao, Han; Zhang, Houzhuang; Wu, Anding 4938
A Novel Fuzzy Algorithm to Introduce New Variables in the Drug Supply Decision-Making Process in Medicine. Gonzalez-Cava, Jose M.; Reboso, Jose Antonio; Casteleiro-Roca, Jose Luis; Calvo-Rolle, Jose Luis; Pe 9629
A Novel Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of a Gas Turbine in the Combined Cycle Unit. Hou, Guolian; Gong, Linjuan; Dai, Xiaoyan; Wang, Mengyi; Huang, Congzhi 8615
A Novel Graphical Technique for Combinational Logic Representation and Optimization. Pandit, Vedhas; Schuller, Bjorn 7211
A Novel Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Peaks for Complex Datasets. Zhou, Rong; Zhang, Yong; Feng, Shengzhong; Luktarhan, Nurbol 4922
A Novel Intensive Distribution Logistics Network Design and Profit Allocation Problem considering Sharing Economy. Gan, Mi; Yang, Shuai; Li, Dandan; Wang, Mingfei; Chen, Si; Xie, Ronghui; Liu, Jiyang 10198
A Novel Method for Economic Dispatch with Across Neighborhood Search: A Case Study in a Provincial Power Grid, China. Xiong, Guojiang; Zhang, Jing; Yuan, Xufeng; Shi, Dongyuan; He, Yu; Yao, Yao; Chen, Gonggui Case study 10478
A Novel Model Based on Square Root Elastic Net and Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting Global Solar Radiation. Jiang, He; Dong, Yao 13122
A Novel Sparse False Data Injection Attack Method in Smart Grids with Incomplete Power Network Information. Zhong, Huixin; Du, Dajun; Li, Chuanjiang; Li, Xue 10374
A Numerical Algorithm for Solving Higher-Order Nonlinear BVPs with an Application on Fluid Flow over a Shrinking Permeable Infinite Long Cylinder. Sakkaf, Laila Y. Al; Mdallal, Qasem M. Al-; Khawaja, U. Al 6505
A Periodic Collaboration and Coexistence Management Model with the Oscillation Effect for Complex Mega Infrastructure Project under the Risk of Infection. Zhao, Na; Cheng, T.C.E. 8346
A Pervasive Approach to EEG-Based Depression Detection. Cai, Hanshu; Han, Jiashuo; Chen, Yunfei; Sha, Xiaocong; Wang, Ziyang; Hu, Bin; Yang, Jing; Feng, Lei 9956
A Proactive Robust Scheduling Method for Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Operations with Stochastic Durations. Su, Xichao; Han, Wei; Wu, Yu; Zhang, Yong; Liu, Jie 27869
A Pythagorean Fuzzy Multigranulation Probabilistic Model for Mine Ventilator Fault Diagnosis. Zhang, Chao; Li, Deyu; Mu, Yimin; Song, Dong 11514
A Review and Prospect for the Complexity and Resilience of Urban Public Transit Network Based on Complex Network Theory. Zhang, Lin; Lu, Jian; Fu, Bai-bai; Li, Shu-bin 25068
A Review on the Control of Second Order Underactuated Mechanical Systems. Krafes, Soukaina; Chalh, Zakaria; Saka, Abdelmjid 10645
A SA-ANN-Based Modeling Method for Human Cognition Mechanism and the PSACO Cognition Algorithm. Chen, Shuting; Tan, Dapeng 13131
A Scalable Genetic Programming Approach to Integrate miRNA-Target Predictions: Comparing Different Parallel Implementations of M3GP. Beretta, Stefano; Castelli, Mauro; Munoz, Luis; Trujillo, Leonardo; Martinez, Yuliana; Popovic, Ales 8226
A Semianalytical Solution of the Fractional Derivative Model and Its Application in Financial Market. Song, Lina 5360
A Stable Distributed Neural Controller for Physically Coupled Networked Discrete-Time System via Online Reinforcement Learning. Sun, Jian; Li, Jie 5494
A Stepwise Risk Assessment for Explosion Events considering Probability Distribution of Explosion Load Parameters. Kang, Ki-Yeob; Wang, Xiangyu 7284
A Structural Approach to Disentangle the Visualization of Bipartite Biological Networks. Garcia-Algarra, J.; Pastor, J.M.; Mouronte, M.L.; Galeano, J. 5544
A Study on Lump Solutions to a Generalized Hirota-Satsuma-Ito Equation in (2+1)-Dimensions. Ma, Wen-Xiu; Li, Jie; Khalique, Chaudry Masood 4109
A Study on the Mechanisms of Interaction between Deep Foundation Pits and the Pile Foundations of Adjacent Skewed Arches as well as Methods for Deformation Control. Cui, Kai; Feng, Jun; Zhu, Chengyong 8339
A Trip Purpose-Based Data-Driven Alighting Station Choice Model Using Transit Smart Card Data. Lu, Kai; Khani, Alireza; Han, Baoming 8075
A Two-Stage Regularization Method for Variable Selection and Forecasting in High-Order Interaction Model. Dong, Yao; Jiang, He 7088
