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Complaint department.

I truly appreciate Managing Editor Jan Cottingham's commentary (Nov. 12) on failed communication. Nothing is more frustrating than having a service representative give an inauthentic or rude response. During the 1999 tornado aftermath, I called the communications manager for one of the local utilities about a problem created by poor communication for elderly homeowners. The response was dismissive and rude.

While Jan and I know how to insure that someone at higher levels of the organization learns about this type of unprofessional behavior, there are many of our fellow citizens who become paralyzed and discouraged at best. So those of us who can should make certain that public utilities and services put their best foot forward at all times. One hopes that an appropriately directed and well-stated complaint does more than just get our individual problem resolved.

Sybil Jordan Hampton

Little Rock
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Title Annotation:Letter
Author:Hampton, Sybil Jordan
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 26, 2007
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