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Comprehensive analysis of DNA adducts (DNA adductome analysis) in the liver of rats treated with 1,4-dioxane. Totsuka, Yukari; Maesako, Yuya; Ono, Hanako; Nagai, Momoko; Kato, Mamoru; Gi, Min; Wanibuchi, Hideki May 1, 2020 4559
PCR Detection of HHV8 DNA in the Saliva of Removable Denture Wearers Compared to Dentate Cases in Shiraz, South of Iran. Derafshi, Reza; Ghapanchi, Jannan; Rezazadeh, Fahimeh; Kalantari, Mohammad Hasan; Naeeni, Amir Mosah Apr 30, 2020 4088
Performance Comparison of the artus HBV QS-RGQ and the CAP/CTM HBV v2.0 Assays regarding Hepatitis B Virus DNA Quantification. Madihi, Salma; Syed, Hashim; Lazar, Fatiha; Zyad, Abdelmajid; Benani, Abdelouaheb Apr 30, 2020 4737
Circulating Tumor DNA Using Tagged Targeted Deep Sequencing to Assess Minimal Residual Disease in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. Cirmena, Gabriella; Garuti, Anna; de Mariano, Marilena; Coco, Simona; Ferrando, Lorenzo; Isnaldi, Ed Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 6943
Genome-Wide Profiling of Human Papillomavirus DNA Integration into Human Genome and Its Influence on PD-L1 Expression in Chinese Uygur Cervical Cancer Women. Yang-Chun, Feng; Sen-Yu, Wang; Yuan, Zhang; Yan-Chun, Huang Mar 1, 2020 6797
Comparative Performance of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus RNA and DNA In Situ Hybridization on College of American Pathologists Proficiency Tests. Keung, Elaine S.; Souers, Rhona J.; Bridge, Julia A.; Faquin, William C.; Graham, Rondell P.; Hameed Mar 1, 2020 4143
Comparative Account of DNA Extraction Protocols in Some Freshwater Prawns of Genus Macrobrachium (Bate, 1868) (Family Palaemonidae) from Jammu Waters for PCR Based Applications. Jasrotia, Raman; Langer, Seema Sep 1, 2019 2649
Comparison of [SUV.sub.max] Values Obtained from F-18 FDG PET/CT and Cell-free DNA Levels Measured from Plasma in Oncology Patients/Onkoloji Hastalarinda F-18 FDG PET/BT'de Elde Edilen [SUV.sub.max] Degerleri ile Plazmadan Olculen Cell-free DNA Seviyelerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Celik, Fatmanur; Tan, Yusuf Ziya; Ozdemir, Semra; Silan, Fatma Jun 1, 2019 4310
DNA Methyltransferases in Malar Melasma and Their Modification by Sunscreen in Combination with 4% Niacinamide, 0.05% Retinoic Acid, or Placebo. Campuzano-Garcia, Andres Eduardo; Torres-Alvarez, Bertha; Hernandez-Blanco, Diana; Fuentes-Ahumada, May 31, 2019 4671
Routine Broad-Range Fungal Polymerase Chain Reaction With DNA Sequencing in Patients With Suspected Mycoses Does Not Add Value and Is Not Cost-Effective. Stempak, Lisa M.; Vogel, Sherilynn A.; Richter, Sandra S.; Wyllie, Robert; Procop, Gary W. Report May 1, 2019 4085
Linking De Novo Assembly Results with Long DNA Reads Using the dnaasm-link Application. Kusmirek, Wiktor; Franus, Wiktor; Nowak, Robert Apr 30, 2019 6536
Longitudinal performance of mRNA-based HPV testing as compared to DNA-based testing. Iftner, Thomas Feb 1, 2019 1561
Liver- and Colon-Specific DNA Methylation Markers in Plasma for Investigation of Colorectal Cancers with or without Liver Metastases. Gai, Wanxia; Ji, Lu; Lam, W.K. Jacky; Sun, Kun; Jiang, Peiyong; Chan, Anthony W.H.; Wong, John; Lai, Aug 1, 2018 5664
mRNA Assay Less Sensitive Than DNA Assay for Latent HPV; A 69.3 percent difference was seen in HPV mRNA results compared with previous HPV DNA results. Apr 5, 2018 247
Effects of Cadmium Exposure on DNA Methylation at Imprinting Control Regions and Genome-Wide in Mothers and Newborn Children. Cowley, Michael; Skaar, David A.; Jima, Dereje D.; Maguire, Rachel L.; Hudson, Kathleen M.; Park, Sa Report Mar 1, 2018 12857
Protective Effects of Lycium barbarum Extracts on UVB-Induced Damage in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells Accompanied by Attenuating ROS and DNA Damage. Hsieh, Feng-Chi; Hung, Chun-Tzu; Cheng, Kai-Chun; Wu, Chang-Yi; Chen, Yen-Chun; Wu, Yu-Jen; Liu, Wan Jan 1, 2018 7480
