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Company Watch - British Airways.

Jan 22, 2007

British Airways, Union To Resume Strike Talks. British Airways and its largest union plan to resume talks on Friday aimed at averting a strike over a new pensions plan and work condition changes, spokespeople for the two parties said on Thursday. Jan 19, 2007

British Airways Changes Uniform Policy. British Airways on Friday said it had changed uniform rules to allow staff to wear religious symbols openly, after coming under heavy criticism for banning an employee from wearing a crucifix over her uniform. Following consultations with representatives from a wide range of religious groups, the airline said it would permit staff to wear a lapel pin symbol such as a Christian cross or Jewish Star of David, the company said. In addition, and in response to complaints by some Christians, it "would allow some flexibility" in its usual policy banning staff from wearing chains over their uniforms. Jan 19, 2007

British Airways To Order New Aircraft In 2007. British Airways hopes to place new aircraft orders this year, a spokeswoman said after a newspaper reported the carrier would spend GBP15 billion pounds (USD$29.6 billion) over 15 years on up to 135 long-haul planes. Jan 18, 2007

British Airways' hopes to resolve its pension deficit issue were dashed Friday when the GMB Union rejected its latest proposal, which included a one-time company contribution of [pounds sterling]800 million ($1.55 billion) into its New Airways Pension Scheme and annual contributions of about [pounds sterling]280 million for the next 10 years subject to the unions' acceptance of benefit changes. Jan 15, 2007

British Airways to lower fuel surcharges on long flights. British Airways says it will reduce fuel surcharges on many long flights, including several flights to the eastern U.S. The carrier is maintaining the surcharges on flights of nine hours or more. British Airways says it made the decision based on recent drops in the price of oil. Jan 11, 2007

The program, first trialed in Orlando, will allow frequent BA customers at JFK's Terminal 7 to pay $99.85 for a TSA-administered pre-screening that will enable them to use a biometric ID card to gain expedited passage through security lanes. British Airways Senior VP-Customer Service Americas Steve Clark said the RT lane will give participating passengers "a quicker and more convenient experience when going through the security process." Jan 19, 2007

STG Aerospace of the UK signed supply deals with both British Airways and Air Canada for its SafTGlo photoluminescent cabin floorpath marking system. BA will install STG's ColorMatch product across its 757 fleet. AC's order was one of the largest single deals in STG's history, the company said, adding that 2006 marked a record sales year thanks in large part to the ColorMatch technology that allows airlines to install strips that match cabin decor. Jan 19, 2007 01/22/2007

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Jan 8, 2007
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Date:Jan 22, 2007
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