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Company Watch - Northwest Airlines.

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Northwest attendants may launch strike tonight. A flight attendants strike at Northwest Airlines could start as early as tonight if a federal judge decides not to block the job action. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero will consider whether the workers can walk off the job after the airline changed their contract. Northwest has told travelers that it will fly its full schedule if the attendants strike and that it has a "range of contingency options" in place. Aug 25, 2006

Passengers On Northwest Plane Tell Of Air Marshal. Passengers aboard a Northwest Airlines plane bound for Mumbai and forced to turn back to Amsterdam said air marshals swooped after 12 people began fidgeting with mobile phones and plastic bags, Dutch media said on Thursday. The 12 were arrested on Wednesday after the plane landed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Prosecution authorities said they were still holding the 12 but would not give their identities or nationalities. "I saw the air marshals run and I knew something was amiss," a 31-year-old businessman aboard the plane told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. Other passengers commented those arrested were from Asia and aged between 25 and 35. Two Dutch F-16 fighter jets accompanied the 273-seat Northwest DC-10 plane which had reached German airspace en route to Mumbai before it was forced to turn back to Schiphol. Aug 25, 2006

Northwest Airlines DC-10-30 en route from Minneapolis to Mumbai via Amsterdam yesterday abruptly returned to Schiphol Airport shortly after departure, at which point 12 passengers were arrested by US air marshals for "suspicious" behavior. News reports from Amsterdam said passengers were using mobile phones in flight, attempting to pass phones among one another and ignoring "fasten seatbelt" signs. Other reports said some passengers had suspicious-looking plastic bags. Air marshals, who usually remain undercover, reportedly announced their presence onboard and the flight returned to AMS. The 12 arrested passengers were not formally charged; Dutch law allows them to be detained for three days before charges are brought. NWA said only that some passengers on the flight had raised "concern" and that it was cooperating with Dutch authorities. It cancelled the flight, saying the service would resume today. UK authorities said this week they had seized 200 cellphones as part of the investigation into the transatlantic airline bombing plot and have indicated the plotters could have used cellphones to detonate explosives inflight. Aug 24, 2006

Northwest, attendants obligated to bargain, U.S. attorney says: The U.S. attorney's office is urging a judge to stop Northwest Airlines flight attendants from a potential strike. A bankruptcy court judge has already ruled that he does not have jurisdiction to stop a strike, which the attendants are planning to start Friday. The airline is asking a federal judge in Manhattan to hear its appeal Friday, and the U.S. attorney has filed a brief with that court. The union on Wednesday said it has sent contract negotiators home. Aug 24, 2006

US government opposes Northwest flight attendant strike. US Dept. of Justice yesterday waded into the dispute between Northwest Airlines and its flight attendants, arguing in a Statement of Interest filed with the US District Court for the Southern District of New York that the Assn. of Flight Attendants-CWA does not have the right to strike because the parties still are bound by the Railway Labor Act. Aug 24, 2006

Jetliner escorted back to Amsterdam. A Northwest Airlines jetliner bound from the Netherlands to India Wednesday was escorted back to Amsterdam, where police arrested 12 passengers. Crew members and air marshals observed the passengers in the rear of plane trying to use cell phones and passing them around during and shortly after takeoff. Aug 24, 2006

Judge to hear Northwest appeal as strike deadline nears. Northwest Airlines flight attendants have threatened to start random walkouts as early as 9 p.m. Friday, but a court will hear the company's appeal to block the strike earlier that day. The workers' union has set up an e-mail service to alert subscribers to impending walkouts. Aug 23, 2006

Northwest, flight attendants should continue talks: A flight attendants strike at Northwest Airlines would complicate travel for thousands of fliers, the Detroit Free Press editorial board writes. More travelers may stop flying if they face a strike. "Northwest Airlines and its 8,000 flight attendants have 30,000-plus reasons, traveling every day through Detroit alone, to get back to the negotiating table and hash out a workable compromise before Friday's strike deadline," the board writes. Aug 23, 2006

Northwest Airlines and Air France, SkyTeam partners who were rebuffed by the US Dept. of Transportation as part of the alliance's bid for transatlantic antitrust immunity last December, opted to move forward with a codeshare agreement announced yesterday. Aug 22, 2006

Northwest Airlines applied for authority to operate a daily Detroit-Shanghai service beginning around March 25 aboard a 747-400. "Detroit to Shanghai nonstop service is Northwest's top international route priority. Our 122-gate WorldGateway at Detroit terminal complex is perfectly situated to serve as an efficient gateway to China and is the only major hub that can easily offer competitive service to existing nonstop service from Chicago O'Hare," Executive VP Phil Haan said. American Airlines, Continental Airlines and United Airlines also have applied to serve China daily starting next year. Aug 21, 2006

Northwest, Air France launch code-share agreement. Northwest Airlines and Air France have signed a code-sharing agreement to take effect Sept. 2. The pact will allow travelers to book flights to Paris through Northwest and fly with either carrier without separate tickets. The airlines in the fall will expand the agreement to cover cities throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Aug 22, 2006

Northwest Airlines will place its code on Air France's six weekly Paris Charles de Gaulle-Detroit flights and AF will do likewise on NWA's daily service. In the fall, the agreement will be expanded to include AF connections into Europe, Africa and the Middle East and NWA flights from Detroit throughout the US. Passengers will have access to each airline's loyalty programs and to the carriers' respective lounges at CDG and DTW. Aug 22, 2006
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