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Company profile: Tru Tech Systems, Inc.

Company Mission

Tru Tech Systems is the leader in high precision, user-friendly ONO grinding machines. We are committed to providing customers with the most advanced and innovative products and services in the grinding field. Our ultimate goal is to exceed customer expectations through excellence in service and support, quality, and ongoing improvements to our products.

In business since 1989, Tru Tech Systems supplies a complete line of high precision, user-friendly CNC grinding machines, which feature our own Windows-based Pick-N-Place Talking Software. Tru Tech also provides grinding services, specializing in precisionclose tolerance work to the highest quality standards for the medical, aerospace, electronics, and small component industries.

Markets Served

Tru Tech currently serves the U.S., Canadian, and European markets, with plans to expand sales world wide. Our product is ideal for any industry that produces round precision parts, including: punches, cutting tools, die and mold pins, wear parts, automotive products, electronic and computer components, aerospace products, defense, and many more.

Products & Services

TRU TECH 3-Axis CNC Precision Centerless Grinder: plunge, CD, ID, contour and form grinding with repeatability of up to 10 millionths guaranteed, featuring our own Windows-based Pick-N-Place Talking Software, and many user-friendly features.

TRU TECH Precision CNC CD/ID Grinders: 6 x 18 and 8 x 20 models with high precision ball screws, variable speed 3 horsepower spindle, features Pick-N-Place Talking Software, grind between centers, with 50 collet and various chucking options.

Pick-N-Place Talking Software: the world's most user-friendly machine software, voice-guided instructions guide the user through programming, setup, editing and wheel dressing functions. Many helpful features and tools, including: job notepad, estimating tool to track cycle times, trig functions and help files. Exclusively for TRU TECH precision CNC grinding machines.

TRU TECH Ultra Precision Centerless Grinding Unit: patented attachment turns any surface grinder into a highly versatile precision centerless, plunge, CD, ID, and form grinding machine, with repeatability guaranteed up to 5 to 10 millionths

Custom CNC Grinding machines: with 3 or 4 axis capabilities, designed to customer requirements Tru Test 9000 Inspection Fixture for checking roundness, concentricty and straightness, hands-free Precision grinding services: specializing in high precision grinding of specialty components and micro parts to tight tolerances: forms, tapers, radii, OD's ID's, all types of materials for R&D, prototype and production runs.


24550 N. River Rd. P.O. Box 46965 Mt. Clemens, MI 48046

(810) 469-2700, Fax (810) 469-2702, Toll-Free (877) TRU-TECH


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