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Decreased circulating follicular regulatory T cells in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Liu, Xixi; Zhang, Wencai; Han, Zhanying Nov 6, 2021 5391
Predictive performance of CT for adverse outcomes among COVID-19 suspected patients: A two-center retrospective study. Baysal, Begumhan; Dogan, Mahmut Bilal; Gulbay, Mutlu; Sorkun, Mine; Koksal, Murathan; Bastug, Aliye; Report Nov 1, 2021 4706
Ventricular Repolarization Parameters in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19. Sivri, Serkan; Kivrak, Ahmet; Hizmali, Lokman Report Nov 1, 2021 3781
A Comparative Study to Evaluate Periapical Pathology Using Mid Field of View CBCT and Direct Digital Radiography. Manivasagam, Deepigaa; Muthukrishnan, Arvind Report Oct 25, 2021 3046
A Comparative Study of Efficacy and Tolerability of Solifenacin and Mirabegron, for the Treatment of Overactive Bladder --A Randomized Prospective Control Study. Thiagarajan, Senthil Kumar; Mahajan, Vikrant; Saravanan, Jambunathan; Kurabalakota, Harsha; Meyyappa Clinical report Oct 18, 2021 3657
Efficacy and safety of tolperisone versus baclofen among Chinese patients with spasticity associated with spinal cord injury: a non-randomized retrospective study. Li, Mingheng; Huang, Yan; Chen, Rongchun; Liu, Ning; Fang, Shibing Clinical report Oct 16, 2021 5091
Evaluation of MRI Orthogonal Planes in Differential Diagnosis of Non-Tumour Brain Lesions. Smitha, H.; Devi, V.N. Meena; Sreekanth, K.S.; Jacob, Vinoo Oct 4, 2021 3754
Combination of denosumab and biologic DMARDs in inflammatory muscle-skeletal diseases and connective tissue diseases. Bruni, Cosimo; Cigolini, Cosimo; Tesei, Giulia; Cometi, Laura; Bartoli, Francesca; Fiori, Ginevra; N Report Oct 1, 2021 4949
Comparison of Tamoxifen and Clomiphene Citrate for Ovulation Induction in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Prospective Study. Sharma, Sangita; Choudhary, Manisha; Swarankar, Vikas; Vaishnav, Vaibhav Clinical report Oct 1, 2021 4580
A Comparative Study of Efficacy of Povidone Iodine Versus Super Oxidized Solution in Lower Limb Ulcers. Akula, Nyna Sindhu; Krishna, Navaneeth; Sathu, Sreedhar Clinical report Sep 13, 2021 3271
Steroids Alone, Versus Steroids with Antihistamines, in the Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus--A Comparative Study from Chennai, India. Manivasagam, Deepigaa; Muthukrishnan, Arvind Report Sep 13, 2021 3430
Assessment of Ossicular Necrosis in Tubotympanic (Mucosal) Type of Chronic Otitis Media. Chawla, Sakshi; Saxena, Amresh Kumar; Kumar, Sanjay Clinical report Sep 6, 2021 3183
Seasonal Variations in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Analysis of Prospective-Clinical Data. Altintas, Ebru; Kutuk, Meryem Ozlem; Tufan, A. Evren Sep 1, 2021 5710
Cognitive Impairment in Neuromyelitis Optica. Yabalak, Ahmet; Altunrende, Burcu; Demir, Gulsen Akman Report Sep 1, 2021 4937
Patient--Reported Outcomes in Middle Ear and Active Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Hearing Implants. Jones, Stephen E.M.; Roplekar-Bance, Rujuta; Green, Richard; Rae, Caroline; Ferguson, Aaron; Spielma Sep 1, 2021 4395
Effect of Hospital Conditions on Short-Term Colorectal Cancer Outcomes: Experience of One Surgeon in Two Centers/Hastane Kosullarinin Erken Donem Kolorektal Kanser Sonuclarina Etkisi: Tek Cerrah, Iki Merkez. Alakus, Umit; Celik, Suleyman Utku; Peker, Yasar Subutay; Turker, Baris Report Sep 1, 2021 4460
Comparison of BPAP S/T and Average Volume-Assured Pressure Support Modes for Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure in the Emergency Department: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Goren, Nurfer Zehra; Sanci, Emre; Coskun, Feride Fulya Ercan; Gürsoylu, Duygu; Bayram, Basak Report Sep 1, 2021 4943
Diagnostic performance and interobserver agreement of CO-RADS: evaluation of classification in radiology practice. Dilek, Okan; Kaya, Omer; Akkaya, Huseyin; Ceylan, Cem; Kiziloglu, Alper; Eker, Betul Sahin; Gulek, B Report Sep 1, 2021 3788
Chest CT findings in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): a comprehensive review. Li, Jinkui; Yan, Ruifeng; Zhai, Yanan; Qi, Xiaolong; Lei, Junqiang Report Sep 1, 2021 9492
Analysis of Pneumonia, Hospitalization, and Fatality Among COVID-19 Cases by Mexican States in Women Under 19 Years: An Ecological Study. Flores-Vargas, Gilberto; Padilla-Raygoza, Nicolas; Navarro-Olivos, Efrain; Gallardo-Luna, Maria de J Report Sep 1, 2021 4364
Multicenter Epidemiologic Study of Coronavirus Disease-Associated Mucormycosis, India. Patel, Atul; Agarwal, Ritesh; Rudramurthy, Shivaprakash M.; Shevkani, Manoj; Xess, Immaculata; Sharm Report Sep 1, 2021 6771
Evaluation of Post-Operative Analgesia Using Clonidine as an Adjuvant with Caudal Bupivacaine in Paediatric Patients Posted for Infraumbilical Surgery. Agarwal, Sinjini; Verma, Neeta Chaudhari; P.S., Amol; Pyarelal; Varghese, Suzanna Elsa; Nigam, Ankit Clinical report Aug 30, 2021 5356
Diagnostic Accuracy of Doppler Ultrasound Compared to Surgical Exploration in Torsion Testis. Thekeveetil, Murali; Krishnadas, Sajitha; Vishwambharan, Jaya Koothupalakal Clinical report Aug 30, 2021 3219
Delta Covid variant doubles risk of needing hospital treatment, new study finds; The findings, published in medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, showed that the Delta variant of Covid doubles the risk of hospitalisation compared to the Alpha variant. By, Douglas Patient Clinical report Aug 28, 2021 490
Comparison of Efficacy of Oral Bromelain and Serratiopeptidase for the Control of Postoperative Sequelae Following Third Molar Surgery --A Comparative Study. Ramasubbu, Subhashini; U., Abdul Wahab P. Clinical report Aug 2, 2021 3035
Comparison of ESWL and RIRS for 2 Cm Lower Pole Renal Pelvis and Kidney Stones in Preschool Children/Okul Öncesi Dönem Çocuklari 2 Cm Alti Renal Pelvis ve Alt Pol Taslarinda ESWL ve RIRS Sonuçlarinin Karsilastirilmasi. Deniz, Mehmet Efatun; Çift, Ali Report Aug 1, 2021 3517
