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Company Watch - FAA.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Company Watch) Jan 16, 2012

Boeing tracking system with RFID tags awaits FAA approval. Boeing plans to turn to a tracking system with radio frequency identification for aircraft maintenance. The aircraft manufacturer is awaiting Federal Aviation Administration approval for the RFID tags. Boeing began testing RFID Integrated Solutions with Alaska Airlines in March 2011. Jan 12, 2012

North Carolina jetport will build parallel taxiway. Cape Fear Regional Jetport in North Carolina has received almost USD3.7 million from the Federal Aviation Administration to build a parallel taxiway. "An airplane that lands can immediately get off the runway to taxi instead of having to back-taxi down the runway," said Howard Franklin, jetport manager. Jan 13, 2012

ITT Exelis announces leadership team for building FAAOs Next Generation Data Communications System. ITT Exelis has announced its pursuit team for the U.S. Federal Aviation AdministrationOs (FAA) Data Communications Integrated Services (DCIS) contract. DCIS is the second major step in building NextGen, the FAAOs comprehensive, long-term plan to modernize todayOs radar-based air traffic control system with satellite-based surveillance and navigation and new ground technologies. It will allow planes to fly safer, more efficient routes and ease congestion in major metropolitan areas nationwide. In collaboration with Airbus, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, CSC, Rockwell Collins, Raytheon, and several other major aerospace companies, ITT Exelis has assembled a unique industry partnership to support the FAAOs modernization of the nationOs air traffic control system. The ITT Exelis DCIS team will provide a low-risk system solution to enable efficient, real-time, digital communication of critical information among air traffic controllers and flight crews. OThe ITT Exelis DCIS team will put airlines, manufacturers and systems developers in the same room with the FAA from day one through DCIS deployment,O said David Melcher, chief executive officer and president of ITT Exelis. OThe outstanding pursuit team we have assembled has ensured all data communications system aspects [ETH] ground infrastructure, avionics, aircraft original equipment manufacturer (OEM) implications and airline priorities are fully considered in the system solution proposed by ITT Exelis,O Melcher added. DCIS will enable real-time communication among controllers and flight crews through modern digital data transmissions instead of outdated analog voice technology. Digitalization will allow controllers to transmit instructions to planes simultaneously rather than in succession, streamlining the flight process and creating shorter flight times. This greater capacity will improve the management and flow of aircraft and help reduce travel delays for passengers and airlines. Once fully implemented, the FAAOs NextGen program could provide the U.S. economy more than USD29 billion a year in net benefits through fuel, carbon emission and delay savings. The most recent estimate predicts a 35 percent reduction in flight delays and savings of approximately 1.4 billion gallons of aviation fuel by 2018. ITT Exelis is already leading the first step in building NextGen for the FAA by installing and operating the ground infrastructure for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology, the backbone of NextGen. By 2013, ITT Exelis will have installed nearly 800 ADS-B stations nationwide. The company has met every performance milestone and kept the ADS-B project on schedule and within budget. OWe cannot have NextGen without DCIS. We hope to leverage our outstanding DCIS performance team to effectively partner with the FAA to demonstrate that equipping aircraft with data communications technology will unlock real economic growth and benefits across the aviation industry,O said John Kefaliotis, vice president of next generation air transportation systems for ITT Exelis. General Dynamics, Aerospace Engineering, Airtel ATN, Alvarez Group, AT&T, EMS Aviation, NAV CANADA, Northrop Grumman, NEXA Capital Partners, PwC, Selex Communications, Saab Sensis, Crown Consulting, HyperNet Solutions, Lexem Strategy, Tantus, and UPS round out the ITT Exelis DCIS team. Jan 9, 2012 The FAA has proposed taking two Victor airways south of the border to facilitate general aviation crossings into Mexican airspace. AOPA submitted comments to the Department of Transportation this month supporting the proposed change. Jan 11, 2012

Regional airports in Iowa and other states face a challenge in budgeting due to the lack of permanent funding for the Federal Aviation Administration. "We will go out for bids and do lots of planning because these projects involve coordination so they do not interfere with operations," said Tim Bradshaw, director of Eastern Iowa Airport. "In the end, if Congress does not authorize the spending, it's all for nothing." Jan 11, 2012

The FAA has proposed taking two Victor airways south of the border to facilitate general aviation crossings into Mexican airspace. AOPA submitted comments to the Department of Transportation this month supporting the proposed change. Jan 11, 2012 An official for the Federal Aviation Administration said there will not be significant changes to airshow or air-race safety. John McGraw, FAA's deputy director of flight standards service, says the agency may clarify existing safety rules in the wake of an accident at a 2011 air race in Reno, Nev. Jan 10, 2012 The Federal Aviation Administration will allow Operation Migration to continue paying light sport aircraft pilots to guide whooping cranes on a migration path. The FAA is granting a "one-time exemption" and will work on a "more comprehensive, long-term solution." Jan 10, 2012

Ohio airport could lose FAA operating certificate. Wilmington Air Park in Ohio may be too close to another airport for both to be part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems. Another airport in Clinton County is NPIAS-eligible, a designation that is required to obtain grants from the Federal Aviation Administration. Wilmington Air Park could lose its operating certificate from the FAA because of a lack of funding to perform upgrades. Jan 12, 2012

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