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Companies moving Utah's economy.

Though the economy has hit the brakes, many Utah companies are still moving at record-breaking paces and pumping revenue into the state, despite the economic hurdles in front of them. It is during this rough time that Utah Business magazine is proud to present the 2009 Fast 50 companies. Each company on the Fast 50 list, which was calculated based on five years of compound annual growth and revenue, has remained ahead of the curve, proving that dedication, endurance and good old hard work remain key to a solid company. But don't just take our word for it; hear from the Fast 50 executives themselves about what it takes to stay on the fast track to success.

"MonaVie has attained more than $1.6 billion in cumulative sales since the product was first introduced in 2005 and is reaching consumers through 700,000 distributors in 10 countries worldwide. We continue to take our product and opportunity around the world, and will soon be introducing MonaVie in England, Poland and the Netherlands. We attribute MonaVie's great success to our growing family of independent distributors, who are blessing the lives of people around the world, one bottle and one relationship at a time."

Devin Thorpe, CFO, MonaVie

"In 2003, Interbank FX's net revenue was $104,509. Six short years later, that amount had grown to an astounding $35 million--a remarkable leap by even Wall Street's strict standards. We believe that this is due in large part to our philosophy that our long-term success is closely tied to the success of our customers."

Todd Crosland, Chairman and President

"We think outside of the box, and try to find more efficient, cost effective ways of doing things. When we can save our clients time and money, we know that it only helps to maintain their loyalty and respect for us and in turn helps us to grow."

Jeffrey D. Wright, CEO

"Access is a leading e-commerce technology and logistics provider helping retail and direct selling companies sell their products in international markets ... I think our biggest success has been our ability to scale the business model not only in size, but geographically. We have been able to take what started as a Japan-only solution and successfully implement it all across Asia and Europe".

Chris Boyle, President and CEO, Access Technology Solutions


"[Our] strategy for growing Christopherson was to focus on one of the most important niche areas in travel bookings: business travel. Whereas most of Christopherson's competitors handle the gamut of travel bookings, Christopherson focused on meeting the needs of the busy Utah business traveler."

Michael A. Cameron, President


"We quickly realized that not all new opportunity was necessarily good opportunity. Through careful evaluation and difficult decision making, we were able to refocus our attention on core competencies that have ultimately led to consistent and strong growth."

Matthew F. Schneck, President and COO

"[Our strong growth] has all come down to the number of products Costume Craze carries, and how many new products Costume Craze introduces each year. Costume Craze carries over 12,000 costumes and costume accessories. And each year it adds about 1,500 to 2,000 new items ... Costume Craze's vision is big; we want to become a household name--the best costume company in the world! In many aspects, Costume Craze may already merit the tag 'best.' However, Costume Craze knows there is always room for improvement, so the push to become better will never end."

Kale Maloney, CEO, Costume Craze


"The fact that we are now in our 90th year and being managed by a third generation with a fourth being prepared to take the reins when appropriate [has been our biggest success]. The Englands have been successful in keeping this a family business and treating everyone as if they were a part of the family."

Wayne Cederholm, COO, C.R. England Global Transportation


"From the early 1980s, the principals of Rimrock have proven themselves in the commercial construction market and, in 1999, opened what has become a premier construction team. Rimrock, by mastering the development and design-build process, has completed millions of square feet of commercial, multi-family, medical, office and retail developments."

Brad Christofferson, President Rimrock Construction

"The most innovative thing about Digital Gateway is our customer approach. We listen to dealers better than anyone else in the industry. We actually care about their needs and use our skills to generalize those needs across our entire dealer base. This is not only demonstrated in product development, but also our implementation process and other services."

Daron Jones, CFO and COO, Digital Gateway


"[Mindshare] just completed its 73rd consecutive month of increasing revenue. We collect surveys in 25 industries in more than 26 languages and from 106 countries ... We attribute our strong growth to our people, our passion, our products and our performance."

Lonnie Mayne, EVP of Sales, Mindshare Technologies


"Our biggest achievement thus far has been growing to be the largest national retail chain focusing on watches and watch repair. Not to mention we now service approximately 1 million watches a year."

Doug Waddoups, President, Precision Time

"[Success has] always been about marrying creative, talented technically-oriented people and technologically-superior products to 'good fit' customers. We started with a small number of small business customers and tried to listen hard to their desire to leverage technology to compete. As the market and technologies have grown, so have we."

Robert Darling, President, TecCon, Inc

"I believe the majority of our strong growth we can attribute to our employees at Cardwell Distributing. Our dedicated and team-oriented group of professionals here at Cardwell Distributing set us apart from our competitors in many ways."

Bill Rawson, President and CEO


"Doba simplifies product sourcing by providing instant access to millions of products that can be drop-shipped directly to the customer ... Our biggest success has been our thousands of satisfied customers."