A Wavelet-Based Correlation Analysis Framework to Study Cerebromuscular Activity in Essential Tremor. Zhao, Yifan; Laguna, Ramon C.; Zhao, Yitian; Liu, Jimmy Jiang; He, Xiongxiong; Yianni, John; Sarrigi 7661
About Extracting Dynamic Information of Unknown Complex Systems by Neural Networks. Irigoyen, Eloy; Barragan, Antonio Javier; Larrea, Mikel; Andujar, Jose Manuel 7430
Active Disturbance Rejection Synchronization of Morris-Lecar Neurons. Wei, Wei; Shao, Yanjie; Zuo, Min 4137
Active Fault-Tolerant Control for Wind Turbine with Simultaneous Actuator and Sensor Faults. Wang, Lei; Cai, Ming; Zhang, Hu; Alsaadi, Fuad; Chen, Liu 6686
Adaptive 3D Distance-Based Formation Control of Multiagent Systems with Unknown Leader Velocity and Coplanar Initial Positions. La, Xuejing; Xu, Wenbiao; Wei, Yun-Shan 6457
Adaptive Backstepping Fuzzy Neural Network Fractional-Order Control of Microgyroscope Using a Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Controller. Fei, Juntao; Liang, Xiao 5563
Adaptive Barrier Control for Nonlinear Servomechanisms with Friction Compensation. Wang, Shubo; Yu, Haisheng; Gao, Xuehui; Wang, Na 5999
Adaptive Feedback Control for Synchronization of Chaotic Neural Systems with Parameter Mismatches. Ye, Qian; Jiang, Zhengxian; Chen, Tiane 3801
Adaptive Finite-Time Command Filtered Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Spacecraft with Prescribed Performance. Chen, Zhongtian; Chen, Qiang; He, Xiongxiong; Sun, Mingxuan 6495
Adaptive Finite-Time Disturbance Observer Based Sliding Mode Control for Dual-Motor Driving System. Zeng, Tianyi; Ren, Xuemei; Zhang, Yao 4736
Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Stochastic Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Hysteresis and External Disturbance. Liu, Xikui; Ge, Yingying; Li, Yan 6232
Adaptive Gradient-Based Iterative Algorithm for Multivariable Controlled Autoregressive Moving Average Systems Using the Data Filtering Technique. Pan, Jian; Ma, Hao; Jiang, Xiao; Ding, Wenfang; Ding, Feng 6938
Adaptive Inverse Control Based on Kriging Algorithm and Lyapunov Theory of Crawler Electromechanical System. Zhang, Guanyu; Wang, Yitian; Fan, Yiyao; Chen, Chen 4853
Adaptive Neural Control for Hysteresis Motor Driving Servo System with Bouc-Wen Model. Gao, Xuehui 4553
Adaptive Neural Networks Control Using Barrier Lyapunov Functions for DC Motor System with Time-Varying State Constraints. Ma, Lei; Li, Dapeng 4467
Adaptive Neural Tracking Control of Robotic Manipulators with Guaranteed NN Weight Convergence. Yang, Jun; Na, Jing; Gao, Guanbin; Zhang, Chao 7194
Adaptive Sliding Mode Tracking Control for Unmanned Autonomous Helicopters Based on Neural Networks. Wan, Min; Chen, Mou; Yan, Kun 5349
Adaptive-Neural-Network-Based Shape Control for a Swarm of Robots. Lan, Xuejing; Wu, Zhenghao; Xu, Wenbiao; Liu, Guiyun 4659
Adaptively Receding Galerkin Optimal Control for a Nonlinear Boiler-Turbine Unit. Zhao, Gang; Su, Zhi-gang; Zhan, Jun; Zhu, Hongxia; Zhao, Ming 6426
Advanced Methods to Analyse the Complexity of the Brain. Mammone, Nadia; Ouyang, Gaoxiang; Azami, Hamed 908
Advanced Topics in Modeling, Bifurcation Analysis, and Control Theory of Complex Systems. Boubaker, Olfa; Jafari, Sajad; Volos, Christos; Elhadj, Zeraoulia; Pham, Viet-Thanh; Cao, Jinde 1501
Advances in Processing, Mining, and Learning Complex Data: From Foundations to Real-World Applications. Wu, Jia; Pan, Shirui; Zhou, Chuan; Li, Gang; He, Wu; Zhang, Chengqi 2149
Advances on the Resilience of Complex Networks. Giannoccaro, Ilaria; Albino, Vito; Nair, Anand 1484
Affine Tensor Product Model Transformation. Kuti, Jozsef; Galambos, Peter 6845
AIRank: Author Impact Ranking through Positions in Collaboration Networks. Zhang, Jun; Hu, Yan; Ning, Zhaolong; Tolba, Amr; Elashkar, Elsayed; Xia, Feng 10618
Almost Periodic Synchronization for Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays. Li, Yongkun; Meng, Xiaofang; Ye, Yuan 4583
An Accurate Approximate-Analytical Technique for Solving Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations. Bishehniasar, M.; Salahshour, S.; Ahmadian, A.; Ismail, F.; Baleanu, D. 7899
