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Company Profile for Infobionics.

After years of R&D, Minneapolis-based Infobionics ( is bringing the Infobionics Cellular DBMS(TM) to market in Q4 2008. Its next-generation technology outperforms existing database offerings in complex data and knowledge applications such as business intelligence, bio-informatics, research, and patient records.

How it works: The Infobionics Cellular Database Management System places information in individual "Data Cells" which can be flexibly compiled via "Link Cells" into an infinite number of Data Sets. The Infobionics Cellular DBMS allows associative linking of data, such as what humans do when we associate "747" to "Boeing." Data discovery becomes extremely flexible, and users can construct much more advanced queries without relying on scarce DBMS resources.

Benefits: The next-generation Infobionics Cellular DBMS:

1) unlocks all data, including metadata

2) turbo-charges data discovery

3) reduces cost of ownership
Company: <
Headquarters Address: <
574 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 135-307
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-7927
Main Telephone: <
Website: <
Type of Organization: <
Industry: <
Key Executives: <
President: Carl Bonta
Chairman: John Bjelland
Chief Scientist: Dr. Jaideep Srivastava
Public Relations <

Contact: <
Hellena Smejda
Phone: <
352-875-8156 (mobile)
Email: <
Investor Relations <

Contact: <
John Bjelland
Phone: <
651-307-0771 (mobile)
Email: <
President <

Contact: <
Carl Bonta
Phone: <
617-803-2510 (mobile)
Email: <
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Date:Aug 15, 2008
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