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When the disciples do as Jesus did AUGUST 2, 2020, EIGHTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Is 55:1-3; Ps 145; Rom 8:35, 37-39; Mt 14:13-21. McGlone, Mary M. Jul 24, 2020 839
After the fall: When Jesus fell, Simon was there to pick up the cross--no questions asked. Scobey-Polacheck, Annemarie Apr 1, 2020 887
Recognize * Allow * Investigate * Nurture. Brach, Tara Excerpt Mar 1, 2020 836
Space for All in an Open Heart. Washam, Spring Column Mar 1, 2020 836
Collective Compassion. Clabough, Raven Aug 5, 2019 243
Confessing Compassion: Waugh's Penitential Performance in Sword of Honour. DeCoste, D. Marcel Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 9671
Someone Stole My Buddha! THIS WAS NOT THE AWAKENING I HAD IN MIND. Coolidge, M.C. May 1, 2019 944
The Moments That Make Us Human. Seppala, Emma May 1, 2019 945
The gift of new life: A bilateral lung transplant in September last year has given a nurse a future she feared she might have lost. Ng-Thomson, Amy Report May 1, 2019 1266
A Compassionate Space-making: Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Friendship. Adiprasetya, Joas; Sasongko, Nindyo Jan 1, 2019 4502
Teaching nurses the skills of empathy: A nurse from Timaru wants to help nurses reclaim the values of empathy, compassion and connectedness. Manchester, Anne Dec 1, 2018 761
Return compassion to migration debate. Jul 13, 2018 755
A SHORTCUT TO SELF-COMPASSION. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 269
Say No Like a Boss. Seppala, Emma Jul 1, 2018 950
Teach me your ways. Mcglone, Mary M. Feb 9, 2018 859
The Experience of Compassion In School-Age Siblings of Children With a Severe Traumatic Injury. Bugel, Mary Jo Report Jan 1, 2018 3610
Farida Karodia's A Shattering of Silence: Colonial Violence and the Politics of Female-Driven Sympathetic Pushback. Ngom, Mamadou Abdou Babou Critical essay Dec 1, 2017 9168
No room for compassion fatigue. Sylvester, Nancy Column Nov 3, 2017 902
That they may all be one. Mazza, Biagio Column Oct 20, 2017 814
Is there a difference between mercy and compassion? Haile, Beth Essay May 1, 2017 521
When compassion is lost. Henson, J. Sheree Report Mar 1, 2017 2786
Sympathy, empathy, and the shift to compassion. Ditter, Bob Mar 1, 2017 2699
Leading with compassion: The key to changing the organizational culture and achieving success. Friedman, Hershey H.; Gerstein, Miriam Report Jan 1, 2017 6393
Mentorship in higher education: compassionate approaches supporting culturally responsive pedagogy. Lucey, Thomas A.; White, Elizabeth S. Report Jan 1, 2017 6524
Learning to bloom where I am planted: how I turned from the question of what I wanted from life to what life wants from me. Kelsey, Suzanne Jan 1, 2017 949
Find your path. Bastian, Edward Jan 1, 2017 3630
Associations Among Self-Compassion, Eating Behaviors, and Stress in College Freshmen. James, Dara; Sebren, Ann; DerAnanian, Cheryl; Bruening, Meg; Rooney, Laura; Araas, Teresa; Swan, Pam Report Dec 31, 2016 3976
Mindfulness, self-compassion, and counselor characteristics and session variables. Fulton, Cheryl L. Report Oct 1, 2016 6684
Effects of compassion on employees' self-regulation. Choi, Hyung Jin; Lee, Sangmin; No, Se-Ri; Kim, Eung Il Report Aug 1, 2016 7180
Sung silence: complicity, dramaturgy, and song in Heywood's rape of Lucrece. Bretz, Andrew Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 7101
Are we really worlds apart? Seppala, Emma Mar 1, 2016 778
Deserving and undeserving migrants: hostility has the potential to reproduce itself across all groups - but so too does compassion. Dhaliwal, Sukhwant; Forkert, Kirsten Dec 22, 2015 4544
Compassion in Giacomo Leopardi: a Levinasian reading of "La ginestra, o il fiore del deserto". Cauchi-Santoro, Roberta Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 7879
Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good healthcare? Comments from an academic physician: comment on "why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Lionis, Christos Nov 1, 2015 1700
Jesus asks a question. McGlone, Mary Oct 9, 2015 765
Compassion as powerful as medicine". Longmore, Mary Oct 1, 2015 911
Why good quality care needs philosophy more than compassion; comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Leget, Carlo Report Oct 1, 2015 2001
Imagined in policy, inscribed on bodies: Defending an ethic of compassion in a political context: comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Mercer, Dave Report Oct 1, 2015 2777
