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Permai package: PM announces improved wage subsidy programme, SIP Prihatin extension. Jan 18, 2021 477
Salaries, job security and work environment top job attributes in UAE. Jan 17, 2021 625
Payment holidays, MOTs and sick pay -the support in place for those hit by latest lockdown; The furlough scheme has already been extended to pay 80% of employee wages until April -with employers urged to offer this to parents who are home-schooling. By, Katie Dickinson Jan 12, 2021 2212
These 20 UK employers failed to pay large numbers of staff minimum wage; Almost 140 companies, including some of the biggest high street brands in the UK, have been revealed to have failed to pay their workers the minimum wage between September 2016 and July 2018. Rhona Shennan Dec 31, 2020 514
DOLE reminds employers of proper payment of Dec. 30 holiday wages. Dec 29, 2020 382
DOLE reminds employers of Christmas holiday pay rules. Dec 23, 2020 511
FG's Labour Law Review, Salary Cut May Forestall Mass Sack In 2021 - Stakeholders. Dec 21, 2020 1260
Councillors demand wage subsidy probe. Dec 15, 2020 521
DOLE: Employers must pay workers regular holiday wage before year-end. Dec 9, 2020 431
Govt introduces smart e-card scheme to resolve problems of daily wage earners: Director PESSI. Nov 29, 2020 457
Govt introduces smart e-card scheme to resolve problems of daily wage earners: Director PESSI. Nov 29, 2020 457
DoLE reminds employers of Nov. 30 holiday pay rules. Nov 29, 2020 319
DoLE reminds employers to settle deferred holiday pay. Nov 28, 2020 223
Make the most of employee benefits with financial education; Advertorial. Nov 27, 2020 785
DOLE advisory orders employers to settle workers' unpaid holiday pay by Dec. 31. Nov 27, 2020 279
Plea for rise in the living wage rates; Campaign aimed at employers. TRACY-ANN CARMICHAEL Nov 20, 2020 301
HR minister says 2,713 SMEs have closed since March shutdown; 388 complaints of employers abusing wage subsidies. Nov 18, 2020 649
Water company's real living wage pledge. Nov 16, 2020 170
UAE salaries remain under pressure going into 2021. Nov 16, 2020 776
Pay boost for council staff aims to create 'fairer future' East Renfrewshire secures LivingWage accreditation. EXPRESS REPORTER Nov 14, 2020 563
Real living wage boost for workers; 250,000 expected to benefit at 'incredibly challenging time'. DAVID BANNER Nov 9, 2020 303
Let's acknowledge the true cost of living with wages. Jamie Driscoll Nov 9, 2020 671
Pay boost for workers as real living wage goes up. Nov 9, 2020 353
Real living wage boost for workers; 250,000 expected to benefit at 'incredibly challenging time'. DAVID BANNER Nov 9, 2020 303
Low pay is still not high enough on the agenda. JAMIEDRISCOLL The North of Tyne Mayor writes for you Nov 9, 2020 650
Real Living Wage vs National Living Wage -and why millions won't get [pounds sterling]9.50 pay boost; The "Real Living Wage" is rising to [pounds sterling]9.50 an hour in a win for workers as the pandemic continues to sweep though Britain -but those on the government's rate won't see their income change at all. By, Emma Munbodh Nov 9, 2020 543
Is Covid the last nail in minimum wage coffin? Nov 3, 2020 534
On the Front Line: Presumption rules for essential workers and front-line employees with COVID-19 in some states shift the burden of proof to employers, but are they also driving up workers' compensation claims and costs? Chordas, Lori Nov 1, 2020 2982
CMCO WFH: Employers to pay salary as usual, can't force staff to use up leave, says HR minister. Oct 22, 2020 439
Castelo urges employers to distribute Xmas bonuses early. Oct 20, 2020 394
Therapy, 'pawternity' leave and unlimited holidays: The unusual staff perks offered by Scots firms; Fancy working for an employer providing, say, unlimited holidays, free in-house therapy or offsetting your carbon footprint? Emma Newlands Oct 15, 2020 715
Pimentel, Drilon say no to deferring payment of 13th-month bonus. Oct 9, 2020 747
Furlough 'D-Day' with millions to be told today if they still have a job after October; The coronavirus job retention scheme -the Government-backed initiative that pays part of the wages of furloughed staff -ends on Saturday 31 October and if you're on it, today is when you'll likely find out if you ever come back. By, Emma Munbodh Sep 15, 2020 878
