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Compact but airy, it functions like a two-room cabin.

Compact but airy, it functions like a two-room cabin Small has never seemed larger than at this thousand-square-foot house in Sacramento. With 12-foot ceilings and six pairs of oversize French doors in the long main room, the house has an airy volume that belies its small size. Designed as quarters for one or two, the 26- by 37-foot space functions like an elegant two-room cabin. (Only an 8-by 10-foot bathroom closes to the rest of the house).

The 16-food-wide main room plays the combined role of dining room, living room, office, and bedroom. Rugged but timeless textures of rought-sawn whitewashed wood, plastered walls, and a concrete floor enrich the room. They repeat in the compact kitchen that opens to the main space, and in the set-off hall and bathroom.

Designers were owner David Gibson, a landscape architect, with Brent Smith and Nikke Van Der Heydt Sosnick.
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Date:May 1, 1991
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