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Companies join forces to develop hybrid batteries.

A joint venture between Johnson Controls Inc., Saft Advanced Power, and a major automaker will facilitate development of the next generation of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid vehicles. The companies will invest upwards of $20 million on a European production plant for the batteries.

The shared goal between Johnson Controls and Saft Advanced stretches back to early 2006, when the two joined up to develop lithium-ion batteries for a potentially lighter, more powerful and cheaper source of power for hybrid gasoline- electric vehicles.

The announcement from Johnson Controls and Saft did not name the automaker.

The US Department of Energy will help fund the development contract, which is focused on speeding up development by improving battery power in low temperatures and cutting the cost of producing a battery system.

Contact: Johnson Controls Inc., website; Saft Advanced Power, website
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Publication:Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Today
Date:Sep 8, 2006
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