Workers see more value in employee benefits as pandemic-era annual enrollment nears. Sep 15, 2020 457
'Fake HMRC workers managed to steal [pounds sterling]835 my furlough redundancy pay'; Rita works in a factory and was put on furlough in May. As per the rules, her employer paid her 80 per cent of her usual salary for May, June, July and August, however she was later told she faced redundancy. By, Dean Dunham Sep 13, 2020 407
Factory owners hiking pay to lure workers even with high jobless rate. Michael Sasso Bloomberg Sep 13, 2020 750
Central Luzon wage board plea: Help for workers hurt by COVID-19 economic impact. Sep 9, 2020 241
Punjab govt. fixed plenty for employers paying less than minimum wage. Sep 5, 2020 151
Employers Must Pay Employees for All Hours Worked, Including Work at Home. Jim Sams Sep 1, 2020 988
Introducing minimum wage 'mark new era for Qatar labour market': ILO. Aug 31, 2020 945
Qatar sets QR1,000 minimum wage for workers and domestic helps. Aug 31, 2020 605
Qatar sets minimum wage, facilitates job change. Times News Service Aug 31, 2020 204
Employers reminded on Nat'l Heroes Day pay rules. Aug 30, 2020 253
My supervisor was rude when asked about pay cuts. Aug 28, 2020 452
Covid-19 crisis eats into corporate pay rise budgets: report. Aug 24, 2020 549
TendoPay aims financial recovery assistance through its Employee Benefit program. Aug 17, 2020 551
For Malaysian employees, flexi hours, work-life balance top reasons for happiness; salary levels leading cause of dissatisfaction. Aug 13, 2020 1085
How much pay are you entitled to if you're made redundant on furlough? Your rights; More than 9million people have enrolled onto furlough since the scheme was introduced in April to support workers at risk during the coronavirus outbreak, however as it comes to a close, employees are facing redundancy. By, Emma Munbodh Aug 10, 2020 626
Labor chief to employers: Consider cashless payment of workers' wages. Aug 5, 2020 353
Firms to pay NICs for staff on furlough; COVID-19. KEITH FINDLAY Aug 3, 2020 251
Important new furlough changes come into force today -how your pay is changing; Employers will have to start making salary contributions for all furloughed employees from Saturday, as one of the scheme's biggest changes comes into force across the UK. By, Emma Munbodh Aug 1, 2020 558
New furlough rules from Saturday -including how your pay will change on August 1; The furlough scheme, which has seen the government pay the wages of millions of workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic, will come to an end on October 31 -with the biggest change yet due to kick in this weekend. By, Emma Munbodh Jul 27, 2020 538
Huge changes to furlough within days -all you need to know; Employers will have to start making salary contributions for all furloughed employees from Saturday, as part of a gradual winding down. By, Graeme Brown Jul 27, 2020 311
Set up 'clear grievance mechanism' on wage adjustment 'abuses', DOLE urged. Jul 22, 2020 437
Machete-wielding man storms his employer's office demanding his salary. Jul 21, 2020 271
More than 140,000 Singapore employers to receive over S$4b in wage payouts from July 29. Jul 20, 2020 574
Furlough changes from August 1 explained as firms face biggest challenge yet; For the first time since April, employers across the UK will have to start making salary contributions for all employees -including pension and national insurance payments. By, Emma Munbodh Jul 11, 2020 469
Employers must know the legal implications of salary deductions. Jul 10, 2020 689
[pounds sterling]1,000 bonus for companies that bring back furloughed staff; Employers are being urged to bring back furloughed workers rather than lay them off, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a [pounds sterling]1,000 bonus for every employee kept on. Paris Gourtsoyannis Jul 8, 2020 410
How furlough scheme changes could affect working hours and pay -here are the latest updates; Rule change means employers can now bring furloughed staff back to work part-time, but must pay their wages for the days they do work. By, Linda Howard & Brett Gibbons Jul 7, 2020 571
