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Compassion needed.

Heidi Schlumpf's elegant article on infertility ("Inconceivable: The spiritual test of infertility," January) dealt in part with a widespread challenge to the pastoral care of Catholics in this era of significant advances in medical treatment.

By far the most important part of her article is the response to the needs of infertile couples at the parish level. We can debate what many of us consider the unsympathetic view of the institutional church on infertility and related issues, but the emotional support explored in this article should be a prominent and available resource at every parish.

Margery Butler

Erdenheim, Pa.

Not having grown up with my mom, I truly appreciate the couples mentioned in the January cover story who see value in their love and willingness to be "cocreators" with God in the young lives of children who are not their biological babies. The compassion I received from other parents in my community had a huge impact on me.

Sandra Reynolds

Chicago, Ill
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Title Annotation:you may be right: letters
Author:Reynolds, Sandra
Publication:U.S. Catholic
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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