An Approach to Data Reduction for Learning from Big Datasets: Integrating Stacking, Rotation, and Agent Population Learning Techniques. Czarnowski, Ireneusz; Jedrzejowicz, Piotr 9725
An Approach to Interval-Valued Hesitant Fuzzy Multiattribute Group Decision Making Based on the Generalized Shapley-Choquet Integral. Zhang, Lifei; Meng, Fanyong 11262
An Effective Soft-Sensor Method Based on Belief-Rule-Base and Differential Evolution for Tipping Paper Permeability Measurement. Hu, Rong; Zhang, Qinli; Qian, Bin; Chang, Leilei; Zhou, Zhijie 9552
An Efficient Method for Mining Erasable Itemsets Using Multicore Processor Platform. Huynh, Bao; Vo, Bay 4863
An Elitist Transposon Quantum-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Economic Dispatch Problems. Wu, Angus; Yang, Zhen-Lun 10412
An Evaluation of a Metaheuristic Artificial Immune System for Household Energy Optimization. Navarro-Caceres, Maria; Herath, Pramod; Villarrubia, Gabriel; Prieto-Castrillo, Francisco; Venyagamo 8891
An Extreme Learning Machine-Based Community Detection Algorithm in Complex Networks. Wang, Feifan; Zhang, Baihai; Chai, Senchun; Xia, Yuanqing 6560
An Improved AMCL Algorithm Based on Laser Scanning Match in a Complex and Unstructured Environment. Peng, Gang; Zheng, Wei; Lu, Zezao; Liao, Jinhu; Hu, Lu; Zhang, Gongyue; He, Dingxin 5991
An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for a Multicommodity Location-Inventory Problem with False Failure Returns. Li, Congdong; Guo, Hao; Zhang, Ying; Deng, Shuai; Wang, Yu 9627
An Improved EMD-Based Dissimilarity Metric for Unsupervised Linear Subspace Learning. Yu, Xiangchun; Yu, Zhezhou; Pang, Wei; Li, Minghao; Wu, Lei 15713
An Improved MOEA/D Based on Reference Distance for Software Project Portfolio Optimization. Xiao, Jing; Li, Jing-Jing; Hong, Xi-Xi; Huang, Min-Mei; Hu, Xiao-Min; Tang, Yong; Huang, Chang-Qin 9855
An Improved Multiobjective Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Double Search Strategy and Circular Transposon Mechanism. Han, Fei; Sun, Yu-Wen-Tian; Ling, Qing-Hua 9551
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization with Biogeography-Based Learning Strategy for Economic Dispatch Problems. Chen, Xu; Xu, Bin; Du, Wenli 10048
An Improved Test Selection Optimization Model Based on Fault Ambiguity Group Isolation and Chaotic Discrete PSO. Lv, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Deyun; Tang, Yongchuan; Ma, Ling 7225
An Integer-Order Memristive System with Two- to Four-Scroll Chaotic Attractors and Its Fractional-Order Version with a Coexisting Chaotic Attractor. Zhou, Ping; Ke, Meihua 3374
An Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Compromise Approach with Correlation-Based Closeness Indices for Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis of Bridge Construction Methods. Chen, Ting-Yu 21440
An Interview-Based Study of Pioneering Experiences in Teaching and Learning Complex Systems in Higher Education. Lizier, Joseph T.; Harre, Michael S.; Mitchell, Melanie; DeDeo, Simon; Finn, Conor; Lindgren, Kristi 9422
An Investigation of Stretched Exponential Function in Quantifying Long-Term Memory of Extreme Events Based on Artificial Data following Levy Stable Distribution. Sun, HongGuang; Yuan, Lin; Zhang, Yong; Privitera, Nicholas 4752
An Ising Spin-Based Model to Explore Efficient Flexibility in Distributed Power Systems. Prieto-Castrillo, Francisco; Gazafroudi, Amin Shokri; Prieto, Javier; Corchado, Juan Manuel 11445
An Iterative Information-Theoretic Approach to the Detection of Structures in Complex Systems. Villani, Marco; Sani, Laura; Pecori, Riccardo; Amoretti, Michele; Roli, Andrea; Mordonini, Monica; S 12161
An Iterative Learning Scheme-Based Fault Estimator Design for Nonlinear Systems with Randomly Occurring Parameter Uncertainties. Jun, He; Shanbi, Wei; Yi, Chai 5513
An Optimal Algorithm for Determining Risk Factors for Complex Diseases: Depressive Disorder, Osteoporosis, and Fracture in Young Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving Curative Surgery. Liu, Chieh-Yu; Chang, Chun-Hung 3941
An r-Order Finite-Time State Observer for Reaction-Diffusion Genetic Regulatory Networks with Time-Varying Delays. Fan, Xiaofei; Wang, Yantao; Wu, Ligang; Zhang, Xian 4989