Comparison of Ropivacaine and Levobupivacaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Blocks-A Double Blinded Randomized Control Study. Thalamati, Dwarakesh; Sambandam, Kamalakkannan Ganapathy; Kodali, Rajesh Kumar, V; Karthekeyan, Ranj Report Aug 1, 2021 3080
Agreement of primary outcomes in chiropractic-related clinical trials registered in with corresponding publication. Cote, Robert M.; Perle, Stephen M.; Martin, Derek S. Report Aug 1, 2021 2500
Does Perceived Privacy Influence Patient Satisfaction Among College Students? A Comparative Study of Students at a Kenyan University and at a Large American Midwestern University. Nyaga, Robert G.; Hildenbrand, Grace M.; Mattson, Marifran; Collins, Bart W.; Lumala, Masibo Report Aug 1, 2021 6408
Conventional Approach Versus Lensectomy with Anterior Vitrectomy in Congenital Cataract--A Comparative Study from Meerut, India. Devi, Satendri; Singh, Lokesh Kumar; Gupta, Alka Report Jul 26, 2021 3799
Visual Impairments Among Immigrants Living in Northeast Turkey and Their Ocular Finding Differences Compared to the Local Population. Ugurlu, Adem; Icel, Erel; Tasli, Nurdan Gamze; Ucak, Turgay Report Jul 10, 2021 5342
Quantitative Impact of the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)/College of American Pathologists (CAP) Practice Guideline Update on Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Testing in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Analysis. Wei, Christina H.; Garcia, Lino; Murata-Collins, Joyce; Schmolze, Daniel; Apple, Sophia Report Jul 1, 2021 2951
Evaluation of Factors Related to Pancreatic Fistula Development in Patients Undergoing Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Periampullary Tumours/Periampullar Tumor Nedeniyle Pankreatikoduodenektomi Uygulanan Hastalarda Pankreatik Fistulle Iliskili Faktorlerin Degerlendirilmesi. Topal, Ugur; Sozuer, Erdogan Mutevelli; Arikan, Turkmen Bahadir; Gok, Mustafa; Bozkurt, Gamze Kubra Report Jul 1, 2021 4912
Is the ABO Blood Group a Predictor of Renal Allograft Survival in ABO Identical Donor Recipients? Boran, Ertay; Boran, Mediha Jul 1, 2021 3307
Differential Expression of Ki-67 and P27 in Cholesteatoma Compared to Skin Tissue Predicts the Prognosis of Adult Acquired Cholesteatoma. Turkili, Serkan; Gorur, Kemal; Ismi, Onur; Linke, Ebru Serinsoz; Vayisoglu, Yusuf; Ozcan, Cengiz Jul 1, 2021 4735
Audiovestibular Dysfunction in Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Tuncer, Mehbube; Coban, Kubra; Erbek, Selim S.; Erbek, H. Seyra Jul 1, 2021 3371
Microbial Contamination Comparison Between Cotton Pellet and Polytetrafluoroethylene Tape Endodontic Spacers: A Systematic Review. Mathew, Abhishek Isaac; Lee, Silvia; Ha, Willian Nguyen; Nagendrababu, Venkateshbabu; Rossi-Fedele, Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 5470
Comparison of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of Paget's Disease of the Breast and Malignant Tumor Invasion of the Nipple-Areola Complex. Bilge, Almila Coskun; Aydin, Hale; Bostanci, Isil Esen; Tanisman, Ozge; Oz, Diba Saygili Report Jul 1, 2021 5883
Refractive and Vision Status in Down Syndrome: A Comparative Study. Hashemi, Hassan; Mehravaran, Shiva; Asgari, Soheila; Nasrabadi, Farzaneh Dehghanian Report Jul 1, 2021 4483
Comparison of Sociodemographic Features Between Behcet Uveitis and Other Non-infectious Uveitis. Yalcindag, F. Nilufer; Ozdal, Pinar Cakar; Ozyazgan, Yilmaz; Batioglu, Figen; Tugal-Tutkun, Ilknur Jul 1, 2021 4701
Comparative Study of Preoperative Radiological Findings with Intraoperative Surgical Findings in Squamosal Type of Chronic Otitis Media. Pradeep, Sanjana; Dev, Swaroop; Raju, Jyothi Swarup; Pasunuti, Shravya Clinical report Jun 21, 2021 3131
A Study on Association between Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio and Steatohepatitis and Fibrosis in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Jayachandra; Raksha, Sree K.N; Desai, Rakshit R.; Chetan, V.; Chandrashekar, Arjun P. Clinical report Jun 21, 2021 4998
Assessment of Pain Perception in Paediatric Patients on Application of Cooled and Uncooled Topical Anaesthetic Gel before Infiltration Anaesthesia--A Pilot Study. Prathyusha, P.; Adyanthaya, Amith; Raheema, Marium; Nair, Swetha S.; Sivaraman, Aparna; Risana, K.; Jun 7, 2021 3076
Pfzier vaccine provides less protection against Indian variant, study suggests; Research suggests people who receive the Pfizer vaccine are less likely to develop antibody levels as high as the Kent, or Alpha, variant when compared with the Indian, or Delta, strain. By, Matthew Dresch Report Jun 4, 2021 875
Comparison of Cognitive-targeted Biopsy and Systematic Prostate Biopsy for Predicting Radical Prostatectomy Pathology: Upgrading-downgrading and Concordance Rates. Ozden, Eriz; ibis, Arif; Akpinar, Cagri; Kubilay, Eralp; Kankaya, Duygu; Baltaci, Sumer; Gogus, Caga Report Jun 1, 2021 4392
Baculoviral inhibitor of apoptosis family of proteins repeat-containing 5 gene methylation status in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and plasma survivin levels in patients with Behcet's disease. Pahlavan, Yasamin; Khabbazi, Alireza Jun 1, 2021 3569
Comparison of efficacy of fluidotherapy and paraffin bath in hand osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial. Oncel, Adil; Kucuksen, Sami; Ecesoy, Hilal; Sodali, Emre; Yalcin, Sevket Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 5267
Comparison of the Effects of Pectoral Nerve Block and Local Infiltration Anesthesia on Postoperative Pain for Breast Reduction Surgery: A Prospective Observational Study. Sercan, Orcun; Karaveli, Arzu; Ozmen, Sadik; Uslu, Asim Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 4837
