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Wage boost for low-paid workers in the works. FERGHAL BLANEY Political Editor Dec 28, 2020 165
Poll shows big support for higher taxes to boost low-pay in coronavirus recovery; The study by the think tank Demos showed few people want to go back to the way things were before the pandemic. By, Ben Glaze Dec 11, 2020 425
Sunak claws back; >>Freeze in public sector >>>>Minimum pay U-turn. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Nov 25, 2020 404
Sunak claws back; Freeze in public sector; Minimum pay U-turn. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Nov 25, 2020 392
49p minimum wage rise for 2million poorest workers 'won't happen' due to Covid; Workers could be handed a rise of just 18p in tomorrow's spending review after the Low Pay Commission originally projected a National Living Wage rise to [pounds sterling]9.21 -but that was in March, before the devastation to the economy. By, Dan Bloom Nov 24, 2020 598
Council's low-paid workers to receive early 20p pay rise. RORY SMITH Nov 21, 2020 406
Minimum wage set to rise by just 15p as low-paid hit hardest by Covid crisis; Two million workers earning minimum wage are set to receive the smallest pay increase since 2010 next April, according to analysis by the Resolution Foundation. By, Alan Jones & Lizzy Buchan Sep 23, 2020 663
Boost sick pay or risk second wave. EXCLUSIVE BY alan selby Jul 26, 2020 260
Boost sick pay or risk second wave. EXCLUSIVE BY ALAN SELBY Jul 26, 2020 237
WAGES A SIN; REVEALED: SCANDAL OF POVERTY PAY; Pandemic is making it worse, charity warns. ANDY PHILIP Political Correspondent Jun 12, 2020 583
Living wage boost for millions. JAMES RODGER Apr 1, 2020 356
Low-wage workers could be especially hard hit by this recession. Andrew Van Dam The Washington Post Mar 22, 2020 1234
Aster medical launches health scheme for low-wage workers. Jan 13, 2020 299
Aster launches health scheme for 25,000 low-wage workers. Jan 13, 2020 121
First Minister urged to halt companies refusing to pay ged efusing taxpayer money going to workers minimum wage. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 5, 2020 392
First Minister urged to halt ged taxpayer money going to companies refusing to pay efusing workers minimum wage. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 5, 2020 390
Analysis: Minimum wage increases fueling faster wage growth for those at the bottom. Andrew Van Dam and Rachel Siegel The Washington Post Jan 5, 2020 1043
Minimum wage increases fueling bigger paychecks Wage: Experts accepting larger role of wage laws. Andrew Van Dam and Rachel Siegel The Washington Post Jan 3, 2020 698
Workers are being short changed on Living Wage; Increase is 'not enough', says SNP MSP. TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor Jan 1, 2020 367
Minimum wage pay rise 2020: the new national living wage, who will get an increase and when it changes. Dec 31, 2019 829
Government announces pay rise for 2.8 million people. Dec 31, 2019 959
Scottish Labour leader backs rail pay fight. Nov 20, 2019 173
53 million have low-wage jobs. Reade Pickert Bloomberg Nov 11, 2019 364
Pag-IBIG Fund finances 18,000 homes for minimum, low-wage earners. Oct 29, 2019 446
Pag-IBIG Fund finances homes of 18,715 low-wage earners from January to September 2019. Oct 29, 2019 426
Science Museum workers are striking for fair pay in Kensington; Staff at the Science Museum want all workers to receive the London Living Wage. Aug 31, 2019 569
Real Living Wage pumps [pounds sterling]1billion into wallets of low-paid workers; Campaigners reveal the benefit from their battle to boost pay of hard-up workers. Aug 29, 2019 598
House OKs $15 minimum wage Wage:. Jul 19, 2019 925
Low-wage workers in the UAE will soon be able to sponsor families. Jul 16, 2019 271
Sick pay reforms could help 2m workers; EMPLOYMENT. Jul 15, 2019 241
Living wage 'significantly reduces' low pay. Jun 3, 2019 299
Living wage 'significantly reduces' low pay. Jun 3, 2019 299
Fall in number of UK workers on low pay, think-tank study suggests. Report May 30, 2019 240
WE'RE WORTH MORE; Hospital cleaners join wages delay protest. Apr 12, 2019 481
'Real' Living Wage campaign reveals its 5,000th employer in wallet-boosting move for low-paid workers; Manchester University allowed the Foundation to reach the milestone. Mar 14, 2019 483
ILLINOIS' MINIMUM WAGE State Senate OKs raises Governor hails measure that still must go to House. Feb 8, 2019 599
ILLINOIS' MINIMUM WAGE State Senate OKs raises Governor hails measure that still must go to House Minimum: Some fear businesses will move to Indiana. Feb 8, 2019 599
Pritzker hails Senate's OK of minimum-wage hike to $15/hour in 6 years. Feb 8, 2019 612
Minimum wage debate coming to Oklahoma. Nov 12, 2018 470
The Tory living wage con; UNION CHIEF SLAMS MAY'S PROMISES. Nov 5, 2018 283
Wages of spin; May is accused of con job over 'raise' for low-paid workers; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 5, 2018 335
Union chiefs slam Theresa May for 'conning' low-paid workers with boost to living wage; EXCLUSIVE: Frances O'Grady of the TUC says people will still "struggle to keep their heads above water" after living wage goes up. Nov 4, 2018 612
Bezos jumps out ahead of his rivals, raises wages to $15/hour. Oct 3, 2018 372
Vice chancellor salaries are too high, say students. Sep 17, 2018 195
