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Comparative Study on the Plastic Zone of Circular Hole Surrounding Rock in Anisotropic In Situ Stress Conditions. Zhou, Pei; Wu, Peng Report Jun 6, 2022 3540
Correlation between the surface infrared radiation and deformation characteristics of oil shale during uniaxial compression. Yang, Shaoqiang; Yang, Dong; Zhao, Jing Mar 1, 2020 6130
Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Local Energy Aggregation Degree of Sequence Images. Xiangsuo, Fan; Zhiyong, Xu Dec 31, 2019 5967
Fatigue Life Behavior of Laser Shock Peened Duplex Stainless Steel with Different Samples Geometry. Jimenez, Cesar A. Vazquez; Alejo, Vignaud Granados; Gonzalez, Carlos Rubio; Rosas, Gilberto Gomez; Z Nov 30, 2019 4319
Identification of the Anisotropic Elastic Parameters of NiCrAlY Coating by Combining Nanoindentation and Finite Element Method. Zhai, Jingyu; Chen, Yugang; Song, Xinyuan; Wu, Hongchun; Han, Qingkai Jun 30, 2019 6816
Alterations of the Brain Microstructure and Corresponding Functional Connectivity in Early-Blind Adolescents. Zhou, Zhifeng; Xu, Jinping; Shi, Leilei; Liu, Xia; Hou, Fen; Zhou, Jingyi; Luo, Jinpei; Hu, Qingmao; Mar 31, 2019 8350
Latent class analysis of attention and white matter correlation in children with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. Rossi, A.S.U.; Moura, L.M.; Miranda, M.C.; Muszkat, M.; Mello, C.B.; Bueno, O.F.A. Report Nov 1, 2018 7860
Analysis of Spatially Doped Fused Silica Fiber Optic by Means of a Hamiltonian Formulation of the Helmholtz Equation. Jimenez-Mejia, Raul E.; Herrera, Rodrigo Acuna; Torres, Pedro Jan 1, 2018 6900
Radial Flow in a Multiphase Transport Model at FAIR Energies. Sarkar, Soumya; Mali, Provash; Ghosh, Somnath; Mukhopadhyay, Amitabha Report Jan 1, 2018 5912
QVOA Techniques for Estimation of Fracture Directions. Sabinin, Vladimir Jan 1, 2018 6457
Preliminary Investigation of the Mechanical Anisotropy of the Normal Human Corneal Stroma. Xue, Chao; Xiang, Yaoqi; Shen, Min; Wu, Di; Wang, Yan Jan 1, 2018 4018
Effect of Phosphate Buffered Saline Solutions on Top-Down Fabricated ZnO Nanowire Field Effect Transistor. Sultan, S.M.; de Planque, M.R.R.; Ashburn, P.; Chong, H.M.H. Jan 1, 2018 3665
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Evaluation of Neural Network Development in Patients Undergoing Therapeutic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation following Stroke. Yamada, Naoki; Ueda, Ryo; Kakuda, Wataru; Momosaki, Ryo; Kondo, Takahiro; Hada, Takuya; Sasaki, Nobu Jan 1, 2018 4989
Influence of the Temporomandibular Joint in the Estimation of Bone Density in the Mandible through a Bone Remodelling Model. Commisso, Maria S.; Ojeda, Joaquin; Mayo, Juana; Martmez-Reina, Javier Jan 1, 2018 8424
Evaluation of Cerebral White Matter in Prelingually Deaf Children Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Park, Kye Hoon; Chun, Won-Ho; Kwon, Hunki; Lee, Jong-Min Jan 1, 2018 4279
Analyses of the TIARA 43 MeV Proton Benchmark Shielding Experiments Using the ARES Transport Code. Zhang, Bin; Zhang, Liang; Chen, Yixue Report Jan 1, 2017 2944
Homogenous Optic-Null Medium Performs as Optical Surface Transformation. Sun, Fei; He, Sailing Mar 1, 2015 2190
Vehicle influence on the earth's magnetic field changes. Markevicius, V.; Navikas, D.; Daubaras, A.; Cepenas, M.; Zilys, M.; Andriukaitis, D. Apr 1, 2014 3017
Low temperature flex-on-flex assembly using polyvinylidene fluoride nanofiber incorporated Sn58Bi solder anisotropic conductive films and vertical ultrasonic bonding. Kim, Tae-Wan; Suk, Kyung-Lim; Lee, Sang-Hoon; Paik, Kyung-Wook Jan 1, 2014 3992
Scattered and fluorescent photon track reconstruction in a biological tissue. Kholodtsova, Maria N.; Grachev, Pavel V.; Savelieva, Tatiana A.; Kalyagina, Nina A.; Blondel, Walter Jan 1, 2014 4237
Dynamics of the energy relaxation and decoherence of a photon-atom bound state in an anisotropic photonic crystal. Wu, Jing-Nuo; Hsieh, Wen-Feng; Huang, Hsin-Chien; Cheng, Szu-Cheng Jan 1, 2013 7017
Influences of InGaP conical frustum nanostructures on the characteristics of GaAs solar cells. Lam, Nguyen Dinh; Kim, Youngjo; Kim, Kangho; Lee, Jaejin Jan 1, 2013 3502

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