Loyalty to job not linked to pay, say UAE employees. Survey Jul 5, 2020 661
Pay cuts for millions of U.S. workers worsen the pain of pandemic. Heather Long and Andrew Van Dam The Washington Post Jul 5, 2020 1626
Employer given ultimatum over pending wages. Jul 2, 2020 448
Cats staff lose out as club stops topping up; FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES WILL ONLY GET 80% OF WAGES DUE TO DECISION. CRAIG JOHNS Football writer @craig_johns Jul 1, 2020 399
Sunderland staff furloughs to last all summer; topping -up of Wearside wages to end. CRAIG JOHNS Football writer Jul 1, 2020 379
Women and Informal Employment: An Analysis of Socio-Economic and Health Conditions of Women Home-Based Workers in Chennai, India. Sivasubramanian, K.; Pushpa, A.; Raju, V.; Kumar, Madhu Dhruva Report Jul 1, 2020 4021
MTUC tells employers group to back claim that RM2,700 'living wage' would kill businesses. Jun 30, 2020 445
MEF: Employers, businesses in urban cities will go bankrupt if minimum wage set at RM2,700 monthly. Jun 29, 2020 340
'Two million' jobs to be lost in September as Government cuts furlough pay; From August, employers will have to start making compulsory contributions for their staff -meaning those who can no longer afford their employees may start making job cuts. By, Emma Munbodh Jun 24, 2020 639
What to do if employer refuses to pay dues after resignation. Ashish Mehta Jun 21, 2020 279
Unpaid leave in UAE during coronavirus: All you need to know. Ashish Mehta Jun 14, 2020 1064
Firms set to pay towards wages of furloughed. TORCUIL CRICHTON May 30, 2020 494
Bosses set to be told to pay towards furloughed workers' salaries from August; The government is currently subsidising 80% of some workers' wages but has warned that the scheme cannot run "indefinitely". By, Nicola Bartlett May 29, 2020 806
Chancellor Rishi Sunak to tell employers they need to contribute to furloughed staff pay; The Chancellor is set to tell employers they will need to contribute to their furloughed workers' salaries from August as the Government admitted the scheme cannot run "indefinitely". Conor Marlborough May 29, 2020 500
Companies to begin paying towards furloughed workers' wages; Companies will begin having to contribute more towards the cost of furloughed workers' national insurance, pension contributions and salary from August, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said. Paris Gourtsoyannis May 29, 2020 532
Rights and responsibilities of employers during COVID-19. May 28, 2020 795
Employers, DOLE reminded: Workers must freely consent to temporary wage, benefits adjustment. May 27, 2020 484
Villanueva: Inform and get consent of workers on any wage adjustment. May 27, 2020 293
Firms will be asked to pay 'up to 30% of wages from August' as furlough is wound down; Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has said the furlough scheme will be in place until at least October, however, companies will be asked to start sharing the cost from August. By, Emma Munbodh May 25, 2020 625
BMP: Workers without unions at most risk from 'voluntary' wage, benefit cuts amid pandemic. May 24, 2020 895
Salary loan deductions: SSS clarifies rules, but... May 24, 2020 1036
UK will ask employers 'to pay 20-30 per cent' of furlough wages. Reuters May 23, 2020 454
Striking Bangladeshi waste laborers in Beirut agree back-to-work pay deal. SHEHAB SUMON May 23, 2020 546
Coronavirus: UK to require employers to pay 20-30% of furloughed wage cost. Reuters News Service May 23, 2020 200
What would happen if I refused to take a pay cut? May 22, 2020 457
RLP offers insurance safety net in the event of RIP... Trevor Law May 21, 2020 637
Why no one can deduct Shs10,000 from your salary for Covid-19 fight. May 19, 2020 681
Employers to cut workers' pay in proposed changes to Covid-19 Bill. May 18, 2020 580
Ask the law: 'I have been fired, but what about my bonus?'. Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News May 14, 2020 598
Somebody tame the employers' appetite for layoffs, pay cuts. May 13, 2020 860