A Comparative Study for Detection of EGFR Mutations in Plasma Cell-Free DNA in Korean Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories. Kim, Yoonjung; Shin, Saeam; Lee, Kyung-A Jan 1, 2018 6344
Gaussian Fuzzy Number for STR-DNA Similarity Calculation Involving Familial and Tribal Relationships. Anggreainy, Maria Susan; Widyanto, M. Rahmat; Widjaja, Belawati H.; Soedarsono, Nurtami Jan 1, 2018 5999
HBV-DNA Load-Related Peritumoral Inflammation and ALBI Scores Predict HBV Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prognosis after Curative Resection. Liao, Rui; Du, Cheng-You; Gong, Jian-Ping; Luo, Fang Jan 1, 2018 7998
Topological Characterization of Human and Mouse [m.sup.5]C Epitranscriptome Revealed by Bisulfite Sequencing. Wei, Zhen; Panneerdoss, Subbarayalu; Timilsina, Santosh; Zhu, Jingting; Mohammad, Tabrez A.; Lu, Zhi Jan 1, 2018 9911
RAS/BRAF Circulating Tumor DNA Mutations as a Predictor of Response to First-Line Chemotherapy in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients. Yao, Jiannan; Zang, Wanchun; Ge, Yang; Weygant, Nathaniel; Yu, Pan; Li, Lei; Rao, Guanhua; Jiang, Zh Jan 1, 2018 5515
A Sequence-Dependent DNA Condensation Induced by Prion Protein. Bera, Alakesh; Biring, Sajal Jan 1, 2018 9653
Remains of Tuam babies may NEVER be identified; Experts say DNA can't be compared. Dec 13, 2017 429
Molecular Portrait of Metastasis-Competent Circulating Tumor Cells in Colon Cancer Reveals the Crucial Role of Genes Regulating Energy Metabolism and DNA Repair. Alix-Panabieres, Catherine; Cayrefourcq, Laure; Mazard, Thibault; Maudelonde, Thierry; Assenat, Eric Report Mar 1, 2017 7582
Comparison of Human Papillomavirus Detection in Urine and Cervical Samples Using High-Risk HPV DNA Testing in Northern Thailand. Khunamornpong, Surapan; Settakorn, Jongkolnee; Sukpan, Kornkanok; Lekawanviji, Suree; Katruang, Nari Jan 1, 2017 5425
Comparison of DNA Extraction Protocols and Molecular Targets to Diagnose Tuberculous Meningitis. Palomo, Flavia Silva; Rivero, Martha Gabriela Celle; Quiles, Milene Gonsalves; Pinto, Fernando Perei Jan 1, 2017 4224
Reversible Data Hiding Based on DNA Computing. Wang, Bin; Xie, Yingjie; Zhou, Shihua; Zhou, Changjun; Zheng, Xuedong Report Jan 1, 2017 3633
Identification of Alternative Variants and Insertion of the Novel Polymorphic AluYl17 in TSEN54 Gene during Primate Evolution. Lee, Ja-Rang; Kim, Young-Hyun; Park, Sang-Je; Choe, Se-Hee; Cho, Hyeon-Mu; Lee, Sang-Rae; Kim, Sun-U Report Jan 1, 2017 5321
Investigation of Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, and DNA Binding Studies of Bioactive Cu(II), Zn(II), Co(II), and Ni(II) Complexes of Pyrimidine Derivative Schiff Base Ligand. Saleem, Shahul Hameed Sukkur; Sankarganesh, Murugesan; Jose, Paul Raj Adwin; Sakthikumar, Karunganat Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4441
Assessing Free-Radical-Mediated DNA Damage during Cardiac Surgery: 8-Oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine as a Putative Biomarker. Turnu, Linda; Minno, Alessandro Di; Porro, Benedetta; Squellerio, Isabella; Bonomi, Alice; Manega, C Jan 1, 2017 5533
Whole Genome Amplification of Day 3 or Day 5 Human Embryos Biopsies Provides a Suitable DNA Template for PCR-Based Techniques for Genotyping, a Complement of Preimplantation Genetic Testing. Schaeffer, Elizabeth; Lopez-Bayghen, Bruno; Neumann, Adina; Porchia, Leonardo M.; Camacho, Rafael; G Report Jan 1, 2017 6990
Resistance to Chronic Toxoplasma gondii Infection Induced by a DNA Vaccine Expressing GRA16. Hu, Ling-Ying; Zhang, Nian-Zhang; Zhang, Fu-Kai; Wang, Meng; Gao, Qi; Wang, Jin- Lei; Zhu, Xing-Quan Report Jan 1, 2017 4531
Comparison and Validation of Putative Pathogenicity-Related Genes Identified by T-DNA Insertional Mutagenesis and Microarray Expression Profiling in Magnaporthe oryzae. Wang, Ying; Tan, Qi; Gao, Ying Nv; Li, Yan; Bao, Da Peng Report Jan 1, 2017 4462
SPERM QUALITY AND DNA INTEGRITY OF COKE OVEN WORKERS EXPOSED TO POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS. Jeng, Hueiwang Anna; Pan, Chih-Hong; Chao, Mu-Rong; Chiu, Chien-Chih; Zhou, Guodong; Chou, Chon-Kit; Nov 1, 2016 5962
