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Company Watch - Honeywell.

Nov 10, 2008 11/4/2008

Honeywell will produce 90 unmanned aerial vehicles weighing just 17 pounds each under a $65 million Pentagon contract. The T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle is small enough to be carried in a backpack and is designed to transmit reconnaissance photos from dangerous areas without exposing soldiers to enemy fire. The T-Hawk is controlled using a hand-held terminal, and it can hover at high altitudes or just inches off the ground. Nov 6, 2008

Honeywell has received the first production contract for the US Navy version of the RQ-16 micro air vehicle (MAV), now named the Tarantula Hawk, or [sup.3]T-Hawk[sup.2]. After starting development with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 2003, a Block 1 version of the ducted-fan aircraft has been tested in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2007 by the Joint Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) task force, with funding provided by the US Navy. Nov 5, 2008 11/4/2008

Two Phoenix companies, Honeywell Aerospace and Aviation Communications & Surveillance Systems, have won $9 million in FAA grants to test their satellite-based systems for preventing runway incursions. "This technology is a real jump for aviation, and getting it into the cockpit as fast as possible is the smart thing to do," said acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell. The tests will take place in Philadelphia and Seattle in cooperation with US Airways, JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines. Nov 6, 2008 11/4/2008

Honeywell will supply China Eastern Airlines with its 131-9A APU for 30 forthcoming Airbus A320s. Deal includes a 10-year maintenance agreement and covers additional A320 deliveries over the next three years. Financial terms were not disclosed. Nov 6, 2008 11/4/2008

Honeywell signed a 10-year contract with Kunpeng Airlines to provide MRO on Embraer E-190 components, avionics and lighting. Valued at $21 million, agreement covers more than 65 Honeywell parts. Kunpeng took delivery of its first 190 in September and expects 50 aircraft over the next four years. Nov 6, 2008

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Date:Nov 10, 2008
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