This is how furlough scheme affects workers' bank holiday rights and annual leave entitlement; Expert reveals staff do not automatically get day off with pay for bank holiday unless it's written into contract. By, Lottie Gibbons & Brett Gibbons May 6, 2020 342
Secret Concierge: Why it makes sense to work hard despite reductions in pay. Claudia De Brito May 6, 2020 790
Oil industry workers warn employers against arbitrary sack, salary cut. May 6, 2020 314
Unions Raise The Alarm Over Planned Salary, Job Cuts In Oil Industry. May 6, 2020 533
About 400 footwear workers protest over unpaid wages. May 6, 2020 467
Labour to battle pay cut, manipulation of workers' leave. May 4, 2020 2302
NUTGTWN vows to resist any attempt to slash members' salary. May 1, 2020 525
UAE private sector urged to pay salaries on time. Apr 30, 2020 313
More than 15,000 workers in Johor affected by pay cuts, termination during MCO, new state Labour Dept stats show. Apr 30, 2020 479
Nearly 200,000 small businesses qualify for wage subsidy. Apr 28, 2020 527
On labor's agenda, for post-lockdown: Grand cleanup of worksites, hazard pay. Apr 26, 2020 525
Socso: More than 200,000 employers applied for Wage Subsidy Programme affecting 1.7 million workers. Apr 23, 2020 298
MPs want firms stopped from effecting pay cuts. Apr 22, 2020 452
Work-from-home should not affect salaries, work-life balance. Apr 22, 2020 876
Covid-19: RM1.2b in wage subsidies already approved for nearly a million workers, says finance minister. Apr 21, 2020 390
Ministry, employers agree on unpaid leave, pay cuts. Apr 20, 2020 435
Workers protest for payment of wages, dues in Karachi. Shazia Hasan Apr 19, 2020 937
Coronavirus: Can UAE employer reduce salary permanently? Ashish Mehta Apr 19, 2020 837
Coronavirus: Forced to take unpaid leave, salary cut in UAE? Sharmila Dhal, Assistant Editor Apr 18, 2020 991
EFP lauds SBP Refinance Scheme for Payment of Wages and Salaries. Apr 16, 2020 1225
SBP meets EFP for suggestions on workers' wages refinance scheme. Meiryum Ali Apr 15, 2020 760
Coronavirus in UAE: Can my employer reduce my salary without a new contract? Ashish Mehta Apr 12, 2020 808
Register for wages call to employers. Apr 9, 2020 195
Saudi employers given green light to cut wages, hours. Aisha Fareed Apr 7, 2020 320
HR Ministry: Wage subsidy available to all firms with workers paid below RM4,000 monthly. Apr 7, 2020 306
Combating Covid-19: Under what conditions can employers reduce salary in UAE. Apr 5, 2020 830
Coronavirus: I've been placed on furlough -do I have to accept a pay cut? Thousands of workers have been placed on the Government's workplace retention scheme -which will cover 80% of their wages during the coronavirus outbreak. But the problem is, it's only up to a maximum of [pounds sterling]2,500 per month; Thousands of workers have been placed on the Government's workplace retention scheme -which will cover 80% of their wages during the coronavirus outbreak. But the problem is, it's only up to a maximum of [pounds sterling]2,500 per month. By, Emma Munbodh Apr 4, 2020 394
Waiting to get paid is hell; life. the money doctor. Financial worries or just looking for better value for money? Consumer champion Fergus Muirhead can help DAILY RECORD 00.00.2019 Government help should enable your employer to cover most of your wage. Apr 3, 2020 757
7M FACE FURLOUGH; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: STAFF LAY-OFFS ANGUISH; Taxpayers to cover private sector wages; BA, Philip Green & Nissan take up offer. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Apr 3, 2020 1200
Covid-19: Will reduced salary in private sector affect gratuity? Marie Nammour Apr 2, 2020 512
The Relationship of Quality of Life and Subminimum Wage: Implications of WIOA Section 511. Kuo, Hung Jen; Kosciulek, John; Levine, Allison Apr 1, 2020 6232
Coronavirus: Civil service union dismisses employers' call for pay cuts. Peter Michael Mar 27, 2020 300
Government allocates RM5.9b in salary subsidies to prevent retrenchment. Mar 27, 2020 317
Employers asked to pay workers' salaries. Mar 26, 2020 241
Order not to stop salaries of workers hailed. Mar 25, 2020 376
Coronavirus Impact on Workers' Compensation Limited But Some Workers May Be Covered. Jim Sams Mar 23, 2020 1102