Contribution of [.sup.18]F-FDG PET/CT in the Differential Diagnosis of Pulmonary Hamartomas and Pulmonary Carcinoids/[.sup.18]F-FDG PET/BT'nin Pulmoner Hamartomlarin ve Pulmoner Karsinoidlerin Ayirici Tanisina Katkisi. Tatci, Ebru; Ozmen, Ozlem; Ozturk, Ayperi; Demirag, Funda Report Jun 1, 2021 3195
Correlation of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale with Polysomnography Parameters in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Patients. Akbal, Seyda; Karakurt, Suleyman Emre; Orhan, Zekiye; Colak, Mustafa; Karakus, Mehmet Fatih; Eravci, Jun 1, 2021 3177
Upper Extremity Functioning in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Comparative Study. Yerlikaya, Tuba; Calik, Bilge Basakci; Cavlak, Ugur; Sirkeci, Ozgur Report Jun 1, 2021 4157
Comparison of the Effects of Epidural Clonidine and Fentanyl on Spinal Anaesthesia in Lower Abdominal and Lower Limb Surgeries--A Randomised Controlled Study from Delhi, India. Chungkrang, Dhriti; Kaur, Mohandeep; Singh, Priyanka Clinical report May 31, 2021 4317
Comparison of Effects of Propofol and Sevoflurane Used in Maintenance of General Anaesthesia on Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting--A Prospective Observational Study. Kandavar, Siri; Padmanabha, Sampathila Clinical report May 17, 2021 2761
Promoting patient followup treatment with intra-detrusor onabotulinumtoxinA. Ebert, Kristin M.; Posid, Tasha; Dall, Christopher P.; Shah, Ketul K.; Broutian, Tatevik; Harbrecht, Report May 5, 2021 4491
Extracapsular extension on multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging better predicts pT3 disease at radical prostatectomy compared to perineural invasion on biopsy. Griffiths, Luke; Kotamarti, Srinath; Mikhail, David; Sarcona, Joseph; Rastinehad, Ardeshir R.; Villa Report May 4, 2021 4706
Diagnostic performance of [.sup.18]F-DCFPyL positron emission tomography/computed tomography for biochemically recurrent prostate cancer and change-of-management analysis. Chausse, Guillaume; Ben-Ezra, Noah; Stoopler, Michelle; Levett, Jeremy Y.; Niazi, Tamim; Anidjar, Ma Report May 4, 2021 4239
Effect of Periodontal Inflammation on Haematological and Liver Function Parameters--A Comparative Clinical Study from Uttar Pradesh, India. Singh, Kuldeep; Kanaujia, Alka; Singh, Savita Clinical report May 3, 2021 3447
A comparison of clinical, laboratory and chest CT findings of laboratory-confirmed and clinically diagnosed COVID-19 patients at first admission. Kuzan, Taha Yusuf; Altintoprak, Kiibra Murzoglu; Ciftci, Hatice Ozge; Ergul, Umut; Ozdemir, Nur Betu Report May 1, 2021 6033
Value of shoulder US compared to MRI in infants with obstetric brachial plexus paralysis. Gunes, Altan; Gumeler, Ekim; Akgoz, Ayca; Uzumcugil, Akin; Ergen, Fatma Bilge Report May 1, 2021 5268
F-Fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) is accurate for high-grade prostate cancer bone staging when compared to bone scintigraphy. Otis-Chapados, Samuel; Goulet, Cassandra Ringuette; Dubois, Gabriel; Lavallee, Etienne; Dujardin, Th Report Apr 20, 2021 4841
Comparison of Intravenous Lignocaine and Dexmedetomidine for Attenuation of Hemodynamic Stress Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation. Anandani, Deepti N.; Kapdi, Manisha S.; Patel, Ami D.; Jain, Pratik Clinical report Apr 19, 2021 4929
Clonidine versus tramadol for post spinal anesthesia shivering: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Wang, Jinguo; Zhao, Haixiao; Li, Yanhui; Wang, Rui; Wang, Na Report Apr 1, 2021 4427
The Comparison of Resistance Index of Testicular Artery Using Color Doppler Ultrasound in Infertile Men Undergoing Varicocelectomy. Dalili, Amir Reza; Madani, Ali Hamidi; Joni, Saeid Sadeghi Clinical report Apr 1, 2021 3116
Comparison of the Efficacy of Entecavir and Tenofovir in Reducing Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients: A Real-Life Study in Turkey. Guzelbulut, Fatih; Gokcen, Pinar; Can, Guray; Adali, Gupse; Salturk, Ayca Gokcen Degirmenci; Aslan, Apr 1, 2021 6187
Comparison of the Efficacy of Entecavir and Tenofovir in Reducing Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients: A Real-Life Study in Turkey. Guzelbulut, Fatih; Gokcen, Pinar; Can, Guray; Adali, Gupse; Salturk, Ayca Gokcen Degirmenci; Aslan, Report Apr 1, 2021 6241
Comparative Analysis of Chronic Kidney Disease-Associated Pruritus: A Multi-Ethnic Study among Patients on Hemodialysis. Rehman, Inayat Ur; Han, Lee Learn; Khan, Tahir M.; Alworafi, Yaser; Suleiman, Amal Report Apr 1, 2021 5221
Comparison of Facial Nerve Function Outcomes in the Surgical Treatment of Cerebellopontine Angle Lesions with or without Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring/Serebellopontin Aci Lezyonlarinin Cerrahi Tedavisinde intraoperatif Noromonitorizasyon Kullanilan ve Kullanilmayan Olgularin Fasiyal Sinir Sonuclarinin Karsilastirilmasi. Kucukyuruk, Baris; Taskiran, Emine Apr 1, 2021 3118
Characteristics of the patients who admitted to the emergency department with seizures and the factors affecting the frequency of admission. Bozali, Gulten; Kose, Ataman; Babus, Seyran B.; Kaleagast, Sukru H.; Temel, Gulhan O. Apr 1, 2021 5187
Augmentation of the Calf Region with Autologous Fat and Platelet-Rich Plasma-Enhanced Fat Transplants: A Comparative Study. Bilkay, Ufuk; Bicer, Ahmet; Ozek, Zeyyat Cuneyt; Gurler, Tahir Mar 30, 2021 5009
Comparison of Intravenous Lignocaine and Dexmedetomidine for Prevention of Propofol Injection Pain. Singh, Akoijam Nikhil; Singam, Amol P. Clinical report Mar 29, 2021 4619
The Association of Antioxidant Status of Red Blood Cells in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and in Patients with Complications of Diabetes and Its Comparison with That of Healthy Subjects. Subramanya, Chethan Mar 15, 2021 2456
Clinical Features and Comparison of Kingella and Non-Kingella Endocarditis in Children, Israel. Lowenthal, Alexander; Weisblum-Neuman, Hila; Birk, Einat; Ashkenazi-Hoffnung, Liat; Levy, Itzhak; Be Report Mar 1, 2021 4640