Compassion is a necessity and an individual and collective responsibility: comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Lown, Beth A. Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 1545
Beyond compassion: Replacing a blame culture with proper emotional support and management: comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Gabriel, Yiannis Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 2857
Healthcare and compassion: Towards an awareness of intersubjective vulnerability: comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Kenny, Kate Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 2530
Why the critics of poor health service delivery are the causes of poor service delivery: A need to train the policy-makers: comment on "Why and how is compassion necessary to provide good quality healthcare?". Harding, Nancy Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 1618
Bedside manner: Jesus calls us to stand with and accompany the suffering on their journey. Stanton, Sue Jul 1, 2015 1083
Leadership and the rediscovery of fire. Benson, Dale Jul 1, 2015 2428
Compassion development in higher education. Rashedi, Roxanne; Plante, Thomas G.; Callister, Erin S. Jun 22, 2015 6173
Compassion--a critical factor for attaining and maintaining a free society. Higgs, Robert; Higgs, Elizabeth Bernard Report Mar 22, 2015 1505
Elegy Outside a Stadium: for Deborah Digges. Phillips, Patrick Poem Mar 1, 2015 153
Who deserves compassion? Considerations on the eve of a terrorists trial. LaTour, Amee R. Jan 1, 2015 1069
Nino de la Calle. Hedge Coke, Allison Adelle Poem Sep 22, 2014 151
Taking care of you: self-care for the caregiver. Jul 1, 2014 831
Economies. Bell, Francesca Poem Jun 22, 2014 192
Compassion in medicine. Wyner, Lawrence M. Essay May 1, 2014 1077
Toward more compassionate healthcare systems: comment on "enabling compassionate healthcare: perils, prospects and perspectives". Lown, Beth A. Viewpoint essay May 1, 2014 1644
One community: at Mass across the border, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform. Zapor, Patricia Apr 11, 2014 623
Facing the world: a theological and biographical inquiry. Metz, Johann Baptist; Downey, John K. Mar 1, 2014 5420
Jesus teaches compassion for the poor. Brashler, James Jan 6, 2014 745
Compassion in Schopenhauer and Santideva. Hutton, Kenneth Essay Jan 1, 2014 7793
Buddhism and intellectual property rights: the role of compassion. Hongladarom, Soraj Essay Jan 1, 2014 5508
The politics of "compassion" of the fourteenth Dalai Lama: between "religion" and "secularism". Tsujimura, Masahide Essay Jan 1, 2014 6168
The dynamic interplay of interaction goals, emotion, and conflict styles: testing a model of intrapersonal and interpersonal effects on conflict styles. Zhang, Qin; Andreychik, Michael; Sapp, David A.; Arendt, Colleen Report Jan 1, 2014 9202
Unraveling empathic distress. McGee, Seana; Taylor, Maurice Dec 15, 2013 845
Retaining compassion in tough times. O'Connor, Teresa Editorial Dec 1, 2013 1093
Love thy neighbor. Shoot, Brittany Interview Nov 1, 2013 406
In from the cold: love, compassion and governance explored in Iceland. Conference news Oct 1, 2013 320
Continuing conversion: boundless love in God's alternative community. Livingston, Kevin Cover story Jul 1, 2013 1756
Facing what must be done. Shapiro, Rami Jul 1, 2013 1057
'And how shall I receive thee?'. McAtamney, Caroline Essay Jun 1, 2013 2184
Can meditation make you more compassionate? Brief article May 1, 2013 217
Buddhism between abstinence and indulgence: vegetarianism in the life and works of Jigme Lingpa. Barstow, Geoffrey Jan 1, 2013 9712
Unraveling empathic distress. McGee, Seana; Taylor, Maurice Jan 1, 2013 813
Give stress the boot: three innovative ways to shake it off. Simnacher, Betsy Brief article Jan 1, 2013 160
The order of things. Rader, Rick Editorial Sep 1, 2012 886
It's okay. Larkin, Geri Jan 1, 2012 832
Raising socially aware children: the art of teaching young children compassion and kindness. Peterson, Elissa Jan 1, 2012 922
Extending God's love for us: we can never have too much compassion. Harris, David Column Dec 1, 2011 715
Self-Compassion. Seppala, Emma Sep 1, 2011 3204
I'm gonna keep on loving you: even when Jesus is in need of compassion himself, he keeps giving it to others. Camille, Alice Jul 1, 2011 1255
Service-learning and critical emotion studies: on the perils of empathy and the politics of compassion. Langstraat, Lisa; Bowdon, Melody Report Mar 22, 2011 7849
Can we mandate compassion? Paterson, Ron Mar 1, 2011 3083