Covid-19 in UAE: Employer should pay salary if an employee is put in quarantine. Waheed Abbas Mar 19, 2020 400
Minister: Employers must pay salaries during Covid-19 shutdown. Mar 19, 2020 243
In Catanduanes, employers from tourism sector pay salary in advance. Mar 18, 2020 194
Virus Impact on Workers' Compensation Limited But Some Workers May Be Covered. Jim Sams Mar 17, 2020 1218
Duterte urges employers to give 13th-month pay in advance. Mar 16, 2020 295
Ask the law: In hospital after a work accident and not being paid? Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News Mar 12, 2020 720
Qatar 'ignoring workers' plight over wages,' watchdog warns. Arab News Feb 15, 2020 616
PMFTC Inc. bags Top Employer awards, EQUAL-SALARY certification. Feb 12, 2020 401
10 government jobs that pay salary up to Dh40,000 in UAE. Web Report Feb 9, 2020 269
Lisa Nandy says she'd make big businesses pay for the cost of poverty wages; EXCLUSIVE The Labour leadership hopeful has said that a party she leads would make corporations pay their staff decently or have them pick up the cost to the taxpayer. By, Oliver Milne Jan 26, 2020 328
Local government employers accused of creating "unnecessary" pay delay. Jan 23, 2020 496
23 employers facing trial for paying low wages to workers. Jan 22, 2020 171
Seek advice and avoid salary exchange issues. NIGEL SAUNDERS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS CONSULTANT AT ACUMEN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Jan 20, 2020 505
Dole reminds employers on holiday pay. Jan 18, 2020 163
Bayt.Com: Top Job Attributes in UAE for 2020 Are Salaries, Work Environment, and Job Security. Jan 12, 2020 661
BBC broadcaster wins pay dispute against employer; Tribunal: Presenter queried wage discrepancies. ALEX GREEN Jan 11, 2020 350
Basic salary decides unused annual leave compensation in UAE. Ashish Mehta (Legal View) Jan 5, 2020 764
Hiring & Keeping the Right Employees: New employment trends mean more, unique benefits. Barbour, Tracy Jan 1, 2020 2051
DOLE reminds employers: Follow proper pay rules on New Year's Day. Dec 29, 2019 231
Employers reminded of Christmas pay. Dec 23, 2019 191
Business owners should embrace wage increases. Jim O'Neill Dec 19, 2019 902
DOLE reminds employers on giving 13th Month Pay. Dec 12, 2019 381
Employers dismiss World Bank report on stagnating wages, claim reality is different. Dec 10, 2019 353
Ask the law: paying bonuses are at the discretion of the employer. Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News Dec 5, 2019 719
Ask the law: Payment of bonus is at the sole discretion of the employer. Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba, Special to Gulf News Dec 5, 2019 719
W. Visayas employers told to give bonus before Christmas. Dec 4, 2019 315
MEASURE INTENDED TO FIGHT INFORMAL ECONOMY YIELDS RESULTS: Sanja Lukarevska, Director of the Public Revenue Office, said that 7,613 employers applied for the measure in November to raise the wages of44,940 employees, with subsidies of almost 1.3 million euros. Dec 1, 2019 181
W. Visayas employers told to enforce wage hike. Nov 28, 2019 338
The tricky question of GIP and staff holiday pay entitlement. BETHAN DARWIN LAW & MORE Nov 27, 2019 993
Paying fair wage isn't charity. Nov 26, 2019 634
Third of workers being paid below the real living wage; Union calls for employers and next government to do more to tackle problem of low pay. Nov 25, 2019 391
Newcastle and Durham university staff confirm eight-day strike as talks on pay and pensions fail; Members of the University and College Union will walk out from November 25 and not return to work until December 4. Hannah Graham Nov 22, 2019 537
Ulster wages up due to skills gap; Salaries rising faster than UK average. MIRROR REPORTER Nov 20, 2019 243
Filmhouse staff get living wage promise. Nov 15, 2019 224
>> TransportforWalesis Living Wage employer; IN BRIEF. Nov 13, 2019 189
Cardiff on track to be UK's first 'Living Wage City'. robert lloyd Nov 12, 2019 685
Ulster workers get living wage increase; New PS9.30 hourly rate to reflect real costs. CLAIRE MILLER Nov 11, 2019 336
Manchester celebrates becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer. Nov 11, 2019 715