The effect of low flow anesthesia on hemodynamic and peripheral oxygenation parameters in obesity surgery. Oterkus, Mesut; Donmez, Ilksen; Nadir, Aysu H.; Rencuzogullari, Ibrahim; Karabag, Yavuz; Binnetoglu, Report Mar 1, 2021 3940
Radiation dose reduction in CT-guided cryoablation of renal tumors. Zhong, Jim; Gallagher, Michael; Hounslow, Chris; Iball, Gareth; Wah, Tze Report Mar 1, 2021 3814
Comparison of Prostate Cancer Detection Rates of Cognitive Fusion-targeted Biopsy and Standard Transrectal Ultrasound-guided Biopsy. Akyuz, Osman; Ergun, Muslum; Bodakci, Mehmet Nuri; Deniz, Ergun; Kilic, Bahriye; Coban, Soner; Cakir Report Mar 1, 2021 3497
Second Primary Malignant Tumours in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma. Demir, Hale; Ertugrul, Ozden Yulek; Guile, Bugra Taygun; Demir, Deniz Nur; Demirdag, Cetin; Durak, H Report Mar 1, 2021 4145
The Effective Way in Answering the IPSS: Patients Themselves or with the Physician? Turgut, Hasan; Ozgur, Guner Kemal Report Mar 1, 2021 2854
Usefulness of digital velcro crackles detection in identification of interstitial lung disease in patients with connective tissue diseases. Manfredi, Andreina; Cassone, Giulia; Vacchi, Caterina; Pancaldi, Fabrizio; Casa, Giovanni Della; Cer Mar 1, 2021 3532
Seasonal Pattern of Diverticular Disease Admissions in Central Anatolia/Orta Anadolu'da DivertikUler Hastalik Basvurularinin Mevsimsel Paterni. Dal, Fatih; Topal, Ugur; Sozuer, Erdogan Mutevelli; Akyuz, Muhammet; Talih, Tutkun; Buyukince, Ilker Report Mar 1, 2021 3510
Predictive Value of Red Cell Distribution Width and Mean Platelet Volume in the Diagnosis and Determination of Severity in Acute Appendicitis Cases/Akut Apandisit Olgularinda Eritrosit Dagilim Genisligi ve Ortalama Trombosit Hacminin Tanida ve Hastaligin siddetini Belirlemedeki Prediktif Degeri. Akyuz, Muhammet; Topal, Ugur; Sozuer, Erdogan Mutevelli; Isaogullari, Sadi Yenel; Gok, Mustafa; Arik Report Mar 1, 2021 4156
Relationship between Serum Total Bilirubin Level and Cardiac Outcomes in Patients with Isolated Coronary Artery Ectasia. Yavuz, Fethi; Kaplan, Mehmet Mar 1, 2021 4476
Influence of Supplementary Vitamin D on the Prognostic Pathway of Type1 Diabetes among Children. Ragab, Mostafa Hassan; MonirSherif, Eman; Gawad, Nadia Badawy Abd-El; Elserougy, Safaa Mohamed; Shab Report Mar 1, 2021 3580
A comparative study to investigate the level of cognitive impairment among epileptic and psychogenic non-epileptic patients. Kausar, Noreena; Qurban, Hafsa; Bibi, Bushra Report Feb 28, 2021 2299
Comparative Evaluation of Discomfort, Expectations and Functional Experiences during Treatment of Class II Malocclusion with Forsus Fixed Functional Appliance and Sharma's Class II Corrector--A Questionnaire Based Survey. Murarka, Shriya Prakash; Shrivastav, Sunita; Kamble, Ranjit; Dargahwala, Hamza; Khakhar, Prutha; Joh Survey Feb 22, 2021 3900
A Comparative Study of the Incidence and Severity of Surgical Site Infection Following Emergency and Elective Abdominal Surgeries. Sriranjani, K.S.; Rajeshwara, K.V. Clinical report Feb 15, 2021 3272
The Role of [.sup.18]F-FDG PET/CT in Evaluating the Efficacy of Radiofrequency Ablation in Metastatic and Primary Liver Tumors: Preliminary Results/Metastatik ve Primer Karaciger Tumorlerinde Radyofrekans Ablasyonun Etkinliginin Degerlendirilmesinde [.sup.18]F-FDG PET/BT'nin Rolu: On Sonuclar. Mateva, Gabriela; Handzhiev, Stoyan; Kostadinova, Irena Report Feb 1, 2021 3188
Comparative Study between RIPASA and Modified Alvarado Scoring System in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis. Shivakumar, T.; Ramu G., Tilak; Rani B.B., Savitha Clinical report Feb 1, 2021 2913
Comparison of the Effects of Low-flow and Normal-flow Desflurane Anaesthesia on Inflammatory Parameters in Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Tannverdi, Tugba Bingol; Terean, Mehmet; Halitoglu, Ayse Gusun; Kaya, Ahmet; Patmano, Gulcin Report Feb 1, 2021 4807
Single-Centre Open-Label Comparative Trial of Video-Assisted Fibreoptic-Bronchoscope-Guided Oral Versus Nasal Intubation in Anaesthetised Spontaneously Breathing Paediatric Patients. Sharma, Kirti; Ganapathy, Usha; Gupta, Anju; Bagga, Deepak Report Feb 1, 2021 4347
Impact of Pathogen-Specific Antibiotic on Clinical Outcomes in Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia. Halim, Isra; Chawla, Kiran; Varma, Muralidhar Clinical report Jan 25, 2021 3437
A Comparison of Hem-o-lok[R] and ENDOLOOP[R] for Ligation of Appendicular Stump in Improving Outcomes of Laparoscopic Appendicectomy. Sivamarieswaran, R.; Aravindan, S.P.; Mahadevan, D.S.A.; Vidyalakshmi, T. Clinical report Jan 25, 2021 3535
Role of Lipid and Oxidative Stress in Psoriatic Patients --A Case Control Study. Jha, Roshan Kumar; Singh, Akansha; Koundal, Priya; Ambad, Ranjit Sidram Report Jan 18, 2021 3199
Clinical significance of sirtuin 1 level in sepsis: correlation with disease risk, severity, and mortality risk. Cheng, Xin; Zhang, Senbing; Wen, Ye; Shi, Zhihua Jan 5, 2021 4616
Sonographic Evaluation of Incidental Synchronous Masses in Patients with Breast Cancer: Clinical Significance and Diagnostic Workup. Rehman, Sara; Niazi, Imran Khalid; Naveed, Muhammad Atif; Javaid, Ainy; Rehman, Bushra Report Jan 1, 2021 4362
Evaluation of enthesitis in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis by power color and spectral Doppler ultrasonography. Yadav, Amit; Mehra, Neha; Pal, Somdipa; Hlawndo, Jessica; Sachdev, Namrita; Yadav, Tribhuvan Pal Report Jan 1, 2021 4347
Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence by Superior Petrosal Sinus: Proposal for Classification. Ionescu, Eugen; Reynard, Pierre; Coudert, Aurelie; Roiban, Lucian; Boudrigua, Aicha Ltaief Jan 1, 2021 4692
Intrahepatic Expression of C-C Motif ligand 5 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B. Zhao, Xiang-An; Wang, Jian; Chang, Haiyan; Liu, Yong; Chen, Yuxin; Chen, Guangmei; Huang, Rui; Wu, C Jan 1, 2021 3352
