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Complete Stories.

Complete Stories. Kingsley Amis. Penguin Books. [pounds sterling]25.00. xiv + 514 pages. ISBN 978-0-141-19419-6. This Penguin Classics hardback has all twenty-four short stories by Kingsley Amis, beginning with 'My Enemy's Enemy', published in 1955, and ending with' 1941/A' published in 1993. It brings together the two collections already published in 1980, Collected Short Stories and in 1993, Mr Barrett's Secret and Other Stories. This complete edition has a new Foreword by the novelist Rachel disk who argues that the value and importance of Amis' work are derived from 'its autobiographical impulse" to write about 'unadorned life'. Like Trollope before him he wrote of a world he knew and understood and again like Trollope, he used humour to explore the absurdities of man's behaviour. His short stories reflected a concern with people which underpinned his novels, hence his description of those stories as 'chips from a novelist's work-bench'. (Yet again the imagery of manual work has Trollopian overtones.) These stories serve two purposes: the first is simply to give enjoyment and insight into the human condition; the second is to introduce readers to the novels. For those two reasons this complete edition will be appreciated by all who value Anus's literary legacy. (T.A.L.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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