An RBFNN-Based Direct Inverse Controller for PMSM with Disturbances. Li, Shengquan; Li, Juan; Shi, Yanqiu 6889
An RGB-D-Based Cross-Field of View Pose Estimation System for a Free Flight Target in a Wind Tunnel. Liu, Sheng; Feng, Yuan; Shen, Kang; Wang, Yangqing; Chen, Shengyong 2963
An Unintended Effect of Financing the University Education of the Most Brilliant and Poorest Colombian Students: The Case of the Intervention of the Ser Pilo Paga Program. Medina, Pablo; Ariza, Natalia; Navas, Pablo; Rojas, Fernando; Parody, Gina; Valdivia, Juan Alejandro 6378
Analysis and Applications of Complex Social Networks. Musial, Katarzyna; Brodka, Piotr; De Meo, Pasquale 694
Analysis and Implementation of a New Switching Memristor Scroll Hyperchaotic System and Application in Secure Communication. Liu, Ping; Xi, Rui; Ren, Pengbo; Hou, Jialin; Li, Xiang 5145
Analysis of Complexity of Unsafe Behavior in Construction Teams and a Multiagent Simulation. Li, Zhen; Lv, Xiaofei; Zhu, Hongming; Sheng, Zhaohan 10044
Analysis of Constraint-Handling in Metaheuristic Approaches for the Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning Problem with Renewable Energy. Martinez-Villasenor, Lourdes; Ponce, Hiram; Marmolejo-Saucedo, Jose Antonio; Ramirez, Juan Manuel; H 14595
Analysis of Converter Combustion Flame Spectrum Big Data Sets Based on HHT. Chang, Jincai; Wang, Jiecheng; Wang, Zhuo; Shan, Shuaijie; Liu, Chunfeng 5410
Analysis of Implicit Type Nonlinear Dynamical Problem of Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations. Ahmad, Naveed; Ali, Zeeshan; Shah, Kamal; Zada, Akbar; ur Rahman, Ghaus 6898
Analysis of the Time Series Generated by a New High-Dimensional Discrete Chaotic System. Wang, Chuanfu; Fan, Chunlei; Feng, Kai; Huang, Xin; Ding, Qun 5797
Analysis on Invulnerability of Wireless Sensor Network towards Cascading Failures Based on Coupled Map Lattice. Fu, Xiuwen; Yang, Yongsheng; Yao, Haiqing 9968
Analysis Sparse Representation for Nonnegative Signals Based on Determinant Measure by DC Programming. Li, Yujie; Tan, Benying; Kanemura, Atsunori; Ding, Shuxue; Chen, Wuhui 6881
Analytical Reduction of Nonlinear Metabolic Networks Accounting for Dynamics in Enzymatic Reactions. Zazueta, Claudia Lopez; Bernard, Olivier; Gouze, Jean-Luc 14012
Analytical Solution for the Time Fractional BBM-Burger Equation by Using Modified Residual Power Series Method. Zhang, Jianke; Wei, Zhirou; Yong, Longquan; Xiao, Yuelei 5320
Analytical Solutions of Fractional Walter's B Fluid with Applications. Mdallal, Qasem Al-; Abro, Kashif Ali; Khan, Ilyas 3809
Analyzing Nonlinear Dynamics via Data-Driven Dynamic Mode Decomposition-Like Methods. Clainche, Soledad Le; Vega, Jose M. 14518
Analyzing Policymaking for Tuberculosis Control in Nigeria. Ahmad, Nura M.R.; Montanola-Sales, Cristina; Prats, Clara; Musa, Mustapha; Lopez, Daniel; Casanovas- 9906
ANN Based Approach for Estimation of Construction Costs of Sports Fields. Juszczyk, Michal; Lesniak, Agnieszka; Zima, Krzysztof 7156
Anticipating Cryptocurrency Prices Using Machine Learning. Alessandretti, Laura; ElBahrawy, Abeer; Aiello, Luca Maria; Baronchelli, Andrea 7549
Antiperiodic Solutions for Quaternion-Valued Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Distributed Delays and Impulses. Huo, Nina; Li, Yongkun 4307
Application and Analysis of Multicast Blocking Modelling in Fat-Tree Data Center Networks. Li, Guozhi; Guo, Songtao; Liu, Guiyan; Yang, Yuanyuan 7166
Application of Data Mining Technology on Surveillance Report Data of HIV/AIDS High-Risk Group in Urumqi from 2009 to 2015. Tang, Dandan; Zhang, Man; Xu, Jiabo; Zhang, Xueliang; Yang, Fang; Li, Huling; Feng, Li; Wang, Kai; Z Report 9748
Application of Federal Kalman Filter with Neural Networks in the Velocity and Attitude Matching of Transfer Alignment. Song, Lijun; Duan, Zhongxing; He, Bo; Li, Zhe 3028
Application of the Bionic Concept in Reducing the Complexity Noise and Drag of the Mega High-Speed Train Based on Computer Simulation Technologies. Hu, He-xuan; Tang, Bo; Zhang, Ye 8033