Thousands of low-paid Berkshire workers set for [pounds sterling]2k pay rise; An increase in the UK Living Wage means good news for workers across the country. Claire Miller Nov 11, 2019 455
Promises over maternity pay and flexible working. Nov 9, 2019 473
Promises over maternity pay and flexible working. Nov 9, 2019 473
Employees Want Gift Cards and Bonuses; New research examines what employees most prefer (and expect) from their employers to close out 2019. Nov 4, 2019 1032
MBA SALARIES SOARING. Basye, Geoffrey Nov 1, 2019 643
Health as Important as Wealth - Employers Need to Provide Health Insurance and Other Benefits to Keep Talent. Oct 23, 2019 862
DOLE: CAR employers willing to grant wage hike. Oct 14, 2019 322
Oregon 2020 Workers' Compensation Premium Assessment Rates Dropping. Jergler, Don Oct 11, 2019 194
National Bilateral Framework Agreement of workers and employers to tackle power rates, traffic, cost of medicine, government subsidies for minimum wage earners. Sep 27, 2019 524
Health Insurance Premiums Are Soaring for Many. Sep 26, 2019 447
DOWN UNDER TRUCKING: Injured Truck Driver Wins US$1.15 Million Compensation. FreightWaves Sep 23, 2019 1312
What to do if UAE employer doesn't pay allowance on time. Ashish Mehta Sep 22, 2019 610
What to do when employer in UAE doesn't pay salary on time. Sep 15, 2019 580
DCC now accredited living wage employer. Sep 2, 2019 438
Reps Move To Criminalise Late Payments Of Workers' Salaries, Pension. Sep 1, 2019 472
Ask the law: Flight home must be included in severence pay. Aug 29, 2019 632
Ask the law: Flight home must be included in severance pay. Aug 29, 2019 632
Bonuses have to be disbursed with final payment. Aug 22, 2019 761
Bonuses have to be disbursed with final payment in UAE. Aug 22, 2019 763
Somewhat higher pay hikes despite cyclical headwinds / SEB. Aug 21, 2019 1998
Somewhat higher pay hikes despite cyclical headwinds / SEB. Aug 20, 2019 1998
Reclassify minimum wage workers: W. Visayas employers. Aug 17, 2019 463
Employers are hiking pay []; FINANCE. Aug 8, 2019 127
What contractors need to know as off-pay tax rules to change. Aug 7, 2019 705
Taiwan employers ask for slowdown in basic wage increases. Aug 6, 2019 293
Are you entitled for overtime pay at your office in UAE? Aug 5, 2019 996
Here's when your company can deduct your salary in UAE. Aug 4, 2019 253
Can I take sick leave without UAE health certificate? Aug 4, 2019 1373
Is my employer right in deducting my salary for missing work? Aug 2, 2019 546
Take cover and get that extra peace of mind. Aug 1, 2019 641
Govt fixes Rs17,500 as minimum monthly wage for workers. Aug 1, 2019 483
Manage workforce for wages to boost state's development. Jul 31, 2019 317
Outsourced NHS staff in Blackpool and St Helens strike over pay and conditions   . Jul 31, 2019 1020
California Self-Insurers Board Greenlights Workers' Comp Alternative Security Program. Jergler, Don Jul 30, 2019 287
Failure to Comply with Wage Notice Provisions of New York Law Brings Steep Penalties. DeMaria, Alfred T. Jul 29, 2019 465
Employer can't deny annual leave salary in UAE. Jul 22, 2019 908
Working on a holiday? Employees to be paid 150% of salary. Jul 21, 2019 1980
Third of office staff don't have flexible working option despite being a legal right for five years; Many would rather enjoy more variable hours than a pay rise, survey claims. Jul 16, 2019 359
Third of office staff don't have flexible working option despite being a legal right for five years; Many would rather enjoy more variable hours than a pay rise, survey claims. Jul 16, 2019 359
Third of office staff don't have flexible working option despite being a legal right for five years; Many would rather enjoy more variable hours than a pay rise, survey claims. Jul 16, 2019 359
Third of office staff don't have flexible working option despite being a legal right for five years; Many would rather enjoy more variable hours than a pay rise, survey claims. Jul 16, 2019 359
Third of office staff don't have flexible working option despite being a legal right for five years; Many would rather enjoy more variable hours than a pay rise, survey claims. Jul 16, 2019 359