Blaine Nielson, CEO, Doba


"Sorenson Genomics was founded in 2001 by the late James LeVoy Sorenson, a renowned medical device inventor and entrepreneur. His vision for Sorenson Genomics was make DNA testing accessible and affordable to everybody, beginning with ancestry testing. The company has expanded to offer a full spectrum of DNA testing services ... The Identigene DNA Paternity Test Kit is nearing 100,000 units sold since its launch over-the-counter at pharmacy chains in November 2007. Month-over-month sales continue to increase. The kit is sold by the nation's leading retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid in 15,500 store locations."

Douglas Fogg, COO Sorenson Genomics


"No matter how intriguing the concept, a restaurant will eventually succeed or fail on the quality of its freshly made food, store-level management and delivering great food and service. Iggy's continues to focus on the food; if we were satisfied with simple 'pub fare' we wouldn't have the growth."

Hersh Ipaktchian President and CEO


"One of our biggest coups was establishing exclusive agreements with major accounting software vendors in the multi-housing industry. We're also pretty proud of the fact that we've been able to sustain significant growth over the past few years without significant investment capital."

Jim Fitlow, President and CEO


"USANA can attribute its strong and consistent growth to supply and demand. During this recession, the thing that is in demand is income for people to support their families. USANA gives these people an opportunity to earn that income when jobs may not be available and the security that comes with being your own boss."

Dave Wentz, CEO, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.


"One of the greatest successes we've had is we've been able to retain quality employees over a long period of time. We've been in business since 1918 and we have dozens of people who have been with the firm for 35 to 40 years."

John Evans, Director of Business Development, Okland Construction

"While the economy has proven difficult for many companies, CHG looks at it as an opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition by helping clients through their tough times. CHG has been successful because of the financial strength, strong brands and expertise, and most importantly, the great people of the company."

Michael Weinholtz, CEO


"To create, develop and grow a business that offers people health and reprieve during a difficult economic time [has been our biggest success]. We have succeeded in enabling people to find the short getaway needed from the rigors of everyday life when vacations and expensive dinners are not feasible."

Jonathan Rudd, CEO, Namara Group

"I think one of the many things that gives us an advantage is that our various departments and individual team members collectively work well together. Whenever one or more people in our organization spots an opportunity that our business can capitalize on, everyone in our company is really great about stepping up to the plate and getting things done to help make that happen. We consider ourselves fortunate in that area because not every company can say that".

Adam Edmonds, CEO Allegiance, Inc


"My co-founders and I had a great deal of passion and would do whatever it took to make [OrangeSoda] work and I'm glad to say that passion still exists ... We're still growing and building and thinking of what our target customer needs not just from us, but from their online marketing as a whole."

Jay Bean, CEO


Spencer Ferguson, president and founder of Wasatch Software, says his company's exploding growth has been spurred by increased market-share in information technology products and services, as well as strong partnerships with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

According to CEO Ron Stevens, Rocky Mountain Bread Company continues growing despite the economy for numerous reasons, but says that it all comes back to the basics. "In these tough economic times, people are returning to the basics, bread being the staff of life," Stevens says. "Being a family of bakers since 1931, we just know how to make good bread."'s CRM software and built-in dialer solution is helping professional sales reps triple and even quadruple their production. "We are grateful to be recognized for our strong growth and we give the credit to our innovative team of employees," says Dave Elkington, CEO of "We are positioned amid several strong Internet-based, remote sales and cost-cutting trends that have allowed us to grow dramatically even in a down economy, and perhaps because of it. We recently participated with InfoUSA and MIT in a nationwide sales survey that shows inside sales or remote selling is growing at 7.5 percent annually, while traditional outside sales is stagnant at a rate of .5 percent growth. We have been lucky to be both profitable and to catch this pretty strong wave of growth without having to raise money to this point."

Riser Media is a full service creative agency, offering services for branding, online game development, interactive, print, programming and specialty design work. The award-winning company has worked on more than 1,000 projects with clients including Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, NBC and HBO.

Lingotek offers full-service translation solutions to global organizations and government agencies. The company's network includes more than 5,000 qualified, native translators around the world that allows the company to accommodate projects of any size and domain while increasing quality and reducing costs for its clients.

Clark Cotterell, president of Management Recruiters of Salt Lake City, says the company's employees are key to its success. "We believe our growth is a result of our dedicated employees and tremendous client base. We invest a lot of time and resources into the attracting, developing and retaining of our employees. Each of our employees has a passion for what they do and is dedicated to the long-term success of our clients."

Bryce Swanson, general manger of MC2 Consulting attributes the company's growth to its relationships. "All of our customers are also our friends," says Swanson. "We do business in way that allows us to trust our relationships and provides value on both sides of the fence ... If you help enough people get what they want, you'll get what you want."

Founded by Jan Miller in 1998, Logan-based Stander is an inventor and manufacturer of innovative mobility solutions for the bed, bath, couch and the automobile. Since its inception, Stander has become well known for listening to the needs of its market and then inventing affordable, high quality products that meet those needs.