Application of the Variable Precision Rough Sets Model to Estimate the Outlier Probability of Each Element. Perez, Francisco Macia; Martienz, Jose Vicente Berna; Oliva, Alberto Fernandez; Ortega, Miguel Abreu 9395
Applications of Delay Differential Equations in Biological Systems. Rihan, F.A.; Tunc, C.; Saker, S.H.; Lakshmanan, S.; Rakkiyappan, R. 2036
Applied Koopman Theory for Partial Differential Equations and Data-Driven Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Systems. Kutz, J. Nathan; Proctor, J.L.; Brunton, S.L. 10589
Approach to Online Defect Monitoring in Fused Deposition Modeling Based on the Variation of the Temperature Field. He, Ketai; Wang, Huan; Hu, Huaqing 7814
Approximate Method to Evaluate Reliability of Complex Networks. Cascaval, Petru 6659
Approximately Nearest Neighborhood Image Search Using Unsupervised Hashing via Homogeneous Kernels. Li, Jun-Yi; Li, Jian-Hua 6915
Architecting a System Model for Personalized Healthcare Delivery and Managed Individual Health Outcomes. Khayal, Inas S.; Farid, Amro M. 15771
Artificial Neural Network Classification of Motor-Related EEG: An Increase in Classification Accuracy by Reducing Signal Complexity. Maksimenko, Vladimir A.; Kurkin, Semen A.; Pitsik, Elena N.; Musatov, Vyacheslav Yu.; Runnova, Anast 7521
Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Neural Networks for Solving Civil Engineering Problems. Knezevic, Milos; Cvetkovska, Meri; Hanak, Tomas; Braganca, Luis; Soltesz, Andrej 1473
Artificial Neural Networks Based Friction Law for Elastomeric Materials Applied in Finite Element Sliding Contact Simulations. Serafinska, Aleksandra; Graf, Wolfgang; Kaliske, Michael 7956
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Asymptotic Behavior of a Stochastic Two-Species Competition Model under the Effect of Disease. Liu, Rong; Liu, Guirong 7815
Atmospheric Dynamics Leading to West European Summer Hot Temperatures Since 1851. Alvarez-Castro, M. Carmen; Faranda, Davide; Yiou, Pascal 5146
Attack Detection/Isolation via a Secure Multisensor Fusion Framework for Cyberphysical Systems. Mohammadi, Arash; Yang, Chun; Chen, Qing-wei 4680
Attractors of Compactly Generated Semigroups of Regular Polynomial Mappings. Alghamdi, Azza; Klimek, Maciej; Kosek, Marta 8127
Automated Epileptic Seizure Detection in Scalp EEG Based on Spatial-Temporal Complexity. Zhu, Xinzhong; Xu, Huiying; Zhao, Jianmin; Tian, Jie 4805
Automatic Lateralization of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Based on MEG Network Features Using Support Vector Machines. Wu, Ting; Chen, Duo; Chen, Qiqi; Zhang, Rui; Zhang, Wenyu; Li, Yuejun; Zhang, Ling; Liu, Hongyi; Wan 7607
Automatic Sleep Stage Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Fine-Grained Segments. Cui, Zhihong; Zheng, Xiangwei; Shao, Xuexiao; Cui, Lizhen 8958
Background Information Self-Learning Based Hyperspectral Target Detection. Tian, Yufei; Yang, Jihai; Li, Shijun; Xu, Wenning 3779
Behavior-Interior-Aware User Preference Analysis Based on Social Networks. Wang, Can; Bo, Tao; Zhao, Yun Wei; Chi, Chi-Hung; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Wang, Sen; Shu, Min 11564
Bicriterion Optimization for Flow Shop with a Learning Effect Subject to Release Dates. Wang, Ji-Bo; Xu, Jian; Yang, Jing 7856
Bidirectional Tracking Robust Controls for a DC/DC Buck Converter-DC Motor System. Hernandez-Marquez, Eduardo; Garcia-Sanchez, Jose Rafael; Silva-Ortigoza, Ramon; Antonio-Cruz, Mayra; 5481
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Big Data Digging of the Public's Cognition about Recycled Water Reuse Based on the BP Neural Network. Fu, Hanliang; Liu, Zhijian; Wang, Mengmeng; Wang, Zelin 6471
Biomolecular Networks for Complex Diseases. Wu, Fang-Xiang; Wang, Jianxin; Li, Min; Wang, Haiying 1567
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Boundary Robust Adaptive Control of a Flexible Timoshenko Manipulator. Zhang, Jianing; Ma, Ge; Li, Zhifu 3879
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Broad Learning-Based Optimization and Prediction of Questionnaire Survey: Application to Mind Status of College Students. Yu, Lin; Ding, Shejiao 3033
Calculation and Improvement of Complex Mechanical Properties of the Mega Arch Dam under Multiple Loads Based on Finite Element Methods. Fu, Chenghua; Zhou, Hongbo; Pan, Yanfang 6004