54% of Taiwan's employers planning 3.5% pay raise in H2. Jul 16, 2019 518
Former boss of charity was unfairly dismissed; Tribunal: Woman awarded PS15k in compensation from ex-employer. Jul 13, 2019 559
Stonehaven chippie leads way on wages; EMPLOYER. Jul 12, 2019 226
1,500th firm to give staff 'real' pay; EMPLOYMENT. Jul 11, 2019 263
Populist 14th month pay bill. Jul 9, 2019 724
Divisiveness in the wage fixing system, and missing attention on industrial development. Jul 4, 2019 1288
Employer pays pending wages after a bus full of UAE labour officials show up. Jul 2, 2019 272
No rule change for salaried workers: The proposed rule would create a 'super minimum wage' that will harm all employers, particularly nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Jul 1, 2019 291
300 workers left in lurch without salaries and food, get help. Jun 28, 2019 1217
Falling for your employer in the workplace; Jackson Lees can help advise you and gain the compensation you are entitled to. Jun 25, 2019 695
DIFC employees to get 50% of salary as basic. Jun 19, 2019 636
Manchester sets out ambition to be an accredited national living wage employer. Jun 19, 2019 591
UAE companies legally bound to follow holidays declared by government? Jun 16, 2019 617
No compensatory off, extra wages for working on Eid Al Fitr. What are my legal options? Jun 16, 2019 615
Can my salary be deducted for leaving work early in UAE? Jun 15, 2019 635
Campaign aims to curb zero-hours contracts, slash low-pay and boost Living Wage; The Living Hours campaign wants employees to benefit from guaranteed work. Jun 12, 2019 712
Care home becomes a Living Wage employer. Jun 11, 2019 210
How the Workers' Compensation Industry Is Embracing Telemedicine. Jun 10, 2019 3180
DOLE reminds private employers of pay rules on Independence Day. Jun 10, 2019 198
Scheidt rejoins Ice Miller's Employee Benefits Group. Jun 5, 2019 260 Reveals Salary Expectations: Almost Half of Jordan Professionals Expect to Receive a Raise in 2019. May 27, 2019 671
Can UAE employers reduce salaries without new contracts? May 26, 2019 759
54pc of UAE employees expect pay hike in 2019. May 26, 2019 584 Reveals Salary Expectations: More Than Half of UAE Professionals Expect to Receive a Raise in 2019. May 26, 2019 610
TUCP: Increases in minimum wage help employers by boosting consumer spending. May 10, 2019 415
DEBATE; With Uber drivers striking over pay and conditions, is the gig economy bad news for workers? May 9, 2019 337
OP-ED: Salary scrutiny. May 8, 2019 854
Wages Protection System, and what UAE law says about salary delays. May 5, 2019 1773
Financial wellness programs could be key to keeping top talent. Oken-Tatum, Becca May 3, 2019 522
Bonuses for workers demanded in Ramazan. May 3, 2019 164
Bonuses for workers demanded in Ramazan. May 3, 2019 191
Financial wellness programs emerge as key benefit. May 2, 2019 611
Salary docking on disciplinary grounds can't exceed 10 days. Apr 25, 2019 600
UAE labour law: Salary docking on disciplinary grounds can't exceed 10 days. Apr 25, 2019 638
Deputy minister: 85,000 companies have implemented Productivity-Linked Wage System. Apr 25, 2019 326
Labor Department's proposed salary basis rule will make more employees eligible for overtime. Apr 25, 2019 745
Department Of Labor's proposed salary basis rule will make more employees eligible for overtime. Apr 23, 2019 762
BREAKING: Buhari Signs N30,000 Minimum Wage Bill Into Law. Apr 18, 2019 499
DOLE reminds employers of pay rules for those who will work on Holy Week. Apr 16, 2019 392
Data fix: To reach lower costs, a focus first on understanding. Chuprinski, Mariah Apr 10, 2019 1366
MP turns down honour from Birmingham University because they're not an official living wage employer; Liam Byrne rejects fellowship because university is not an official living wage employer. Apr 8, 2019 785
Your employer's sick pay rules are changing TODAY - the new rates explained; Employers will need to review the amount they pay staff who take four days off or more - here's how it'll affect you. Apr 6, 2019 322
Make the relevant plans should the worst happen. Apr 4, 2019 639
Changes in pediatric dental coverage and visits following the implementation of the affordable care act. Kranz, Ashley M.; Dick, Andrew W. Apr 1, 2019 6899
