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Company Watch - Lufthansa.

Oct 30, 2006

Lufthansa reports falling third-quarter profit, forecasts full-year improvement. Lufthansa Group released its expanded third-quarter and nine-month results yesterday, confirming Wednesday's announcement that it posted a [euro]329 million ($413.7 million) third-quarter profit attributable to shareholders, down 20.9% from the [euro]416 million earned in the year-ago quarter. Oct 27, 2006

Lufthansa profit drops 20% but full-year forecast remains strong. Lufthansa Group today will report third-quarter net earnings of [euro]329 million ($412.8 million), a figure calculated based upon its half-year result and yesterday's announcement that it posted a [euro]414 million profit through the first nine months of 2006. Oct 26, 2006

Lufthansa flew 10.09 billion RPKs in September, a rise of 0.9% over the year-ago month. Capacity increased 0.6% to 12.82 billion ASKs and load factor rose 0.2 point to 78.7%. Traffic grew on European and Asia/Pacific routes but declined on American and Middle East/African routes. Oct 23, 2006

Lufthansa Systems and WindJet announced a deal to provide the Italian LCC with integrated solutions from LHS's Airline Operations portfolio, including the Lido Route Manual charting solution, FMS services, Lido Operations Center route planning system and Runway Weight Charts. Implementation is scheduled to be completed this year. Oct 26, 2006

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Oct 23, 2006
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Date:Oct 30, 2006
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