Case-Based Reasoning: The Search for Similar Solutions and Identification of Outliers. Szczepaniak, P.S.; Duraj, A. 8667
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Chaos and Complexity Analysis of a Discrete Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor System. (Research Article). Ran, Jie; Li, Yuqin; Wang, Changchun 3521
Chaos and Symbol Complexity in a Conformable Fractional-Order Memcapacitor System. He, Shaobo; Banerjee, Santo; Yan, Bo 8367
Chaotic Phenomena and Nonlinear Responses in a Vibroacoustic System. Lee, Yiu-Yin 5316
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CLDA: An Effective Topic Model for Mining User Interest Preference under Big Data Background. Qiu, Lirong; Yu, Jia 6929
Cohort and Rhyme Priming Emerge from the Multiplex Network Structure of the Mental Lexicon. Stella, Massimo 11317
Collision-Free Path-Planning for Six-DOF Serial Harvesting Robot Based on Energy Optimal and Artificial Potential Field. Luo, Lufeng; Wen, Hanjin; Lu, Qinghua; Huang, Haojie; Chen, Weilin; Zou, Xiangjun; Wang, Chenglin 7986
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Common Weak Linear Copositive Lyapunov Functions for Positive Switched Linear Systems. Sun, Yuangong; Wu, Zhaorong; Meng, Fanwei 5193
Communication in Online Social Networks Fosters Cultural Isolation. Keijzer, Marijn A.; Mas, Michael; Flache, Andreas 12538
Competition May Increase Social Utility in Bipartite Matching Problem. Kong, Yi-Xiu; Yuan, Guang-Hui; Zhou, Lei; Wu, Rui-Jie; Shi, Gui-Yuan 4288
Competition-Based Benchmarking of Influence Ranking Methods in Social Networks. Topirceanu, Alexandru 12534
Complex Dynamical Behavior in the Shear-Displacement Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses during Plastic Deformation. Chen, Cun; Guan, Shaokang; Zhang, Liying 6159
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Complex Optimization and Simulation in Power Systems. Soares, Joao; Lezama, Fernando; Pinto, Tiago; Morais, Hugo 2122
Complex Power System Status Monitoring and Evaluation Using Big Data Platform and Machine Learning Algorithms: A Review and a Case Study. Guo, Yuanjun; Yang, Zhile; Feng, Shengzhong; Hu, Jinxing Case study 13607
Complex Reaction Kinetics in Chemistry: A Unified Picture Suggested by Mechanics in Physics. Agliari, Elena; Barra, Adriano; Landolfi, Giulio; Murciano, Sara; Perrone, Sarah 11140
Complexities in Financial Network Topological Dynamics: Modeling of Emerging and Developed Stock Markets. Tang, Yong; Xiong, Jason Jie; Jia, Zi-Yang; Zhang, Yi-Cheng 19543
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Complexity and Project Management: A General Overview. San Cristobal, Jose R.; Carral, Luis; Diaz, Emma; Fraguela, Jose A.; Iglesias, Gregorio 7153
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Complexity Measures and Models in Supply Chain Networks. Modrak, Vladimir; Helo, Petri T.; Matt, Dominik T. 1477
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Complexity of a Microblogging Social Network in the Framework of Modern Nonlinear Science. Dmitriev, Andrey; Kornilov, Vasily; Maltseva, Svetlana 8970
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Computer Vision with Error Estimation for Reduced Order Modeling of Macroscopic Mechanical Tests. Nguyen, Franck; Barhli, Selim M.; Munoz, Daniel Pino; Ryckelynck, David 6485
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Consensus of Multi-Integral Fractional-Order Multiagent Systems with Nonuniform Time-Delays. Liu, Jun; Chen, Wei; Qin, Kaiyu; Li, Ping 8719
Consensus Path-following Control of Multiple Underactuated Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. Wang, Yintao; Yao, Yao 4654
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Contactless Modal Phenomena Based Approach to Detecting, Identifying, and Diagnosing of Electrical Connections. Orlov, Pavel; Gazizov, Talgat 7029
Control of Complex Nonlinear Dynamic Rational Systems. Zhu, Quanmin; Liu, Li; Zhang, Weicun; Li, Shaoyuan 7876
Convergence of a Two-Step Iterative Method for Nondifferentiable Operators in Banach Spaces. Kumar, Abhimanyu; Gupta, Dharmendra K.; Martinez, Eulalia; Singh, Sukhjit 5921