Power Innovations International, a company that provides power and battery backup, is moving forward with momentum, despite the slowing economy, says Robert Mount, CEO and president. "I can't say that the economic uncertainty has had no effect on Power Innovations' business, because it has. The fact remains that our critical applications customers cannot risk power issues. Airport security measures are at an all time high; oil rigs need dependable power to prevent ecological disaster and loss of life; military operations require unsurpassed, reliable power for their applications; and neonatal incubators must not shutdown. Because we still effectively meet these needs for our customers, Power Innovations has been making steady forward progress in 2009."

Orem-based ServerPlus provides outsourced Internet services that help Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of all sizes seize the Internet opportunity in a constantly shifting business and technological environment. The company offers its clients a broad range of Internet solutions, including wholesale dial-up connectivity, outsourced technical support, Web hosting and e-commerce services.

Celebrating its 25th year in 2009, Access Development has built revenue and brand equity by providing turnkey and custom loyalty programs. "The success of Access Development has always been a result of helping others succeed and save money," says Larry Maxfield, founder and CEO of Access. "Our model is able to directly alleviate the financial burdens on both businesses and households in this challenging time, which is why we have maintained continued growth in 2009."

Salt Lake City-based Axis41 comprises a team of communication and program design specialists who strategically use and develop a wide variety of marketing and Web tools to effectively create a measurable voice that radiates from their clients' organizations.


1 MonaVie

2 Omniture Inc.

3 Interbank FX

4 Hyper Interactive Media

5 JWright Development

6 SME Steel Contractors

7 Ascend HR Solutions


9 Access Technology Solutions

10 Spring2 Technologies

11 Oakland Construction

12 MediConnect Global

13 AdvancedMD Software, Inc.

14 AtTask, Inc.

15 Wadman Corporation

16 SkinCareRx

17 Best Vinyl

18 Heritage Makers

19 Sportsman's Warehouse

20 Packsize LLC

21 Christopherso Business Travel

22 Wadsworth Brothers Construction

23 Conservice

24 Simplicity Group

25 C.R. England Global Transportation

26 Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc.

27 Cafe Rio

28 Mindshare Technologies

29 VitalSmarts

30 Innovative Staffing, Inc

31 Veracity Communications

32 Namifiers, LLC

33 Rimrock Construction, LLC

34 MasterControl, Inc


36 Cardwell Distributing

37 Doba

38 Fishbowl

39 Costume Craze

40 Precision Time

41 HIP Enterprises (Iggy's Sports Grill)

42 BHS Marketing

43 TecCon, Inc.

44 CHG Healthcare Services

45 USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

46 Digital Gateway

47 Sorenson Genomics

48 Property Solutions

49 Career Step LLC

50 Rebath of Utah

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5 Okland Construction

6 Sportsman's Warehouse

7 CHG Healthcare Services

8 SME Steel Constructors

9 USANA Healthcare Sciences, Inc

10 Omniture Inc.


These companies have been in business less than five years, but have already experienced skyrocketing growth.

1 Namara Group (Red Mango)

2 OrangeSoda

3 Allegiance, Inc

4 Real Property Management

5 Davinci Virtual

6 ZAGG Inc.

7 Simply Mac, Inc

8 Control4, Inc


Top Companies by Compound Annual Growth

Ready ... Set ... Grow

While our Fast 50 list honors companies that are experiencing strong growth coupled with giant revenues, here's a look at companies ranked purely by compound annual growth.

1 MonaVie

2 Heritage Makers

3 Simplicity Group

4 JWright Development

5 Interbank FX

6 Hyper Interactive Media

7 Wasatch Software, Inc.

8 Property Solutions

9 Access Technology Solutions

10, Inc

11 AtTask, Inc.


13 Omniture Inc.

14 SkinCareRx

15 Fishbowl

16 Spring 2 Technologies

17 Mindshare Technologies

18 TecCon, Inc.

19 AdvancedMD Software, Inc.

20 Doba

21 Namifiers, LLC

22 Packsize LLC

23 Rebath of Utah

24 MediConnect Global

25 Riser Media

26 Lingotek

27 Conservice

28 Ascend HR Solutions

29 Veracity Communications

30 Best Vinyl

31 Stander, Inc

32 MC2 Consulting, Inc

33 Costume Craze

34 SME Steel Contractors

35 Sorenson Genomics

36 Power Innovations International

37 Digital Gateway

38 MasterControl, Inc

39 Wadman Corporation

40 HIP Enterprises (Iggy's Sports Grill)

41 Rocky Mountain Bread

42 Okland Construction

43 ServerPlus

44 Management Recruiters of Salt Lake City

45 VitalSmarts

46 Access Development

47 Axis41

48 Career Step LLC

49 Wadsworth Brothers Construction

50 BHS Marketing
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