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Company 'launches' eggplant-flavored condom.

Durex, an international condom manufacturer, has 'launched' its newest product to its range of condoms available on the market.

On Monday, the company posted a picture of its eggplant-flavored condom on its Twitter account, and social media can't cope with the bizarre product. In the previous months, Durex campaigned to develop an eggplant emoji, which symbolizes the penis when social media users converse about sex and sex-related topics online.

#BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savoury #condom range - Eggplant flavour! [?] #CondomEmoji

- Durex Global (@durex) September 5, 2016

Twitter users were befuddled with the odd addition to the Durex family. Many deluded Twitter users shared their mixed reactions on the social networking site.

.@durex hi guys, just a quick one. How have you prepared and cooked the aubergine? Thanks.

- Josh Barrie (@joshbythesea) September 5, 2016

@AnInfiniteJest @Beckles85 @durex @Crash_Ride @AliceMinted @hazeledsunshine @TheOMGSpot @geekulele

- Lesley Rose (@TheLadyH86) September 5, 2016


- ryan [?] (@ryxnf) September 5, 2016

The cucumber and carrot have been added to the [?] sexting salad we're still holding out for a safe sext #CondomEmoji!

- Durex Global (@durex) June 3, 2016

Obviously, the product is just a mere fantasy as of the moment.

The company thought of spawning a virtual eggplant-flavored condom as part of its lobbying effort to create a condom emoji. In this case, the said emoji can promote safe sex and 'safe sexting,' especially among the youth, Mirror Online reported.

'Durex knows there is no place for an aubergine when it comes to safe sex,' a company spokesperson told the British news site.

'It's just as questionable, in fact, as a decision not to introduce a Safe Sex Emoji to empower young people to talk about sex, safely, in a language they are comfortable with,' the spokesperson added.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Sep 6, 2016
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