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Company Watch - NASA.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Company Watch) Sep 11, 2011

White House reportedly is concerned with cost of NASA's plans. Budget officials in the Obama administration are becoming concerned about the affordability of some of NASA's plans for manned space exploration, sources said. NASA is considering accelerating the development of spacecraft and rockets, which would increase its costs even further. Sep 8, 2011

NASA might not have enough astronauts in near future, report says. The National Research Council has released a report that raises concerns that NASA might not have enough astronauts in the next five years to conduct its missions. The report says the lack of astronauts "poses a risk to the U.S. investment in human spaceflight capabilities." Sep 8, 2011

NASA is encouraging Air Force to help fund transport demo. NASA is striving to persuade the Air Force or another partner to help fund a flight demonstrator for a new transport aircraft configuration. Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator for aeronautics at NASA, says the agency's aeronautics research budget is too low to fund such a large-scale demonstrator. However, potential partners want NASA to put in a significant contribution before they will consider getting involved. Sep 7, 2011

NASA's robotic twins will measure gravity on the moon. NASA is preparing this week to launch a couple of robots on an unmanned rocket. The robots are named Grail-A and Grail-B, which is short for Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory. They will create a lunar gravity map. Scientists hope they can use the information to determine what's under the moon's surface. Sep 6, 2011

Saint Lucia recently unveiled Our Planet Centre, an environmental focused conservation center featuring fun, interactive modules, displays and activities featuring OwaveO technology. Attractions include giant kaleidoscopic images for video screening, a hologram recorded specifically for Saint Lucia by Prince Charles, multiple touch-screen displays, a simulation hurricane room, and a NASA Room designed by NASA to stream weather information. Visitors will also learn more about Saint Lucia through an entire floor of interactive displays on endangered species. The Our Planet Centre was launched through a partnership among GermanyOs government and corporations including Marks & Spencer, Hilton Group of Hotels, and the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA). The facility opened earlier this month and all proceeds will be donated to local environmental projects. OOur Planet Centre seeks to promote awareness of conserving the earthOs environment and we believe that Saint Lucia, with its unspoiled beauty and unique variety of species, is the ideal place to start leading our conservation efforts,O said Sarah Adams, executive director. For more information, call 800-456-3984 or visit Sep 5, 2011

Virgin Galactic Appoints Former NASA, White House Executive as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. Virgin Galactic is pleased to announce the appointment of former NASA, White House and Department of Energy official Steven J. Isakowitz as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. In his role, Isakowitz will have leadership responsibilities across a range of areas as the company prepares to begin commercial operation of its space vehicles. Specifically, he will lead technical oversight of key programs, development and management of new programs, government and industry business development, government affairs, advanced technologies, and strategic analysis. Isakowitz has previously held a wide variety of engineering, business, and management roles across the technology and government sectors. He served in several senior positions at NASA, where he received NASA's Outstanding Leadership Medal, including the role of Deputy Associate Administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. At NASA, Isakowitz was responsible for helping to set overall priorities, guiding the development of new technologies and systems, and promoting innovative approaches such as prizes and commercial space transportation. The author of the well-known International Reference Guide to Space Launch Systems, Isakowitz earned bachelors' and masters' degrees in aerospace engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Most recently, Isakowitz served as Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of Energy through two presidential administrations, where he was responsible for determining priorities and identifying high-payoff technologies in the department's $26 billion annual budget. Previously, he served as Branch Chief of Science and Space Programs at the White House Office of Management and Budget, as an aerospace engineer and project manager for space launch vehicles at Lockheed Martin (formerly Martin Marietta), and as a senior consultant in the commercial space division of consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. Welcoming Isakowitz, Virgin Galactic CEO and President, George Whitesides, said: "Steve brings extensive experience in the areas of aerospace engineering, management, and business strategy, and will be a strong asset. Steve's joining the company is a testament to Galactic's leading position in the commercial space industry, and its potential for future growth." Sep 8, 2011

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