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Company Watch - Air France KLM.

Jul 9, 2007

Air France has introduced a new baggage policy that it claims will allow passengers to achieve a 30% reduction on excess weight prices compared to current tariffs. The new scheme will allow customers booking flights online with Air France to buy extra weight in tranches of 5kg up to a maximum of 50kg, for 30% less than they would pay at the airport. Available from 30h up to 30min before the latest check-in, the passenger will be able to pay for excess baggage online, with the information then passed to the relevant airport desk. Air France applies what it terms a 'weight concept' for the majority of its services apart from those to the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Papeete, West Africa, Cairo, Djibouti, Antananarivo, Havana, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, where it has a 'piece concept' dictating the number of bags allowed. The weight concept generally allows two bags. Jun 26, 2007

Air France, Delta, KLM and Northwest that would create a comprehensive and integrated partnership among the four SkyTeam members across the Atlantic," Northwest said in a statement. "A more integrated SkyTeam alliance offers significant advantages to consumers, including more choice in flight schedules, travel times, services and fares." The carriers are attempting to take advantage of route opportunities made possible in the EU-US open skies accord that goes into effect next year. Jun 29, 2007

1,000 Bonus Miles when Signing for E-Statements Fly on Air France, earn with Flying Blue. 5,000 Bonus Miles between France and Reunion Fly on Air France, earn with Flying Blue. Apr 15, 2007 through Aug 31, 2007 Double Miles between Bangkok and Paris Fly on Air France, earn with Flying Blue. Jun 15, 2007 through Aug 31, 2007 Jun 29, 2007

Air France KLM said Friday that traffic rose 4.9 percent in June as the world's largest airline by revenue boosted capacity. Jul 6, 2007

From January this year, Air France KLM simplified their joint baggage structure into five zones, with areas one to four applying the weight concept and zone five carrying its own piece concept tariff. The former includes French and Dutch domestic services, short and long-haul European flights, North African, Caribbean and Indian Ocean flights, as well as those to the Middle East and Libya. Members of Air France's Frequent Flyer Programme - Flying Blue - benefit from extra baggage allowances. Silver card holders have 5kg extra, Gold, 10kg and Platinum, 20kg on top of the standard Economy, Business and First Class maximum of 20kg, 30kg and 40kg. Jun 26, 2007

KLM appointed Paul Elich executive VP-ground services effective July 1. He will succeed Frank de Reij, who will become project leader-procurement for Air France KLM. Marjan Rintel will succeed Elich as VP-hub operations. Jun 25, 2007

Air France KLM said again on Friday it was not considering a tie-up with Alitalia after a report that its board had discussed the loss-making airline which the Italian government is struggling to sell. The report cited a source close to the board and several Italian newspapers picked up the report. Talks with Alitalia are "not on the agenda," said a spokeswoman for Air France KLM, which is a commercial partner of Alitalia and is frequently mentioned in the Italian media as a possible suitor for their ailing national airline. Air France KLM did not register at the start of the auction in January, saying conditions were not right, and has since either declined comment or denied reports of involvement. Jun 29, 2007

Air France has formally inaugurated its new hub facility at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, that will eventually see all SkyTeam members operate under one roof. Built in conjunction with Aeroports de Paris (ADP), the new boarding satellite in Terminals 2E and 2F was opened today (26 June) by new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy and at 750m long, will have capacity to handle 65 daily flights using 26 aircraft stands. Clearly constructed with an eye on the new Terminal 5 at London Heathrow, where British Airways will group a large proportion of its services, the boarding satellite will be able to handle 8.5m extra passengers a year. Jun 27, 2007

Air France will take delivery of its first Airbus A380 aircraft in 2009 and the Paris Charles de Gaulle satellite has been built with the ultra-large aircraft in mind. An automated train service known as Lisa, will link the satellite to Terminal 2E, while travelators connecting Terminal 2F will open between January and March, 2008. Business travelers will be able to use the Espace Affaires lounge, capable of seating up to 700 passengers, while a large mall known as La Galerie Parisienne, will offer a range of shops, bars and restaurants. Jun 27, 2007

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