Intrahepatic Expression of C-C Motif ligand 5 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B. Zhao, Xiang-An; Wang, Jian; Chang, Haiyan; Liu, Yong; Chen, Yuxin; Chen, Guangmei; Huang, Rui; Wu, C Report Jan 1, 2021 3318
Decreased serum uric acid in patients with traumatic brain injury or after cerebral tumor surgery. He, Miao; Zheng, Jianqiao; Liu, Hao; Wu, Ying; Xue, Xinsheng; Wu, Chaoran; Li, Huiping Clinical report Jan 1, 2021 5676
Comparison of the Separate and Combined Effects of Physiotherapy Treatment and Corticosteroid Injection on the Range of Motion and Pain in Nontraumatic Rotator Cuff Tear: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Hajivandi, Shaahin; Dachek, Atousa; Salimi, Amirhossein; Mamaghani, Hesan Jelodari; Mirghaderi, Seye Jan 1, 2021 5263
Association of Inflammatory Markers/Cytokines with Cardiovascular Risk Manifestation in Patients with Endometriosis. Rafi, Uzma; Ahmad, Shaaf; Bokhari, Syeda Shazia; Iqbal, Muhammad Amir; Zia, Amna; Khan, Muhammad Amj Jan 1, 2021 8941
Differentially Expressed Salivary Proteins in Dental Caries Patients. Khan, Zaid Majeed; Waheed, Humera; Khurshid, Zohaib; Zafar, Muhammad Sohail; Moin, Syed Faraz; Alam, Jan 1, 2021 6218
Shoulder Arthrodesis versus Upper Trapezius Transfer for Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury: A Proportional Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Dafang; Garg, Rohit; Earp, Brandon E.; Blazar, Philip; Dyer, George S. M. Report Jan 1, 2021 4664
Minor Change of Plasma Renin Activity during the Saline Infusion Test Provide an Auxiliary Diagnostic Value for Primary Aldosteronism. Adilijiang, Munire; Luo, Qin; Wang, Menghui; Zhang, Delian; Yao, Xiaoguang; Wang, Guoliang; Zhou, Ke Jan 1, 2021 5862
Comparison of Blood and Tissue Eosinophil Count and Blood IgE in Patients with Chronic Sinusitis and Nasal Polyps. Asghari, Masoud; Izadpanahi, Shadi; Esfahani, Mina Heidari Jan 1, 2021 3254
Identification of a New Prognostic Risk Signature of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Based on N[sup.6]-Methyladenosine RNA Methylation Regulators. Zhang, Yan; Yao, Yao; Qi, Xiaochen; Li, Jianyi; Liu, Meihong; Che, Xiangyu; Xu, Yingkun Jan 1, 2021 8146
Genomic Expression Profiling and Bioinformatics Analysis of Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis. Huang, Kai; Lin, Bingyuan; Liu, Yiyang; Guo, Qiaofeng; Ren, Haiyong Report Jan 1, 2021 4282
Discordance in Retinal and Choroidal Vascular Densities in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography. Ra, Ho; Kang, Nam Yeo; Song, Jiyun; Lee, Junhyuck; Kim, Inkee; Baek, Jiwon Jan 1, 2021 4349
3D Printed Guides and Preoperative Planning for Uncemented Stem Anteversion Reconstruction during Hip Arthroplasty: A Pilot Study. Zhang, Yingqi; Rao, Zhitao; Zhang, Jincheng; Li, Shijie; Chang, Shimin; Sun, Yeqing Report Jan 1, 2021 3755
Similarities and Differences between Clavicular Bacterial Osteomyelitis and Nonbacterial Osteitis: Comparisons of 327 Reported Cases. Jiang, Nan; Zhang, Ping; Hu, Wei-ran; Yao, Zi-long; Yu, Bin Jan 1, 2021 8895
The Value of Sacral Reflex and Sympathetic Skin Reflex in the Diagnosis of Multiple System Atrophy P-Type. Li, Xiaohang; Wang, Chengju; Zhang, Xueming; Zhang, Wanli; Deng, Binbin; Wang, Xun; Huang, Huanjie Jan 1, 2021 3720
Clinical Outcomes of Critically Ill Patients Using Inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO) during Intrahospital Transport. Koyfman, Leonid; Simchon, Omri; Koyfman, Anna; Mushaev, Shoshana; Gruenbaum, Benjamin F.; Gal, Ron; Jan 1, 2021 4029
LncRNA PCNAP1 Promotes Hepatoma Cell Proliferation through Targeting miR-340-5p and is Associated with Patient Survival. He, Miao; Hu, Lingjing; Bai, Ping; Guo, Tingting; Liu, Nan; Feng, Fei; Zhang, Jin Jan 1, 2021 4684
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Comparison of Pain Scores During Retrieval of Ureteral Stents Using Rigid Cystoscope Versus Rigid Ureteroscope in an Office Setting: A Prospective Study/Bir Ofis Ortaminda Rijit Sistoskop ile Rijit Ureteroskop Kullanilarak Ureteral Stentlerin Alinmasi Sirasinda Agri Skorlarinin Karsilastirilmasi: Prospektif Bir Calisma. Neeli, Siddalingeshwar I.; Nutalpati, Sree Harsha Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 2912
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Comparison of Proximal Versus Total Gastrectomy in the Surgical Treatment of Proximal Gastric Cancers. Talih, Tutkun; Patmano, Mehmet; Dal, Fatih; Sozuer, Erdogan; Akyildiz, Hizir Aug 7, 2020 3514
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Comparison of Intraocular Pressure and Central Corneal Thickness Measurements of Obese, Overweight, and Healthy Volunteers/Obez, Fazla Kilolu ve Saglikli Gonullulerde Goz Ici Basinc ve Santral Kornea Kalinlik Degerlerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Aydin, Mehtap Sagus; Unsal, Ayse Ipek Akyuz; Eroglu, Sayime Aydin; Unubol, Mustafa; Unsal, Mustafa G Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 3446
Extended-Spectrum [beta]-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella spp. in Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infections and Their Antimicrobial Resistance/Toplum Kokenli Uriner Sistem Infeksiyonlarinda Genislemis Spektrumlu [beta]-Laktamaz Ureten Escherichia coli ve Klebsiella spp. ve Antimikrobiyal Direncleri. Seno, Arzu; Yakupogullari, Yusuf; Senol, Feray Ferda Aug 1, 2020 4130
A Comparison of the Clinical Features and Intraoperative Findings in Cholesteatoma Patients with and without Sinus Tympani Invasion / Sinus Timpani Invazyonu Olan ve Olmayan Kolesteatoma Hastalarinda Klinik Ozelliklerin ve Intraoperatif Bulgularin Karsilastirilmasi. Baklaci, Deniz; Guler, Ismail; Kuzucu, Ihsan; Kum, Rauf Oguzhan; Ozcan, Muge Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 3826
