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Comparative performance of [sup.14]C-urea breath test by ingesting [sup.14]C-urea with and without encapsulation.

Nearly 80% population from the developing countries including India is inflicted with Helicobacter pylori infection which is one of the causative factors for the occurrence of active gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcer disease and gastric malignancy. [sup.14]C-urea breath test ([sup.14]C-UBT) a simple, safe, quick, non-invasive and accurate method is considered to be a 'gold standard' technique for the detection of H. pylori globally in the stomach. The present study, compared the performance characteristics of using [sup.14]C-urea in encapsulated (conventional method) and non-encapsulated form as a test dose for UBT. One hundred patients with complaints of dyspepsia (61 M:39 F; 75 H. pylori infected: 25 non-infected) were included in this study. [sup.14]C-UBT was performed with both the protocols on consecutive days and [sup.99m]TC-DTPA (1-1.5mCi) was used as a marker for tracing the movement and dissolution of the capsule with time after oral ingestion. One mmol of breath C[O.sub.2] was collected at 10, 15 and 20 min and radioactivity measured using liquid scintillation counter.

Encapsulated [sup.14]C-UBT was found to reflect 6.6% false negative compared to non-encapsulated protocol. Any one breath sample obtained between 10 and 20 min of [sup.14]C-urea ingestion with cut-off value [greater than or equal to] 0.006% of administered dose/mmol of breath C[O.sub.2] was found as a better parameter for differentiating between H. pylori infected and non-infected cases. It can be concluded that non-capsulated [sup.14]C-UBT appears to be more sensitive protocol as compared to the conventional encapsulated method for the detection of H. pylori infection in dyspeptic patients.

Dr. CM. Pathak

Department of Biophysics

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education

and Research


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Title Annotation:ABSTRACTS: Some Research Projects Completed Recently
Author:Pathak, C.M.
Publication:ICMR Bulletin
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Date:Jan 1, 2011
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