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Company Watch - Delta Air Lines.

Jan 22, 2007

Delta pilots claim US takeover ignores labor agreement; commit $15 million to cause Jan 15, 2007

Delta Air Lines flew 9.44 billion system RPMs in December, a 3.5% rise over the year-ago month. Capacity grew just 0.2% to 12.12 billion ASMs, lifting load factor 2.5 points to a December record 77.8%. Domestic RPMs fell 4% to 6.59 billion against a 7.3% decline in capacity to 8.46 billion ASMs, raising load factor 2.7 points to 77.9%. International traffic jumped 26.4% to 2.85 billion RPMs, capacity rose 22.9% to 3.66 billion ASMs and load factor was up 2.1 points to 77.8%. Jan 15, 2007

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines said on Tuesday they raised fares in Canadian markets to match an increase by Air Canada. Delta increased fares by USD$3, USD$6 and USD$9 one-way depending on the length of the flight, spokeswoman Betsy Talton said. American increased fares USD$6 each way, a spokesman said. The move follows an increase in fares by Air Canada on Monday night for travel to the United States from Canada, according to Neil Bainton, an analyst at airline travel planning service FareCompare. Jan 9, 2007

Delta Considers Resuming JFK-Tel Aviv Flights. Delta Air Lines is strongly considering bringing back its New York-Tel Aviv route as part of its strategy of expanding its international routes, a Delta spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Jan 17, 2007

Delta, Northwest In Talks On Link-Up - Report. Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are in talks on a possible link-up, according to a newspaper report on Wednesday. Jan 10, 2007

Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines should merge and combine their networks when they emerge from bankruptcy protection, according to AirGuide reports. The US Airways $10.3 billion bid for Delta is a bad deal for leisure and business travelers. The possible merger of Delta with Northwest would be much better, since NW is just buying time before it falls apart. Jan 14, 2007

Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have discussed combining when they emerge from bankruptcy protection, according to media reports. US Airways on Wednesday boosted its bid for Delta to $10.3 billion. Delta has said it prefers to emerge from bankruptcy as an independent carrier. Jan 11, 2007

Delta To Present US Air Bid To Board. Delta Air Lines is studying a USD$10.2 billion takeover bid by rival US Airways and will take it to its board of directors soon, according to a court filing on Friday. The Atlanta-based airline rejected a November 15 takeover offer from US Airways, prompting the rival to increase its bid by about 20 percent earlier this month. In the filing, the airline reiterated that it will consider the increased bid as it is obligated to do, but still intended to exit bankruptcy as an independent airline. Jan 19, 2007

US Senate To Hold Airline Merger Hearing. US Senate lawmakers are to more closely examine potential airline mergers, including the hostile bid for Delta Air Lines by US Airways. Jan 10, 2007

NTSB makes public some files on Comair crash. The NTSB today will open the public docket on the crash of Comair Flight 5191 in Kentucky last August. The docket will include transcripts of the conversation between the Comair pilots and what the air traffic controller told the pilots from the airport's tower. The NTSB says the information is "factual in nature and does not provide analysis." Jan 17, 2007

Northwest-Delta combination would have synergies, analysts say. Some observers say a potential merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines is a strong alternative to US Airways' bid for Delta because the two airlines have complementary route structures. However, it is unclear if such a combination would leave all current hubs intact and how it would affect fares and customer service. Jan 12, 2007

Bethune, Parker meet to discuss bid for Delta. Former airline executive Gordon Bethune met last week with US Airways CEO Doug Parker to question Parker on US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines. Delta's committee of unsecured creditors hired Bethune to help evaluate the proposal. Shortly after the meeting, US Airways raised its bid for Delta. "I thought it was a great meeting," Parker said. "It was refreshing to talk with someone who understands full well what we are trying to accomplish, appreciates challenges and is good at assessing management talent and depth." Jan 18, 2007

US Airways has set a Feb. 1 deadline for its bid for Delta Air Lines -- unless it gets support from Delta's creditors to perform due diligence and postpone a Feb. 7 hearing that would start the voting process on Delta's stand-alone plan. Delta's creditors' committee consultant, Gordon Bethune, says Delta's interests are so diverse that getting enough of them to back any proposal is "like herding cats." Meanwhile, Delta's pilots union has increased its efforts to block the deal. Delta's management has insisted the airline prefers to emerge from bankruptcy as an independent carrier. Jan 17, 2007

Claiming that US Airways' bid for Delta Air Lines "represents a clear and present danger to the careers of all Delta employees," MEC Chairman Lee Moak told Air Line Pilots Assn. members in a letter last week that the MEC pledged to spend $15 million in an effort to derail the takeover, which he said "simply ignores the implications of our contract." Jan 15, 2007

US Airways' higher offer raises concerns about debt. US Airways' increased offer for Delta Air Lines could become a heavy burden for the merged airline, some analysts say. In a conference call, US Airways CEO Doug Parker said the level of debt "doesn't mean anything." He said the ability to service the debt is what counts. Jan 12, 2007

Timing is favorable for US Airways' bid for Delta: US Airways should move quickly to merge with Delta Air Lines, the Arizona Republic's John Talton writes. He notes that Wall Street favors a merger, oil prices have fallen and a strong economy has generated demand for travel. However, Talton cautions that airline mergers present risks and few have delivered promised benefits. Jan 12, 2007

US Airways on Wednesday raised its offer to acquire Delta Air Lines to $10.2 billion. US Airways increased both the cash and stock portions of its offer using the same assumptions described in Delta's disclosure statement filed with a bankruptcy court. The offer expires Feb. 1. Delta says the higher takeover offer would increase the debt load on a combined company if the deal went ahead. Jan 10, 2007

Senate committee to hold hearing on airline consolidation. The Senate transportation committee will hold a hearing on the potential impact of airline consolidation on Jan. 24. The hearing was scheduled in response to US Airways' bid to acquire Delta Air Lines. Delta has launched a lobbying campaign to create political opposition to the merger. Jan 10, 2007 01/22/2007

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Jan 8, 2007
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