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Company Watch - Lufthansa.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Company Watch) May 2, 2010

Lufthansa announced yesterday that it will initiate scheduled flights aboard its first A380 on June 11 with thrice-weekly service between Frankfurt and Tokyo Narita. The aircraft is the first of four A380s slated for delivery to LH in 2010. It will replace a 747-400 on the route. Daily FRA-NRT A380 service will start Aug. 4 after LH takes delivery of its second A380, the airline said. Its third A380 will operate between FRA and Beijing thrice-weekly beginning Aug. 25 and its fourth will fly between FRA and Johannesburg thrice-weekly from Oct. 25. Apr 30, 2010

Iraqi and Kurdistan region ministers, diplomatic officials and the business community gathered on Tuesday to inaugurate Lufthansa's first flights to Erbil International Airport, in the capital of the Kurdistan Region. Lufthansa now operates four flights a week between Frankfurt and Erbil. The Kurdistan Region is an autonomous region in federal Iraq. With a population of currently around 4 million and rapidly increasing, the three governorates of Duhuk, Erbil and Sulaimani cover approximately 40,000 square miles. For more information, visit or Apr 27, 2010

Wolfgang Mayrhuber, chairman and CEO of Lufthansa, presented shareholders with the airlineOs figures for 2009, saying that the year had been one of the most challenging in the companyOs history. He said that, despite those challenges, Lufthansa posted a positive operating result of 130 million euros. Mayrhuber also said that a single European sky is more necessary than ever when he was speaking at the airlineOs general meeting in Berlin. He also said that the volcanic ash cloud that shut down European skies earlier this month reinforced the need for a single European sky. OThe lockdown of airspace did not only hit the airlines, but the entire economy. Today we know that the danger situation was entirely overrated and the consequences of this were severely underestimated,O Mayrhuber said. OThe experience of the past weeks has ruthlessly revealed that we require a pan-European concept to deal with such situations.O However, he said such a plan is not imminent. Apr 27, 2010

Lufthansa said it will increase fuel surcharges on long-haul routes starting with ticket sales from April 28. To the Middle East and East Africa the surcharge rises from EUR77 to EUR82, North America and India from EUR82 to EUR87, all other routes from EUR92 to EUR97. The surcharge on short/medium routes (EUR24) will be not increased. Apr 27, 2010

Lufthansa is carrying out a test flight using a specially-equipped Airbus A340-600 to collect data on the concentration and distribution of volcanic ash across Europe. The German carrier has teamed up with scientific research organisation Max Planck Institute to send up an A340-600 which has been equipped with an atmospheric research container known as CARIBIC. The flight took off from Frankfurt at 15.43 local time and is scheduled to fly for six hours. A Lufthansa spokesman says the flight path will take the aircraft over Scandinavia, across the North Sea and back to Frankfurt. Apr 20, 2010

Lufthansa Systems will provide Chinese airline Jade Cargo International with its Lido RouteManual solution until this summer. The electronic version, Lido eRouteManual, will be introduced at a later time, it said. Apr 28, 2010

Lufthansa plans to operate its first Airbus A380 flights to Tokyo Narita and Beijing and its third A380 destination will be Johannesburg. Beginning Oct. 25, Lufthansa expects to deploy its fourth A380 with service three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) on the airlineOs Frankfurt-Johannesburg route. The return flight from South Africa to Frankfurt will depart the following day. Apr 29, 2010

Lufthansa will initiate scheduled flights aboard A380s, the worldOs largest passenger aircraft. on June 11, with service from Frankfurt to TokyoOs Narita International Airport. The aircraft, which bears the name Frankfurt am Main, is the first of four A380s scheduled for delivery to Lufthansa in 2010. It will operate under flight number LH710, replacing a Boeing 747-400. Flights will depart Frankfurt on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday with return flights to Frankfurt (LH 711) scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Daily service is slated to begin Aug. 4, after Lufthansa has taken delivery of its second A380 aircraft. Lufthansa plans to put its third A380 into service on Aug. 25, on the airlineOs Frankfurt-Beijing route. Flights will depart Germany on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and return the following day; daily service is scheduled to start in October. Apr 26, 2010

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