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Company Watch - Aircell.

New York (AirGuideBusiness - Company Watch) Sep 5, 2010

Already enabling Internet access on more flights than any other service in the world, Aircell today announced it has installed Gogo Inflight Internet on its 1,000th aircraft. The Delta Air Lines DC-9 will make its connected flight today from Detroit. To celebrate the occasion, passengers will be greeted by Gogo brand ambassadors, and treated to complimentary Gogo Internet access on board. Today's 1,000th equipped aircraft caps a busy month for Aircell, in which it wired numerous Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines planes. Gogo Inflight Internet is now available on more than 3,800 flights daily, up from just 2,100 at this time last year. Roughly one-third of all mainline domestic aircraft now offer Gogo's Inflight Internet service. Gogo will continue to rollout on additional aircraft and airline partners throughout 2010 and beyond to provide consumers with Internet access to their wireless devices whenever they are in the air. With Gogo, passengers can browse the Web; access online music, games and podcasts; send and receive e-mail; and connect to virtual private networks while flying. The easy-to-use service provides passengers with full Internet access on any Wi-Fi-equipped laptop or personal electronic device at speeds similar to wireless mobile broadband services on the ground. Aug 31, 2010

Aircell, maker of the Gogo in-flight internet system, is claiming a partial legal victory after a jury found technology company Ambit did not prove patent infringement. In a 2009 suit against Aircell and its customer, Delta Air Lines, Ambit alleged that the Gogo system infringed on an Ambit patent, causing it to "suffer irreparable harm". Some Ambit claims against Aircell remain outstanding. Aug 24, 2010

US technology firm Ambit has agreed to pay a financial settlement to Aircell and refrain from pursuing further litigation against the firm or any of its customers in relation to Aircell's Gogo in-flight internet system. The settlement follows a month-long trial concerning Ambit allegations of patent infringement by Aircell's Gogo system, which ended with a jury unanimously ruling in Aircell's favour. Gogo customer Delta Air Lines had been named as a defendant. Aug 31, 2010

Delta Air Lines is nearing completion of a massive retrofit of its mainline domestic fleet with Aircell's air-to-ground (ATG)-based Gogo in-flight Internet system. Some 527 of 549 Delta aircraft have already been equipped with Gogo, and the carrier and Aircell "anticipate being done this fall", says an Aircell spokeswoman. While Delta has been focused on equipping its domestic mainline fleet with Gogo, the carrier has emerged as the most likely first mover in offering in-flight Internet on its larger regional jets. Delta vice-president of network and revenue management Glen Hauenstein says the carrier is seriously considering such a proposition. Fellow Gogo customer United Airlines it also considering offering Wi-Fi and installing power ports on its larger regional jets, but has not determined a timeframe for finalising a decision. Aircell, meanwhile, announced today that it has installed Gogo on its 1,000th aircraft, a Delta DC-9 connecting from Detroit. Aug 31, 2010

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