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Company Watch - Bombardier.

Nov 17, 2008

Alma de Mexico suspended operations and filed for bankruptcy last Friday, citing the "crisis" in the industry and global economy. The Guadalajara-based LCC operated 19 Bombardier CRJ200s and had two CRJ900 NextGens on order. It said "historic" high fuel prices, low occupancy and the peso's fall against the US dollar were key factors in its demise. Nov 11, 2008

Mexican investigators have disclosed that the Bombardier Learjet 45 which crashed in Mexico City this month, killing 14 people, closed to within the minimum in-trail separation distance from a Mexicana Boeing 767-300 just before the accident. Despite the pilots' being instructed to reduce speed, to maintain separation in the landing sequence to Mexico City, the Learjet continued to drift towards the preceding 767, and the pilots were suddenly forced to battle turbulence. The executive jet failed to recover from the in-flight upset and crashed into a busy section of the capital city. Nov 15, 2008

Operators of Bombardier CRJ100/200s have begun to install, and sing the praises of, a redesigned flap system for the regional jets that is expected to mitigate the problem of flap failures linked to cold weather operations. In the three months since implementation, approximately 15% of the CRJ100/200 fleet has already undergone the enhancement, says Bombardier. Nov 13, 2008

A Lufthansa CityLine technician at Manchester has apparently been seriously injured while servicing a Bombardier CRJ aircraft that was bound for Hamburg on a ferry flight. There is evidence that the individual was injured by an explosion, and unverified reports point to a possible tyre burst. Nov 13, 2008

SAS Group aims to complete the disposal of its grounded Bombardier Q400 fleet by the middle of next year amid efforts to urgently close its cost gap to its rivals. The group has disposed of 12 of its 27 Q400 turboprops, which it grounded last year after a series of landing accidents and decided to remove from its fleet. The group expects to phase out another 10 in the fourth quarter. The group has since opted to acquire an upgraded version of the turboprop for Norwegian regional arm Wideroe. Nov 11, 2008

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