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Company Watch - Elbit Systems.

Dec 7, 2008

Elbit Systems, the Israeli maker of the Hermes 450 unmanned aircraft nearly doubled third-quarter pre-tax profits to $62.3 million on sales up nearly 30% to $671.2 million. For the nine months to 30 September, profits nearly trebled to $158 million on revenue up 39.5% to $1.95 billion, just shy of its full-year 2007 performance. Says chief executive Joseph Ackerman (pictured): "We are taking every measure to keep a cap on and rationalise expenses." Dec 2, 2008

The British Army[sup.1]s Watchkeeper tactical unmanned air vehicle has performed its first autonomous flight trial, with the sortie launching several months of system-level testing at an Elbit Systems facility in Israel. Flown for the first time fully integrated with its ground control station, the approximately [pounds sterling]900 million ($1.3 billion) programme[sup.1]s second Watchkeeper 450 test vehicle (below) also performed an automatic take-off and landing during the November flight. Dec 1, 2008

Elbit Systems to Supply an Asian Customer With Live Training. Elbit Systems announced that it was awarded a contract by an Asian country for the supply of a "Live Training System" valued at $10 million. The system will be delivered to the customer during 2010. The new system is designated to train a brigade combat team including infantry forces, armored forces and support forces (artillery and air defense). Virtual elements are integrated into the live training for enriching the battlefield display, as well as video capabilities for improving control and debrief. The live training system is mobile and can be rapidly deployed in various training areas with various sizes and features, and enables training in urban scenarios as well. The capability to execute a training activity in the area itself, while utilizing the operational weapons and platforms, without using live ammunition, allows the trainee to acquire experience and skills in field conditions while saving training time and ammunition costs. Dec 1, 2008

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Date:Dec 8, 2008
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