A Comparison of Exercise Tolerance, Measures of Cardiac Response to Exercise and Serum Markers in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease / Kronik Obstruktif Akciger Hastaliginda Egzersiz Toleransi ile Egzersize Kardiyak Yanit Olcutleri ve Serum Belirteclerinin Karsilastirilmasi. Mutlu, Pinar; Mirici, N. Arzu Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 3829
Comparison of Electrocochleography and Video Head Impulse Test findings in Vestibular Migraine and Meniere Disease: A Preliminary Study. Martines, Francesco; Dispenza, Francesco; Montalbano, Calogero; Priola, Roberta; Torrente, Angelo; G Report Aug 1, 2020 4184
Relationships between Vitamin B12, Folate Levels and Clinical Features in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified. Ozturk, Yusuf; Topal, Zehra; Demir, Nuran; Tufan, Ali Evren Aug 1, 2020 4310
Inflammatory bowel disease and restless leg syndrome. Mosli, Mahmoud H.; Bukhari, Lujain M.; Khoja, Alya A.; Ashour, Nuha A.; Aljahdali, Hadeel R.; Khoja, Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 4625
APPL1 negatively regulates bone mass, possibly by controlling the fate of bone marrow mesenchymal progenitor cells. Lin, Yuan-Yu; Dong, Lily Q.; Suda, Tatsuo Aug 1, 2020 4352
Obesity-Induced Heart Rate Variability Impairment and Decreased Systolic Function in Obese Male Dogs. Pongkan, Wanpitak; Jitnapakarn, Wannida; Phetnoi, Warunee; Punyapornwithaya, Veerasak; Boonyapakorn, Aug 1, 2020 10274
Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Pet Rabbit Mammary Carcinomas: A Study with Relevance to Comparative Pathology. Schoniger, Sandra; Degner, Sophie; Zhang, Qian; Schandelmaier, Claudia; Aupperle-Lellbach, Heike; Ja Report Aug 1, 2020 8962
Comparison of Amiodarone and Propafenone in Blanking Period after Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: A Propensity Score-Matched Study. Huang, RongDa; Lin, JingJing; Gong, KeZeng; Chen, LiangLong; Fan, Lin; Zhang, FeiLong; Zhang, Yan; C Report Jul 31, 2020 5467
Effect of Missing Data Imputation on Deep Learning Prediction Performance for Vesicoureteral Reflux and Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Clinical Study. Kose, Timur; Ozgur, Su; Cosgun, Erdal; Keskinoglu, Ahmet; Keskinoglu, Pembe Report Jul 31, 2020 9645
Elevated Interleukin-6 Levels within 72 Hours Post Admission Are Associated with Disease Progression in Nonseptic Critically Ill Children. Tan, Lingfang; Dang, Jianzhong; Liu, Zhongping; Zheng, Fang Report Jul 31, 2020 4042
A Novel Prediction Model for Significant Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B. Chen, Yaqiong; Gong, Jiao; Zhou, Wenying; Jie, Yusheng; Li, Zhaoxia; Chong, Yutian; Hu, Bo Report Jul 31, 2020 5322
No Association between Ischemic Stroke and Portal Vein Thrombosis in Liver Cirrhosis. Zheng, Kexin; Guo, Xiaozhong; Yi, Fangfang; Wang, Le; Mancuso, Andrea; Qi, Xingshun Report Jul 31, 2020 7099
Relationship of Serum Levels of IL-17, IL-18, TNF-[alpha], and Lung Function Parameters in Patients with COPD, Asthma-COPD Overlap, and Bronchial Asthma. Kubysheva, Nailya; Boldina, Marina; Eliseeva, Tatyana; Soodaeva, Svetlana; Klimanov, Igor; Khaletska Jul 31, 2020 8169
Azithromycin in the Treatment of Preterm Prelabor Rupture of Membranes Demonstrates a Lower Risk of Chorioamnionitis and Postpartum Endometritis with an Equivalent Latency Period Compared with Erythromycin Antibiotic Regimens. Martingano, Daniel; Singh, Shailini; Mitrofanova, Antonina Clinical report Jul 31, 2020 4700
Verification of the Nutritional and Dietary Factors Associated with Skeletal Muscle Index in Japanese Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Himoto, Takashi; Miyatake, Keiko; Maeba, Takashi; Masaki, Tsutomu Jul 31, 2020 7059
Metformin Protects ARPE-19 Cells from Glyoxal-Induced Oxidative Stress. Qu, Sichang; Zhang, Chaoyang; Liu, Dandan; Wu, Jing; Tian, Haibin; Lu, Lixia; Xu, Guo-Tong; Liu, Fan Jul 31, 2020 7174
Tumor Regression Grade Predicts Survival in Locally Advanced Gastric Adenocarcinoma Patients with Lymph Node Metastasis. Tong, Yilin; Zhu, Yanmei; Zhao, Yan; Shan, Zexing; Zhang, Jianjun; Liu, Dong Jul 31, 2020 5197
Agarwood Alcohol Extract Ameliorates Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Ischemia by Inhibiting Oxidation and Apoptosis. Wang, Canhong; Peng, Deqian; Liu, Yangyang; Yu, Zhangxin; Guo, Peng; We, Jianhe Jul 31, 2020 5182
Tumor Volume Kinetic Analyses Might Explain Excellent Prognoses in Young Patients with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Kasahara, Toshihiko; Miyauchi, Akira; Ito, Yasuhiro; Kudo, Takumi; Masuoka, Hiroo; Higashiyama, Taku Jul 31, 2020 3820
Comparative Study of IV Esmolol, IV Diltiazem, and IV Lignocaine Hydrochloride in Attenuating Pressure Response to Laryngoscopy and Intubation. Karunanithi, Sathya Narayanan; Bhandari, Geeta; Shahi, Kedar Singh; Chauhan, Aditya Kumar; Gautam, P Clinical report Jul 20, 2020 4094
Gingival Depigmentation Using Surgical Scalpel and Sieve Method of Diode Laser Techniques--A Comparative Clinical Intervention Study. Surve, Pranitha; Mudda, Jayashree A.; Patil, Veena A.; Desai, Shrikar R.; Agarwal, Priyanka; Mustafa Report Jul 20, 2020 3619
The effect of post-circumcision mucosal cuff length on premature ejaculation. Ongun, Sakir; Dursun, Murat; Egriboyun, Sedat Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 2942
Comparison of GFR Values Measured with Different Methods and the Relative Renal Functions in Patients with Proven or Suspected Obstructive Uropathy. Demir, Fadime; Balci, Tansel Ansal; Simcek, Fikri Selcuk; Demir, Mustafa Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 3633
The Effect of Serum Bone Sialoprotein Levels on Tympanosclerosis / Serum Kemik Sialoprotein Seviyelerinin Timpanoskleroza Etkisi. Baki, Ahmet; Yildiz, Muhammet; Ozer, Omer Faruk; Caglar, Hifa Gulru Jul 1, 2020 3332
Features, Outcomes, and Management Strategies of Male Breast Cancer: A Single Institution Comparison to Well-Matched Female Controls. Liu, Joseph; Suresh, Anupama; Palettas, Marilly; Stephens, Julie; Ganju, Akaansha; Morgan, Evan; Kas Jul 1, 2020 5432
