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Effect of fasudil on experimental autoimmune neuritis and its mechanisms of action. Zhao, Yanyin; Liu, Bingyou; Wang, Yi; Xiao, Baoguo Drug overview Jan 1, 2020 4805
Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 Attenuates Macrophage Aging Induced by D-Galactose and Promotes M2 Macrophage Polarization. Zhang, Da-yong; Pan, Zheng-yang; Yu, Xiong-kai; Chen, Yi-fan; Gao, Chen-hao; Yang, Yu-tian; Jiang, X Dec 31, 2019 7285
Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promote M2 Macrophage Phenotype through Exosomes. Heo, June Seok; Choi, Youjeong; Kim, Hyun Ok Nov 30, 2019 5395
Distinct Redox Signalling following Macrophage Activation Influences Profibrotic Activity. Lewis, Caitlin V.; Vinh, Antony; Diep, Henry; Samuel, Chrishan S.; Drummond, Grant R.; Kemp-Harper, Nov 30, 2019 9883
Chemokine Receptor CXCR3 Correlates with Decreased M2 Macrophage Infiltration and Favorable Prognosis in Gastric Cancer. Chen, Fangfang; Yuan, Jingping; Yan, Honglin; Liu, Huan; Yin, Shuai Jun 30, 2019 4613
Decreased Expression of CD14 in MSU-Mediated Inflammation May Be Associated with Spontaneous Remission of Acute Gout. Duan, Lihua; Luo, Jiao; Fu, Qiang; Shang, Ke; Wei, Yingying; Wang, Youlian; Yan, Li,; Chen, Jie Jun 30, 2019 4198
Quantification of Nanoparticle Enhancement in Polarized Breast Tumor Macrophage Deposits by Spatial Analysis of MRI and Histological Iron Contrast Using Computer Vision. Leftin, Avigdor; Koutcher, Jason A. Jan 1, 2018 5579
Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I as an Effector Element of the Cytokine IL-4 in the Development of a Leishmania major Infection. Reis, Luiza C.; Ramos-Sanchez, Eduardo Milton; Petitto-Assis, Fabricio; Nerland, Audun H.; Hernandez Jan 1, 2018 9948
A Novel Mechanism of Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Mediated Protection against Sepsis: Restricting Inflammasome Activation in Macrophages by Increasing Mitophagy and Decreasing Mitochondrial ROS. Li, Shuang; Wu, Hao; Han, Dong; Ma, Sai; Fan, Wensi; Wang, Yabin; Zhang, Ran; Fan, Miaomiao; Huang, Jan 1, 2018 7046
Intrinsic Properties of Brown and White Adipocytes Have Differential Effects on Macrophage Inflammatory Responses. Dowal, Louisa; Parameswaran, Pooja; Phat, Sarah; Akella, Syamala; Majumdar, Ishita Deb; Ranjan, Jyot Report Jan 1, 2017 7607
Comparative Expression Analyses of Pro-versus Anti-Inflammatory Mediators within Synovium of Patients with Joint Trauma, Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Madol, Mohammed A. Al-; Shaqura, Mohammed; John, Thilo; Likar, Rudolf; Ebied, Reham Said; Schafer, M Report Jan 1, 2017 5282
Blocking AGE-RAGE Signaling Improved Functional Disorders of Macrophages in Diabetic Wound. Wang, Qi; Zhu, Guanya; Cao, Xiaozan; Dong, Jiaoyun; Song, Fei; Niu, Yiwen Report Jan 1, 2017 4871
NLRP3 Inflammasome Expression and Signaling in Human Diabetic Wounds and in High Glucose Induced Macrophages. Zhang, Xiaotian; Dai, Jiezhi; Li, Li; Chen, Hua; Chai, Yimin Report Jan 1, 2017 3928
Differential S1P Receptor Profiles on M1--and M2-Polarized Macrophages Affect Macrophage Cytokine Production and Migration. Muller, Jan; von Bernstorff, Wolfram; Heidecke, Claus-Dieter; Schulze, Tobias Report Jan 1, 2017 5261
Berberine Inhibits Intestinal Polyps Growth in Apc (min/+) Mice via Regulation of Macrophage Polarization. Piao, Meiyu; Cao, Hailong; He, NaNa; Yang, Boli; Dong, Wenxiao; Xu, Mengque; Yan, Fang; Zhou, Bing; Jan 1, 2016 3343
IRF5 is a specific marker of inflammatory macrophages in vivo. Weiss, Miriam; Blazek, Katrina; Byrne, Adam J.; Perocheau, Dany P.; Udalova, Irina A. Jan 1, 2014 4915
Insulin-like growth factor-I induces arginase activity in Leishmania amazonensis amastigote-infected macrophages through a cytokine-independent mechanism. Vendrame, Celia Maria Vieira; Carvalho, Marcia Dias Teixeira; Tempone, Andre Gustavo; Goto, Hiro Jan 1, 2014 7159
A competitive reverse transcription--PCR to study apolipoprotein [epsilon] gene expression. Rexin, Martin; Feussner, Giso Apr 1, 1998 4292

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