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Compensation due to diesel car owners.

IT appears that the majority of drivers of diesel-engined cars will be heftily charged for entering the central zones of our big cities, including Birmingham, in an attempt to reduce the levels of pollution.

This is not surprising, but I do feel that the owners of the vehicles affected have been treated very badly. About 30 years ago the Government was telling us that diesel engines were markedly less polluting than petrol engines. Sales of diesel cars have soared since then.

However, many of us followed our noses and stuck with petrol engines, which by that time ran on unleaded petrol and were fitted with catalytic converters.

Once again the Government's scientific advisers had got it wrong, but rather than admitting it they said nothing, and the sales of diesel cars continued to increase.

Not until alarm bells started ringing in large cities around the world did the diesel engine manufacturers start to produce 'clean' engines. I doubt that the devices that enable this could be retro-fitted to existing vehicles, but if they could then the Government should pay for it. Failing that, then the owners should be compensated financially.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2015
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