Insights into Host-Pathogen Interactions in Biofilm-Infected Wounds Reveal Possibilities for New Treatment Strategies. Trostrup, Hannah; Laulund, Anne Sofie Boe; Moser, Claus Jul 1, 2020 7643
Efficacy of CTPV for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Assessment: Comparison with Endoscopy in Cirrhotic Patients with Gastroesophageal Varices. Cui, Zijin; Yang, Haiqing; Jin, Xiaoxu; Jiang, Huiqing; Qi, Wei; Feng, Wenfeng; Feng, Zhijie Jun 30, 2020 4645
Reliability of Endoscopic Ultrasound Using Miniprobes and Grayscale Histogram Analysis in Diagnosing Upper Gastrointestinal Subepithelial Lesions. Khan, Samiullah; Zhang, Rui; Fang, Weili; Wang, Tao; Li, Shu; Wang, Danna; Chang, Yixiang; Zhu, Lanp Jun 30, 2020 5045
Preoperative Altered Spontaneous Brain Activity and Functional Connectivity Were Independent Risk Factors for Delayed Neurocognitive Recovery in Older Adults Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery. Jiang, Zhaoshun; Zhang, Xixue; Lv, Yating; Zheng, Xiaodong; Zhang, Huibiao; Zhang, Xuelin; Jiang, Ch Jun 30, 2020 6727
Neuroinflammatory Gene Expression Pattern Is Similar between Allergic Rhinitis and Atopic Dermatitis but Distinct from Atopic Asthma. Sobkowiak, Paulina; Langwinski, Wojciech; Nowakowska, Joanna; Wojsyk-Banaszak, Irena; Szczepankiewic Jun 30, 2020 5411
Inhibition of the CDK4/6-Cyclin D-Rb Pathway by Ribociclib Augments Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy in Renal Cell Carcinoma. Chen, Dehong; Sun, Xiaosong; Zhang, Xuejun; Cao, Jun Jun 30, 2020 5296
Auricular Acupressure in Patients with Hypertension and Insomnia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhao, Zhi-Hui; Zhou, Yi; Li, Wei-Hong; Tang, Zhao-Hui; Xia, Ting-Wei; Han-Li Jun 30, 2020 7790
Comment on "Comparison of Diaphragmatic Stretch Technique and Manual Diaphragm Release Technique on Diaphragmatic Excursion in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Randomized Crossover Trial". Bordoni, Bruno Letter to the editor Jun 30, 2020 730
Comparison of Postoperative Pain and Appetite in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Monopolar Tonsillotomy and Cold Steel Tonsillectomy. Ahmad, Youssef El Sayed; Nehme, Jade; Moukarzel, Nabil Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3421
A Comparison of the Incidences of Venous Thromboembolism after Total Hip Arthroplasty between the Direct Anterior Approach and the Direct Lateral Approach, Especially in the Early Period after Introduction of the Direct Anterior Approach. Kawano, Tetsuya; Kijima, Hiroaki; Yamada, Shin; Konishi, Natsuo; Kubota, Hitoshi; Tazawa, Hiroshi; T Jun 30, 2020 2490
Comparison of the Effects of Desflurane, Sevoflurane, and Propofol on the Glottic Opening Area during Remifentanil-Based General Anesthesia Using a Supraglottic Airway Device. Kondo, Takashi; Izumi, Hiromichi; Kitagawa, Makiko Clinical report Jun 30, 2020 3340
Effect of visceral fat tissue on superior mesenteric artery configuration: Is it superior to BMI? Ulger, Fatma Esra Bahadir Jun 1, 2020 5343
The effects of menopausal uterine fibroids on the prognosis of endometrium cancer/Menapoz sonrasina birakilan uterin miyomlarin gelisen endometrium kanseri uzerine etkilerinin incelenmesi. Sakin, Onder; Denizli, Ramazan; Pirimoglu, Zehra Meltem; Angin, Ali Dogukan; Cikman, Muzaffer Seyhan Jun 1, 2020 3338
Effect of visceral fat tissue on superior mesenteric artery configuration: Is it superior to BMI? Ulger, Fatma Esra Bahadir Jun 1, 2020 5503
Use of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width, Platelet Distribution Width, and Mean Platelet Volume Values as Diagnostic Markers in Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis. Avci, Deniz Jun 1, 2020 3397
Comparison of Functional Capacity and Symptoms of COPD Patients with and without Pulmonary Hypertension. Kalkan, Fikriye; Ucar, Elif Yilmazel; Kalkan, Kamuran; Araz, Omer Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 3863
Prospective Comparison of the Efficacy of Two Common Appendicitis Scoring Systems: Is Combination a Solution?/Iki Apandisit Skorlama Sisteminin Etkinliginin Prospektif Olarak Karsilastirilmasi: Kombinasyon Bir Cozum mu? Ustun, Mehmet; Karaca, Avni Can; Atici, Semra Demirli; Akpinar, Goksever; Karaali, Cem Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 2512
Comparison of Dentoskeletal Changes, Esthetic, and Functional Efficacy of Conventional and Novel Esthetic Twin Block Appliances among Class II Growing Patients: A Pilot Study. Tripathi, Tulika; Singh, Navneet; Rai, Priyank; Gupta, Prateek Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 4789
Evaluation of factors for predicting risk of uveitis recurrence in Behcet's disease patients. Cai, Jianfei; Qi, Lin; Chen, Yong; Zou, Jun; Shen, Yan; Luo, Dan; Bao, Huafang; Ye, Jingfen; Ma, Hai Jun 1, 2020 3937
Validation of Contact Mats to Monitor Dairy Cow Contact with Stall Partitions. Freinberg, Caroline; Zambelis, Athena; Vasseur, Elsa Report Jun 1, 2020 5982
Fluoroquinolone Versus Nonfluoroquinolone Treatment of Bloodstream Infections Caused by Chromosomally Mediated AmpC-Producing Enterobacteriaceae. Gunter, Sarah Grace; Barber, Katie E.; Wagner, Jamie L.; Stover, Kayla R. Report Jun 1, 2020 4736
Assessment of the Efficacy and Safety of Ivy Leaf (Hedera helix) Cough Syrup Compared with Acetylcysteine in Adults and Children with Acute Bronchitis. Kruttschnitt, Esther; Wegener, Tankred; Zahner, Catherine; Henzen-Bucking, Silke Clinical report May 31, 2020 4808
Role of Gas6 and TAM Receptors in the Identification of Cardiopulmonary Involvement in Systemic Sclerosis and Scleroderma Spectrum Disorders. Bellan, Mattia; Dimagli, Arnaldo; Piccinino, Cristina; Giubertoni, Ailia; Ianniello, Aurora; Grimold May 31, 2020 6248
Three Different Ways of Treating Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma at an Early Stage: A Prospective Comparative Study. Wu, Di; Yang, Yue; Chen, Jing; Cai, Huihua; Duan, Yunfei; Sun, Donglin Clinical report May 31, 2020 4602