'PS45m boost from real living wage...'. Sep 3, 2018 274
PS45m capital boost from 'real' living wage - study. Report Sep 3, 2018 265
How if everyone was like Everton FC the region could be MILLIONS better off; Call for more big firms to pay workers the real Living Wage. Sep 3, 2018 705
Living wage benefits are calculated. Sep 1, 2018 293
Should large corporations pay workers' public benefits? Abha Bhattarai The Washington Post Aug 25, 2018 382
State should copy Chicago's success with minimum wage. Jul 9, 2018 638
State should copy Chicago's success with minimum-wage hike. Jul 9, 2018 644
Raising B.C.'s minimum wage won't help working poor. Lammam, Charles; MacIntyre, Hugh Jun 14, 2018 666
Raising B.C.'s minimum wage won't help working poor. Lammam, Charles; MacIntyre, Hugh Jun 14, 2018 666
Unions strike back at minimum wage fixes. Jun 6, 2018 462
Taiwan to reveal names of listed companies with the most low-wage workers. May 17, 2018 378
Massive council salaries while costs are slashed. Apr 25, 2018 391
Salary rise for lowest-paid workers. Apr 1, 2018 219
Ulster workers face salary limbo over Stormont's collapse. Mar 22, 2018 259
MIND THE GAP; CAMPAIGN FOR REAL-TERMS INCREASES CONTINUES SNP lift cap on public sector pay and give 3% rise to low-paid workers but unions warn move doesn't go far enough to tackle the difference between rich & poor. Dec 15, 2017 715
PCP employees protest non-payment of salaries. Dec 13, 2017 149
Workers are stuck on low pay, says new study. Oct 19, 2017 210
1 in 5 cheated out of wages; FINANCE; Rogue bosses abuse minimum pay rules. Sep 19, 2017 326
Mandatory minimum-wage hikes once again hurt their supposed beneficiaries. Hoar, William P. Sep 4, 2017 2110
Minimum wage does not harm employment. Jun 1, 2017 101
Here Are The 10 States With The Highest Minimum Wages. Mar 16, 2017 393
A Living Wage for Jamaica: Considerations for Calculation and Implementation. Marsh, Lauren; O'connor, Christopher; Roberts, Danny Mar 1, 2017 6626
Where State Minimum Wages Might Rise - And Fall - In November. Nov 6, 2016 798
Where State Minimum Wages Might Rise-And Fall-In November. Nov 5, 2016 798
Wage increase for lower-paid Brum workers; but 'vampires' protest at blood bank pay. Nov 1, 2016 399
How should we define "low-wage" work? An analysis using the current population survey. Fusaro, Vincent A.; Shaefer, H. Luke Statistical data Oct 1, 2016 4718
Warning of PS1,000 pay cut for the poorest paid. Sep 7, 2016 543
How do HSA plans affect low-wage workers? Sep 1, 2016 601
Low income groups in Oman bearing the brunt of pay inequality. Jun 11, 2016 732
Beyond EAP: reducing turnover & poverty in a low-wage workforce. Zadrozny, Michelle Apr 1, 2016 1099
Low-wage workers' pay 'boost'. Mar 28, 2016 108
Saving scheme bonus for low-paid workers. Mar 14, 2016 391
Hospital is first to pay living wage; HUNDREDS OF LOW-PAID WORKERS TO GET A WELCOME RISE IN SALARY. Nov 7, 2015 394
A best way to help low-wage workers? Baker, Edith S. Oct 1, 2015 806
MINISTER SEEKS HELP TO RAISE MINIMUM WAGE; Low-paid workers to be part of new salary panel. Dec 16, 2014 327
Pay rise agreed for low-paid workers. Dec 6, 2014 426
Minimum wage: the ups & downs: raising the minimum wage is offered as a way to help minorities and the working poor, but doing so would end up hurting those groups the most. Tennant, Michael Cover story Jun 23, 2014 3502
A federal minimum wage and the states: how many jobs will the individual states lose if Congress raises the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour? Albright, Logan; Brannon, Ike Jun 22, 2014 2512
Wages called a Catholic issue. Brief article Dec 20, 2013 130
Covering the demands of low-wage workers. Wittke, Sharon Sep 22, 2013 1567
Business push to slash penalty rates. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 185
Pay rise at council; Lowest-paid workers to get extra PS1,100 a year - but questions asked. Sep 20, 2012 562
pounds 1 MINIMUM WAGE RISE TO FIGHT SLUMP; Union plan to help poor. Sep 7, 2012 377
The working poor. Dillon, Thale Statistical data Jun 22, 2012 345
Low-wage worker characteristics: implications for children in poverty. Christopher, Jan E. Report Mar 22, 2012 10571
WAGES OF FEAR; 2m low-paid workers exploited. Jun 21, 2010 215
The work-around: how some supervisors of low-wage workers break the rules to make an unfair system a little bit fairer. Dodson, Lisa Reprint Jan 1, 2010 2213
Minimum wages and poverty: will a $9.50 federal minimum wage really help the working poor? Sabia, Joseph J.; Burkhauser, Richard V. Jan 1, 2010 16758
The living wage: in spite of the minimum wage, many low-paid workers continue to struggle to fund the necessities of life. Wills, Jane Essay Jun 22, 2009 5647
How much is enough? To live decently, working families need a lot more than what low-wage jobs currently pay. They need social outlays and income supports as well as career horizons. Bhargava, Deepak Sep 1, 2004 1536
Business: ally or obstacle? Although they're not the norm, a number of civic-minded companies are helping their low-wage workers juggle job and family challenges. Government also needs to do more. Friedman, Dorian Sep 1, 2004 2329
Low Wage Workers in Today's Economy: Strategies for Productivity and Opportunity. Draft Policy Statement. Jan 1, 2001 269

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