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Cooperative Evolutionary Game and Applications in Construction Supplier Tendency. Shi, Qianqian; Zhu, Jianbo; Li, Qian 8663
Coordinated Depth Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles by Using Theory of Adaptive Sliding Mode. Wang, Yintao; Zhang, Yani 5890
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Coordination of Pheromone Deposition Might Solve Time-Constrained Travelling Salesman Problem. Sakiyama, Tomoko; Arizono, Ikuo 3307
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Corrigendum to "Dynamical Techniques for Analyzing Iterative Schemes with Memory". Correction notice 167
Corrigendum to "Manifold Adaptive Kernelized Low-Rank Representation for Semisupervised Image Classification". Correction notice 205
Corrigendum to "Multifractal-Multiscale Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals: A DFA-Based Characterization of Blood Pressure and Heart-Rate Complexity by Gender". Correction notice 144
Corrigendum to "Receding Horizon Control of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus by Using Nonlinear Programming". Correction notice 182
Corrigendum to "Reliability Assessment Methodology for Massive Manufacturing Using Multi-Function Equipment". Correction notice 130
Countering Protection Rackets Using Legal and Social Approaches: An Agent-Based Test. Szekely, Aron; Nardin, Luis G.; Andrighetto, Giulia 12170
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Creating Agent-Based Energy Transition Management Models That Can Uncover Profitable Pathways to Climate Change Mitigation. Hoekstra, Auke; Steinbuch, Maarten; Verbong, Geert 21462
Credibilistic Loss Aversion Nash Equilibrium for Bimatrix Games with Triangular Fuzzy Payoffs. Cui, Chunsheng; Feng, Zhongwei; Tan, Chunqiao 9080
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Cyber-Physical Control. Galambos, Peter; Rudas, Imre J.; Zhang, Lixian; Su, Shun-Feng 871
Damage Detection of Refractory Based on Principle Component Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Model. Liu, Changming; Zhou, Di; Wang, Zhigang; Yang, Dan; Song, Gangbing 5439
Damage Diagnosis in 3D Structures Using a Novel Hybrid Multiobjective Optimization and FE Model Updating Framework. Alkayem, Nizar Faisal; Cao, Maosen; Ragulskis, Minvydas 7175
Data-Driven Finite Element Models of Passive Filamentary Networks. Adam, Brian; Mitran, Sorin 4679
Data-Driven Hybrid Internal Temperature Estimation Approach for Battery Thermal Management. Liu, Kailong; Li, Kang; Peng, Qiao; Guo, Yuanjun; Zhang, Li 9834
Data-Driven Superheating Control of Organic Rankine Cycle Processes. Zhang, Jianhua; Tian, Xiao; Zhu, Zhengmao; Ren, Mifeng 4756
Dealing with Demand in Electric Grids with an Adaptive Consumption Management Platform. Jimenez-Bravo, Diego M.; De Paz, Juan F.; Villarrubia, Gabriel; Bajo, Javier 7845
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Decentralized Robust Saturated Control of Power Systems Using Reachable Sets. Soliman, Hisham M.; Yousef, Hassan A.; Abri, Rashid Al-; Metwally, Khaled A. El- 7020
Decision-Making Methodologies for Reuse of Industrial Assets. Claver, J.; Garcia-Dominguez, A.; Sebastian, M.A. 9628
Deep Learning- and Word Embedding-Based Heterogeneous Classifier Ensembles for Text Classification. Kilimci, Zeynep H.; Akyokus, Selim Report 7883
Delay-Dependent Stability in Uncalibrated Image-Based Dynamic Visual Servoing Robotic System. Li, Tao; Zhao, Hui; Chang, Yu 7746
Demand Sharing Inaccuracies in Supply Chains: A Simulation Study. Cannella, Salvatore; Dominguez, Roberto; Framinan, Jose M.; Bruccoleri, Manfredi 9493
Design and Implementation of an Assistive Real-Time Red Lionfish Detection System for AUV/ROVs. Naddaf-Sh, M-Mahdi; Myler, Harley; Zargarzadeh, Hassan 5122
Design and Implementation of Plastic Deformation Behavior by Cartesian Impedance Control Based on Maxwell Model. Fu, Le; Zhao, Jie 4743
Design of a Logistics Nonlinear System for a Complex, Multiechelon, Supply Chain Network with Uncertain Demands. Campanur, Aaron Guerrero; Olivares-Benitez, Elias; Miranda, Pablo A.; Perez-Loaiza, Rodolfo Eleazar; 10393