Do I have to help the cyclist who crashed into me? Cohen, Randy Brief article Jan 10, 2011 296
The qualities of a compassionate nurse according to the perceptions of medical-surgical patients. Kret, Diane Domine Report Jan 1, 2011 5545
Cronbach's Alpha. Connelly, Lynne M. Report Jan 1, 2011 923
When I saw you hungry: why do we give to the least of these? Kirkwood, Karen Essay Dec 1, 2010 1196
Don't make god small: this Christmas, gift yourself with a larger vision of the divine. Harris, David Dec 1, 2010 685
Quiet Language. Katrovas, Krista Essay Jul 1, 2010 759
Why Anthony Daniels smears Ayn Rand. Germani, Alan Jun 22, 2010 4465
The tragic toll of police work It's time for a compassionate approach. Pangaro, Joseph Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2010 1323
Acceptance and compassion in Henry Miller's Book of Friends. Lehman, Eric D. Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 3168
Executive director's report. Thompson, Judith Curfman Jan 1, 2010 698
The work-around: how some supervisors of low-wage workers break the rules to make an unfair system a little bit fairer. Dodson, Lisa Reprint Jan 1, 2010 2213
Going home: a compassionate stranger creates a new memory. Schneider, Patricia Essay Jul 1, 2009 536
Prairie Dogs. Becker, Robin Poem Jun 22, 2009 194
The relationship between self-compassion, self-efficacy, and control belief about learning in Turkish University students. Iskender, Murat Report Jun 1, 2009 3760
Contribution of self-compassion to competence and mental health in social work students. Ying, Yu-Wen Report Mar 22, 2009 6175
Students learn compassion. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 213
European Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 16, No. 2, August 2008. Dec 1, 2008 1052
The validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the self-compassion scale. Deniz, M. Engin; Kesici, Sahin; Sumer, A. Serkan Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 3331
The humanitarian heart: the world is changed by loving one person at a time. Just one. McWeeny, Elizabeth Editorial Oct 1, 2008 687
Hugh of St. Victor on "Jesus wept": compassion as ideal humanitas. Coolman, Boyd Taylor Critical essay Sep 1, 2008 14249
Companions of compassion. Patterson, Deborah Jun 22, 2008 437
Compassion, empathy, and being a humanist. Noravian, Armineh Mar 1, 2008 746
Starting point. Dolan, Michael T. Brief article Feb 16, 2007 282
Starting point. Behrens, James Stephen Brief article Feb 2, 2007 366
Do the compassionate flourish?: overcoming anguish and the impulse towards violence. Frakes, Chris Report Jan 1, 2007 8364
Compassionate violence?: on the ethical implications of tantric Buddhist ritual. Gray, David B. Report Jan 1, 2007 9329
Prevalence of secondary traumatic stress among social workers. Bride, Brian E. Jan 1, 2007 5161
Group conscience as a source of compassion. Roth, Jeffrey D. Jul 1, 2006 982
Justice, compassion and the Siamese twin case. Mildon, Marsha Case overview Jun 1, 2006 2642
Does tenderness lead to torture? Two Catholic authors make us ponder whether the result of compassion is terror. Nisly, L. Lamar May 5, 2006 938
Compassion. Lehman, Jennifer Jun 22, 2005 463
Starting point. Jablonski, Tom Brief Article Apr 22, 2005 361
Welcome turnabout in San Diego. Apr 1, 2005 371
The democratisation of compassion? A culture of fleeting information and images, evident in the response to the tsunami, threatens to undermine more consistent ethical behaviour. Cooper, Simon Feb 1, 2005 1582
Starting point. Canatella, Frank Oct 22, 2004 375
Compassion is for the birds. Cooperman, Jeannette Aug 13, 2004 778
Advocacy and compassion in the Jewish tradition. Sinclair, Daniel B. Nov 1, 2003 5155
Compassion without charity, freedom without liberty: the political fantasies of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Hocutt, Max Sep 22, 2003 13808
Where's the Compassion? Bush's 'compassionate conservatism' is a deft--and dishonest--strategy. Conason, Joe Column Sep 15, 2003 2086
Whose God? Which religion? Compassion as the heart of interreligious cooperation. Gilman, James E. Jun 22, 2003 15331
The archaeology of compassion. Green, Terisa May 1, 2003 2543
The dead moose and other reflections on compassionate physician leadership. (Essay). Lazarus, Arthur May 1, 2003 1415
Spiritual growth in the secular schools. Newman, Marsha Mar 22, 2003 3205
Living in the heart of helicy: an inquiry into the meaning of compassion and unpredictability within Rogers' nursing science. Butcher, Howard Karl Essay Jan 1, 2002 9210

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