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Company Watch - Rolls-Royce.

Oct 23, 2006

Northwest Airlines yesterday announced the completion of restructured agreements with Boeing and Rolls-Royce that will allow the bankrupt carrier to begin taking delivery of its 787s in August 2008. NWA placed an order for 18 Trent 1000-powered 787s, with purchase rights for an additional 50, last year. The agreements, details of which were not revealed, are subject to US Bankruptcy Court approval. Oct 19, 2006

Rolls-Royce continues to grow its CorporateCare[R] program, signing more than 120 contracts to date in 2006, already surpassing last years record of 103 contracts. The company has more than 520 aircraft under CorporateCare or other flight hour agreements, with contracts valued at more than $1 billion. Rolls-Royce currently has a 50 per cent share of in-production engines on CorporateCare. Oct 18, 2006

Rolls-Royce has enhanced its support services for corporate aircraft operators to include On-Wing Care for operators of AE 3007 powered aircraft. The company also expects to be offering this service to customers of BR710 and Tay 611 engines in the future. Oct 18, 2006

Rolls-Royce forecasts that 51,000 engines, valued at $70 billion, are needed over the next 20 years to meet demand for 24,000 new corporate jet aircraft; from very light jets through business jetliners. Demand is being fueled by the business community's increasing recognition of the value of using business jets as a productivity tool. Of the 24,000 new corporate aircraft expected to enter the market, nearly half are expected to be in the medium or large business jet category. In fact, according to the market forecast, only the very popular commercial 130-190 seat aircraft will surpass the medium and large business jet category in deliveries over the next 20 years. Oct 17, 2006

Rolls-Royce predicts continued growth in business jet deliveries through the remainder of the decade and forecasts an engine market worth $70 billion over the next 20 years, with medium and large business jets dominating in terms of aircraft and engine value. The company's annual business jet forecast was released today at the National Business Aviation Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida. The forecast predicts that nearly 12,000 medium and large business jets will be delivered between 2006-2025. In terms of fleet size, this market segment is expected to grow 142 per cent to a total of more than 16,500 aircraft by 2025. Oct 17, 2006

Rolls-Royce celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Citation X business jet program with Cessna Aircraft at a ceremony today at the National Business Aviation Association Annual Meeting and Convention in Orlando, Florida. Oct 18, 2006

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Oct 16, 2006
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Date:Oct 23, 2006
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