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Compaction technology improves media handling, cleanliness.

EMD Millipore's compaction technology compacts dry powder cell culture media into granules, accelerating solubility and improving flowability and handling. The compacted media are more convenient to use, allowing biopharmaceutical manufacturers to further optimize their upstream processes. The technology is water-and additive-free and applies compression force to highly homogenous dry powder media, fixing that homogeneity in place and creating granules several millimeters in size. The process does not alter the media's amino acid or vitamin composition, and leaves intact the physico-chemical parameters of dissolved media and feeds, preserving the media's ability to support cell growth and productivity. The resulting compacted media offers important advantages over traditional dry powder media. EMD Millipore Corp., 866-645-5476

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Title Annotation:BIOPHARMA
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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