Hematological and Biochemical Profile of Patients Infected with Schistosoma mansoni in Comparison with Apparently Healthy Individuals at Sanja Town, Northwest Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Dessie, Nega; Lema, Wossenseged; Aemero, Mulugeta Report May 31, 2020 5753
Tolerability of Palmitoylethanolamide in a Pediatric Population Suffering from Migraine: A Pilot Study. Papetti, Laura; Sforza, Giorgia; Tullo, Giulia; di Loro, Pierfrancesco Alaimo; Moavero, Romina; Ursi May 31, 2020 5453
A Comparison of Clinical Outcomes between Early Cervical Spine Stabilizer Training and Usual Care in Individuals following Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. McFarland, Carol; Wang-Price, Sharon; Gordon, Charles R.; Danielson, Guy Otis; Crutchfield, J. Stuar Clinical report May 31, 2020 6880
Psychosocial Adjustment of In-Home Caregivers of Family Members with Dementia and Parkinson's Disease: A Comparative Study. Santos, Maria Cristina Lopes Dos; Navarta-Sanchez, Maria Victoria; Moler, Jose Antonio; Garcia-Lautr Report May 31, 2020 7394
Diarrheal Diseases in Under-Five Children and Associated Factors among Farta District Rural Community, Amhara Regional State, North Central Ethiopia: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study. Tafere, Yilkal; Abate, Bedilu Abebe; Enyew, Habtamu Demelash; Mekonnen, Amsalu Belete Report May 31, 2020 5169
Retrospective Evaluation of Anesthetic Management in Cesarean Sections of Pregnant Women with Placental Anomaly. Urfalioglu, Aykut; Oksuz, Gozen; Bilal, Bora; Teksen, Seyma; Calisir, Feyza; Boran, Omer Faruk; Oksu May 31, 2020 3931
Gaps in Study Design for Immune Parameter Research for Latent Tuberculosis Infection: A Systematic Review. Herrera, Mariana; Vera, Cristian; Keynan, Yoav; Rueda, Zulma Vanessa May 31, 2020 15202
Comparative Analysis of Visual Performance and Optical Quality with a Rotationally Asymmetric Multifocal Intraocular Lens and an Apodized Diffractive Multifocal Intraocular Lens. Wang, Xiao; Tu, Haixia; Wang, Yong Clinical report May 31, 2020 5814
Improved Landmark Dynamic Prediction Model to Assess Cardiovascular Disease Risk in On-Treatment Blood Pressure Patients: A Simulation Study and Post Hoc Analysis on SPRINT Data. Sayadi, Mehrab; Zare, Najaf; Attar, Armin; Ayatollahi, Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Report May 31, 2020 9136
Exploring the Occurrence Mechanisms of Acute Primary Angle Closure by Comparative Analysis of Ultrasound Biomicroscopic Data of the Attack and Fellow Eyes. Wang, Fenglei; Wang, Dabo; Wang, Ling May 31, 2020 7588
Can Mean Platelet Volume be Used as a Thrombosis Marker in Subjective Tinnitus? Avci, Deniz May 21, 2020 4135
An Analysis for the Predictors of ROSC Rate in Cardiac Arrest Patients. Aydin, Irfan; Turgut, Kasim May 21, 2020 3853
Comparison of Inflammatory Indexes in Patients Treated with Sorafenib in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Single-Center Observational Study. Cinkir, Havva Yesil; Dogan, Ilkay Report May 21, 2020 3824
The impact of direct-acting antiviral treatment on lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis C patients: temporary? permanent? Ozdogan, Osman; Yaras, Serkan; Ates, Fehmi; Ucbilek, Enver; Sezgin, Orhan; Altintas, Engin May 1, 2020 7135
The impact of direct-acting antiviral treatment on lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in chronic hepatitis C patients: temporary? permanent? Ozdogan, Osman; Yaras, Serkan; Ates, Fehmi; Ucbilek, Enver; Sezgin, Orhan; Altintas, Engin May 1, 2020 6351
Prediction of degree of carotid stenosis with the transluminal attenuation difference ratio. Coruh, Aysegul Gursoy; Peker, Elif; Gulpinar, Basak; Sorgun, Mine Hayriye; Elhan, Atilla Halil; Fito May 1, 2020 3906
Pathology Assessment of Femoral Head Resection Specimens: An Important Quality Assurance Procedure. Layfield, Lester J.; Crim, Julia R.; Oserowsky, Alexander; Schmidt, Robert L. May 1, 2020 3548
Comparing the use of Arabic decision aid to usual care: A multicenter randomized controlled trial for Arabic speaking metastatic colorectal cancer patients in Saudi Arabia. AlSagheir, Aeshah I.; Alrowais, Norah A.; Alkhudhair, Basema Kh.; AlYousefi, Nada A.; Sagheir, Ahmed May 1, 2020 4999
Comparison of diferent criteria for the diagnosis of position and rapid eye movement-related obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and the value for the determination of prognosis. Aloglu, Melike; Kokturk, Oguz May 1, 2020 4632
Comparison of Higher-Order Aberrations After Single-Step Transepithelial and Conventional Alcohol-Assisted Photorefractive Keratectomy. Ozulken, Kemal; Ilhan, Cagn May 1, 2020 4181
Can negative ureteroscopy be predicted in ureteral stone treatment? Sahin, Mehmet Oguz; Sen, Volkan; Irer, Bora; Yildiz, Guner May 1, 2020 4299
Diagnostic accuracy of prostate cancer antigen 3 (PCA3) prior to first prostate biopsy: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Rodriguez, Sandra Viviana Munoz; Garcia-Perdono, Herney Andres May 1, 2020 3406
Early Renal Involvement in Cats with Natural Feline Morbillivirus Infection. Crisi, Paolo Emidio; Dondi, Francesco; De Luca, Eliana; Tommaso, Morena Di; Vasylyeva, Kateryna; Fer May 1, 2020 9104
Multicenter, Observational Cohort Study Evaluating Third-Generation Cephalosporin Therapy for Bloodstream Infections Secondary to Enterobacter, Serratia, and Citrobacter Species. Derrick, Caroline; Bookstaver, P. Brandon; Lu, Zhiqiang K.; Bland, Christopher M.; King, S. Travis; Report May 1, 2020 6890
The effects of mutational profiles on phenotypic presentation of myeloproliferative neoplasm subtypes in Bosnia: 18 year follow-up. Kurtovic-Kozaric, Amina; Islamagic, Erna; Komic, Hana; Bilalovic, Nurija; Eminovic, Izet; Burekovic, Report May 1, 2020 5785

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