Stability of XIST repression in relation to genomic imprinting following global genome demethylation in a human cell line. de Araujo, E.S.S.; Vasques, L.R.; Stabellini, R.; Krepischi, A.C.V.; Pereira, L.V. Report Dec 1, 2014 3992
Methylated TIMP-3 DNA in Body Fluids Is an Independent Prognostic Factor for Gastric Cancer. Yu, Jiang-Liu; Lv, Ping; Han, Jing; Zhu, Xin; Hong, Lian-Lian; Zhu, Wang-Yu; Wang, Xin-Bao; Wu, Yi-C Nov 1, 2014 5782
Is there an association between two-STAT4 gene polymorphisms and rheumatoid arthritis in Turkish population? Yuksel, Berrin; Ataman, Sebnem; Evcik, Deniz; Ay, Saime; Mumcuoglu, Mine; Erdogan, Beyza Mar 1, 2014 5131
Synthesis, characterization, and DNA binding studies of nanoplumbagin. Parveen, Sheik Dawood Shahida; Affrose, Abdullah; Kumar, Basuvaraj Suresh; Annaraj, Jamespandi; Pitc Jan 1, 2014 4583
Diagnostic utility of broad range bacterial 16s rRNA gene PCR with degradation of human and free bacterial DNA in bloodstream infection is more sensitive than an in-house developed PCR without degradation of human and free bacterial DNA. Rogina, Petra; Skvarc, Miha; Stubljar, David; Kofol, Romina; Kaasch, Achim Jan 1, 2014 4710
Zoonotic Chlamydiaceae species associated with Trachoma, Nepal. Dean, Deborah; Rothschild, James; Ruettger, Anke; Kandel, Ram Prasad; Sachse, Konrad Dec 1, 2013 5466
Genotyping of 25 leukemia-associated genes in a single work flow by next-generation sequencing technology with low amounts of input template DNA. Rinke, Jenny; Schafer, Vivien; Schmidt, Mathias; Ziermann, Janine; Kohimann, Alexander; Hochhaus, An Report Aug 1, 2013 6557
DNA from Assir's mother compared to charred corpses. Jul 2, 2013 548
Detection of nucleophosmin 1 mutations by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction versus capillary electrophoresis: a comparative study. Barakat, Fareed H.; Luthra, Rajyalakshmi; Yin, C. Cameron; Barkoh, Bedia A.; Hai, Seema; Jamil, Waqa Aug 1, 2011 4538
Settling the Americas. Sohn, Emily Feb 20, 2008 494
Trimming organizational costs ... for the long term: keeping organizations trim over the long term can be compared to dieting to keep weight off. Success depends on taking a serious look into root causes--those that go deep into four areas of an organization's DNA. Ericksen, Matt; Powers, Elizabeth; Ribeiro, Frank Jul 1, 2007 2105
Comparison of DNA damage resulting from exposure to various nickel species. Ralston, N.V.C.; Gallagher, J.R.; Galbreath, K.C.; Zillioux, E.J. Apr 1, 2005 755
K-ras point mutation detection in lung cancer: comparison of two approaches to somatic mutation detection using ARMS allele-specific amplification. Clayton, Simon J.; Scott, Frank M.; Walker, Jill; Callaghan, Kay; Haque, Kemal; Liloglou, Triantafil Dec 1, 2000 6147
Quantitative analysis of the bidirectional fetomaternal transfer of nucleated cells and plasma DNA. Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Lau, Tze K.; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Leung, Tse N.; Chang, Allan M.Z. Sep 1, 2000 6847
Predictive value of cord blood hematological indices and hemoglobin Barts for the detection of heterozygous [alpha]-thalassemia-2 in an African-Caribbean population. van der Dijs, Fey P.L.; Volmer, Marcel; van Gijssel-Wiersma, Dieuwke G.; Smit, Jan W.; van Veen, Rei Sep 1, 1999 3850
Automated detection of the factor V Leiden mutation using the LCx microparticle enzyme immunoassay. Hunault, Mathilde; Marsh-Scott, Camile; Jou, Cynthia; Marshall, Ron; Scheffel, Christi; Fiore, Louis Jan 1, 1999 4058
Validation of the Point-EXACCT method in non-small cell lung carcinomas. Somers, Veerle A.M.C.; Leimbach, Darcy A.; Theunissen, Paul H.M.H.; Murtagh, James J., Jr.; Holloway Jul 1, 1998 5130
X-Chromosome inactivation in healthy females: incidence of excessive lyonization with age and comparison of assays involving DNA methylation and transcript polymorphisms. El Kassar, Nahed; Hetet, Gilles; Briere, Jean; Grandchamp, Bernard Jan 1, 1998 3980

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