Employee entitled to full pay for 6 months in work-related accident in UAE. Mar 31, 2019 687
A living wage for disabled workers State lawmakers want to end program allowing some employers to pay them less than minimum wage. Mar 22, 2019 659
Tipped Workers and the Minimum Wage: California's broad minimum-wage increases appear tailored to manage political forces. McKenzie, Richard B. Mar 22, 2019 2415
Your employer's sick pay rules are changing in April - the new rates explained; Employers will need to review the amount they pay staff who take four days off or more - here's how it'll affect you. Mar 21, 2019 338
Daniel Krigers, a partner at law firm Chadwick Lawrence, talks holidays and holiday pay and explains what employers need to know. Mar 21, 2019 509
Employers predict 2.5% pay rise BMW profits alert. Mar 21, 2019 150
'Give us the power to report firms who flout the minimum wage' say unions; GMB claims more employers are breaking the rules than the Government knows about - and says it can help fix the problem. Mar 19, 2019 510
'Real' Living Wage campaign reveals its 5,000th employer in wallet-boosting move for low-paid workers; Manchester University allowed the Foundation to reach the milestone. Mar 14, 2019 483
Set Shs100,000 as minimum wage, employers tell government. Mar 14, 2019 458
College is living wage employer. Mar 13, 2019 399
Germany: 1 million teachers, nurses and other state employees secure key pay raise. Mar 3, 2019 551
A small sacrifice now means a bigger bonus later. Feb 28, 2019 659
Why multinationals are able to pay more, hire better talent. Feb 25, 2019 959
DOLE reminds employers to observe pay rules. Feb 24, 2019 263
Breakfast Series report: Laboring over labor - minimum wage, coworking and other workforce trends. Feb 22, 2019 5309
Employers risk Shs10m fine if they break minimum wage law. Feb 21, 2019 338
House committee considers wage history bill once more. Feb 19, 2019 562
Employee fair wage bills clear Assembly labor committee. Perry, Jessica Feb 15, 2019 381
Rules governing annual leave salary. Feb 2, 2019 720
The State of Employee Benefits. Feb 1, 2019 374
Ahead of Thursday vote, $15 minimum wage deal calls for $10M of tax credits to hire disabled workers. Perry, Jessica Jan 23, 2019 523
5 TRENDS TO EXPECT IN VOLUNTARY BENEFITS IN 2019: Here are five predictions on what we'll see the voluntary benefits industry focusing on this year. Halkos, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2019 891
Taiwan employers exploiting loophole in requirement to disclose salary in job ads. Dec 13, 2018 418
Mid-level professionals expect up to 60% higher pay in 2019, says survey. Dec 9, 2018 759
Release workers' 13th month pay on time, employers told. Dec 9, 2018 200
Employers say PTPTN's new wage cut scheme complicated, burdensome. Dec 6, 2018 404
PTPTN must get your permission before deducting your salary, says MTUC. Dec 6, 2018 443
The Effects of Provider Choice Policies on Workers' Compensation Costs. Neumark, David; Savych, Bogdan Dec 1, 2018 8264
Taiwan minimum wage bill calls for fines of up to NT$1 million for employers who violate law. Nov 30, 2018 671
Taiwan employers must disclose salary in job ads for positions paying under NT$40,000. Nov 28, 2018 216
These are nine crucial changes to employment law you need to to look out for in 2019; From changes in the minimum wage to how your pension is paid into, there's a lot to keep an eye on next year. Nov 26, 2018 1026
National minimum wage and peculiarities of the localities (1). Nov 22, 2018 1299
Atwoli warns employers, CS Yattani on pay and labour laws. Nov 17, 2018 461
Of labour and need for more creativity in negotiation. Nov 15, 2018 1366
Why everyone should be promoting the Living Wage; WORKING FOR YOU with Fulton MacGregor MSP for Coatbridge and Chryston. Nov 14, 2018 585
Neil backs living wage for workers; EMPLOYMENT MP Gray hosts scheme event. Nov 14, 2018 287
Women in Cov less likely to earn the national living wage. Nov 14, 2018 623
MP backs pay drive; LIVING WAGE Message for employers. Nov 14, 2018 290
War over wages. Nov 13, 2018 757

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