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Competitive Technologies Signs Agreement With Pure Energy.

Fairfield, CT-based technology transfer and licensing provider Competitive Technologies, Inc. (CTT) recently announced it has signed an agreement with Paramus, NJ-based Pure Energy Corporation (PEC), a leader in engineered alternative fuel formulations, that enables PEC to incorporate a CTT-licensed cold-weather diesel performance treatment additive and a distillate fuel conditioner into PEC products.

According to CTT, the diesel treatment additive increases power performance in cold weather by improving the combustion properties of the fuel, while simultaneously reducing emissions. Additionally, CTT said the treatment is capable of reducing filter clogging, dispersing sludge, improving fuel economy by up to 12 percent and inhibiting corrosion.

CTT said the distillate fuel conditioner product "addresses multiple tasks commonly associated with treatment of distillate fuels, e.g., No. 2, 4 and 6 fuel oils." By using one single product for each assigned task, CTT said the conditioner is capable of lowering the pour point, dispersing and preventing sludge build-up and emulsifying water to allow safe burn-off.

"Our relationship with CTT allows PEC to aggressively source complementary technologies to meet global clean air requirements," said PEC president and CEO Isrshad Ahmed. "We are actively pursuing marketing and sales opportunities for these new diesel performance additives in India, as well as other emerging markets."

CTT noted that the agreement provides for royalty fees to be paid to CTT for products sold separately and for technology incorporated into PEC products.

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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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