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Completed 2007 programme.

11 February

Annual General Meeting (at St Mary's Cathedral)

The retiring President, John Luttrell fms, gave his Report in which he reviewed the developments and programme of 2007 and thanked the members and Council for their support and interest over the year. Elections were then held for the 2007 Council.

Our new President, Dr Damian Gleeson, then delivered a paper on 'Pioneer Catholic Social Workers' in Australia. He highlighted the formation, vision and work of eight female pioneers in this field, such as Norma Parker and Eileen Davidson. Supporting them were several clerics, and notably, Monsignor Frank McCosker. Centacare today is a product of their pioneering efforts.

11 March (Cathedral) Jesuits: 150 years in Australia

Fr David Strong sj surveyed the history of the Jesuit Order in Australia from their arrival in Adelaide in 1848 to their sesquicentenary in 1998.

15 April (Cathedral) History of the St Vincent de Paul Society in NSW/ACT

Peter Sharp, Broken Bay Diocesan President, gave this talk to mark 125 years of the St Vincent de Paul Society in NSW. He reviewed the foundation work of Charles O'Neill, the establishment and proliferation of parish conferences, and the many special works in areas such as care for children and the aged. He also showed the changes and adaptability displayed in responses to crises and changing social conditions.

20 May (at St Patrick's Cathedral) Beginnings of Diocese of Parramatta

The Diocese of Parramatta was established in 1986. It was fitting that Bishop Bede Heather, its first Bishop, provided us with a review and reflection on how the diocese came to be founded and on some of the highlights and achievements of its first two decades. The talk also gave members the opportunity to tour the new St Patrick's Cathedral. An edited version of his paper is published in this 2008 Journal.

10 June (Cathedral) Political Thinking in Britain at the Time of Australian Settlement

Fr Andrew Murray sm reviewed various philosophers prominent in Britain around 1800--the likes of Adam Smith, Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine. Their influence on government and society in Britain would have its repercussions on the early British settlement here. Fr Murray concluded that Australia was an Enlightenment settlement and pointed to some implications for the Catholic Church in this environment.

8 July (Cathedral) The Legacy of Archbishop Vaughan and the Sydney Benedictines

The reputation of the second Archbishop of Sydney, Roger Bede Vaughan, has suffered somewhat from the failures of 'the Benedictine dream'. Associate Professor Peter Cunich sought to redress this in a paper which pointed to significant achievements in his short episcopate--particularly in the building of St Mary's Cathedral and in the campaign to preserve Catholic schools when government funding was being withdrawn.

12 August (Cathedral) Formation and Development of the Catholic Women's League

Peggy MeEntee OAM provided an outline of the history of the Catholic Women's League from its beginnings in various states in the early 20th century through to the current national organisation, with its international links and outreach.

16 September (Cathedral) John Hubert Plunkett and the Church Act of 1836

John Hubert Plunkett was a significant Catholic politician in Sydney in the period 1832-69. Tony Earls concentrated on Plunkett's motivation and role in shaping the Church Act of 1836, which provided for the support of the main Christian denominations of the period and ensured that the colony would not follow the English pattern of establishing one Church.

14 October Excursion to Ukrainian Catholic Church of St Andrew, Lidcombe

The Ukrainian Catholic Parish of St Andrew gave a warm welcome to the Society. Members first participated in the Sunday Divine Liturgy celebrated in the Church. Fr Simon Skuj then outlined the history of the Ukrainian Church in Australia. Members then returned to the church for a most enlightening talk on the architecture and liturgy of the Ukrainian Catholic Church from Dr Andrew Quinlan.


11 November (Cathedral) Chinese Catholics in Australia

Joseph Chow presented an illustrated lecture tracing the story of the Catholic Chinese communities in Sydney over five decades. After a period of struggle in the 1950s, the founding of the Asiana Centre in 1973 provided great support to the growing community. We were fortunate to have in the meeting the first and long-serving chaplain to the community, Fr Paschal Chang ofm.

8 December (Cathedral) Christmas function

An ample afternoon tea began our final gathering and allowed members to socialise. Dr Jeff Brownrigg then gave an animated presentation ranging over various Irish Catholic personalities in Australian history. He engaged in much 'myth-busting' and appealed for more detailed research and vigilance in the interpretation of 19th century Catholic history.
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