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Comparative Studies in Special Education.

This book fills the void in recent scholarship in this vital area so that those planning objectives can at last benefit from expert assessments of programs around the world. More than 50 noted scholars in special education describe programs worldwide for all special populations--blind, deaf, physically and mentally disabled, and all others.

This collection provides special educators everywhere with a complete picture of the ongoing research, social experiments, relevant legislation, in-place structures and processes, accepted professional practices, and educational goals and objectives of all regions of the world.

This volume is divided into five sections, each with an introduction to the chapters within. Each section defines the extent of the development of special education in the countries included, such as the limited programs in Papua, New Guinea; Senegal; the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; and South Africa. Section Two describes emerging special education in Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, and several other locales. Segregated special education in Japan. Taiwan, Russia, and other countries comprise Section Three, while Section Four explores countries that are approaching integration, such as Poland, Australia, and Canada. Integrated special education is depicted in Norway, Finland, Sweden, the United States, New Zealand, and other nations in the final section.

Contributors to this book include David Donald, Barend Vlaardingerboek, Alphonse Pu, Sabou Sarr, Theresa B. Abang, Lucia G.V. Dellagnelo, Xu Yun, Marie Cerna, Wladyslawa Pilecka, David Mitchell, and the editors themselves.
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Publication:American Rehabilitation
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Date:Mar 22, 1995
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