Design of an Automatic Defect Identification Method Based ECPT for Pneumatic Pressure Equipment. Zhang, Bo; Cheng, YuHua; Yin, Chun; Huang, Xuegang; Dadras, Sara; Malek, Hadi 6478
Design of Reduced-Order Multiple Observers for Uncertain Systems with Unknown Inputs. Lungu, Mihai 8724
Design, Modelling, and Implementation of a Fuzzy Controller for an Intelligent Road Signaling System. Dominguez, Jose Manuel Lozano; Sanguino, Tomas de J. Mateo 8505
Desired Compensation Adaptive Robust Control of an Active Vibration Isolation System. Zha, Bo; Shi, Weijia; Zhang, Ming; Li, Jiaxin; Li, Feng 4822
Detection of Low-Flying Target under the Sea Clutter Background Based on Volterra Filter. Xing, Hongyan; Yan, Yan 5400
Determination of Fire Resistance of Eccentrically Loaded Reinforced Concrete Columns Using Fuzzy Neural Networks. Lazarevska, Marijana; Gavriloska, Ana Trombeva; Laban, Mirjana; Knezevic, Milos; Cvetkovska, Meri 8287
Development and Complex Dynamics at School Environment. Fuentes, Miguel Angel; Cardenas, Juan Pablo; Carro, Natalia; Lozada, Mariana 7044
Development of ANN Model for Wind Speed Prediction as a Support for Early Warning System. Marovic, Ivan; Susanj, Ivana; Ozanic, Nevenka 6014
Developmentally Changing Attractor Dynamics of Manual Actions with Objects in Late Infancy. Borjon, Jeremy I.; Abney, Drew H.; Smith, Linda B.; Yu, Chen 8729
Different Dominant Models and Fairness Concern of E-Supply Chain. Wang, Yuyan; Yu, Zhaoqing; Shen, Liang; Ge, Yan; Li, Jing Report 8355
Different Solution Strategies for Solving Epidemic Model in Imprecise Environment. Mahata, Animesh; Mondal, Sankar Prasad; Ahmadian, Ali; Ismail, Fudiah; Alam, Shariful; Salahshour, S 9423
Differential Diagnosis Model of Hypocellular Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Aplastic Anemia Based on the Medical Big Data Platform. Wu, Jianhui; Zhang, Lu; Yin, Sufeng; Wang, Haidong; Wang, Guoli; Yuan, Juxiang 7422
Dilution of Ferromagnets via a Random Graph-Based Strategy. Javarone, Marco Alberto; Marinazzo, Daniele 7953
Discrete Switched Model and Fuzzy Robust Control of Dynamic Supply Chain Network. Zhang, Songtao; Zhang, Chunyang; Zhang, Siqi; Zhang, Min 6320
Dissipativity-Based Controller Design for Time-Delayed T-S Fuzzy Switched Distributed Parameter Systems. Song, Xiaona; Wang, Mi; Song, Shuai; Man, Jingtao 3990
Dissipativity-Based Synchronization of Mode-Dependent Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markov Jump Topology. Ma, Chao; Wu, Wei; Ji, Yidao 4397
Distributed Constraint Optimization with Flocking Behavior. Yang, Zhengquan; Zhang, Qing; Chen, Zengqiang 4626
Distributed Control of a Manufacturing System with One-Dimensional Cellular Automata. Barragan-Vite, Irving; Seck-Tuoh-Mora, Juan C.; Hernandez-Romero, Norberto; Medina-Marin, Joselito; Report 10684
Distributed Finite-Time State Estimation of Interconnected Complex Metabolic Networks. Sepulveda-Galvez, Alfonso; Badillo-Corona, Jesus A.; Chairez, Isaac 9984
Distributed Optimal Day-Ahead Scheduling in a Smart Grid: A Trade-Off among Consumers, Power Suppliers, and Transmission Owners. Hu, Xiong; Liu, Zhi-Wei 6157
Distributed Testing System for Web Service Based on Crowdsourcing. Liu, Xiaolong; Hsieh, Yun-Ju; Chen, Riqing; Yuan, Shyan-Ming 10219
Does Competence Determine Who Leads in a Dyadic Cooperative Task? A Study of Children with and without a Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Vink, Roy; Hasselman, Fred; Cillessen, Antonius H.N.; Wijnants, Maarten L.; Bosnian, Anna M.T. 7810
Duality of Complex Systems Built from Higher-Order Elements. Biolek, Dalibor; Biolek, Zdenek; Biolkova, Viera 9382
Dynamic Analysis for a Kaldor-Kalecki Model of Business Cycle with Time Delay and Diffusion Effect. Hu, Wenjie; Zhao, Hua; Dong, Tao 4040
Dynamic Behavior of a Commensalism Model with Nonmonotonic Functional Response and Density-Dependent Birth Rates. Zhao, Liang; Qin, Bin; Sun, Xianbo 3857
Dynamic Behaviors and the Equivalent Realization of a Novel Fractional-Order Memristor-Based Chaotic Circuit. Yang, Ningning; Xu, Cheng; Wu, Chaojun; Jia, Rong; Liu, Chongxin 5929
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