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Complete Makeup of the Texas Rangers Ownership Group Revealed.

Byline: Maury Brown

When the Texas Rangers went up for sale and on through the auction process, one aspect that was elusive to the media (and fans) was the makeup of the investor group that Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan had assembled.

While there had been murmurs across the blogsphere that the group was undercapitalized, in the end the group had plenty of cash with which to work from during the auction process, ultimately used to good effect during the auction.

Yesterday, the Rangers released their 2010 Season Summary Guide, and with it, all the names of the group were listed. First reported by Jeff Wilson ( of the Star-Telegram, they are:

Board members:

Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, co-chairmen; Robert E. Beaudine; Brent W. Clum; Chuck Greenberg; Kenneth A. Harsh; Keith Hutton; Robert A. Innamorati; William E. Kassling; Neil Leibman; Nolan Ryan; David Simpson; Ted C. Skokos; and Dave Wood.


All-American Pastime LLC: Ray Davis.

BOW0x20Investors LLC: William E. Kassling; Bill Allen; Robert J. Brooks; Holman Harvey; Tom Lauria; Nickolas Vande Steeg.

Hardball Express LLC: Bob R. and Janice Simpson; Keith A. Hutton; David Simpson.

Rangers Baseball Partners LLC: Ted C. Skokos, Robert E. Hemreich, Donald J. Shepard.

Texas Sports Acquisition Group: Neil Leibman, Andy Bursten, John Havens, Glenn Picquet, Jim Waller.

Brent W. Clum, Toby Darden, Chuck Greenberg, Kenneth A. Hersh, Robert A. Innamorati, Allan B. Polunsky, Charley Pride, Billy Quinn, Nolan Ryan, Jim L. Turner, Vaughn O. Vennerberg II, David Wood, James R. Young.

It should be noted that the guys that while each member plays a part in the ownership group, Greenberg and Ryan really got much of their cash muscle in the auction process from Ray Davis and Bob Simpson.

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Author:Brown, Maury
Publication:The Biz of Baseball
Date:Oct 5, 2010
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