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Compact and space-saving Industrial Ethernet switches.

Siemens Automation & Drives is expanding its range of Industrial Ethernet switches with the launch of two new products--the Scalance XB-000 range for low-cost design of small line and star topologies and the new Scalance XF-200 range with flat design.

Furthermore, Siemens Automation & Drives has extended its existing X-100 range by adding a compact switch for power supply over the Ethernet data line.

The switches of the Scalance XB-000 range are unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches with IP20 protection and are suitable for use in industrial environments which are not particularly harsh. Due to the compact box design, the low-cost switches can be simply fitted on a standard DIN rail in a control cabinet. The XB005, XB008. XB004-1 and XB004-1LD versions have up to eight electrical RJ45 ports or four RJ45 ports and a fiber-optic port.

The Scalance XF204IRT is the first switch from the new Scalance XF-200 range. It saves space as a result of its flat design with the cable outlet sloping downward while the plugs are connected as usual from the front. The new switch allows users to design isochronous real-time Ethernet segments. It can be operated directly in a ring topology as a managed switch and used for standby coupling with other network segments in order to guarantee high network availability. Furthermore, it offers all functions of the X-200 range, such as the built-in redundancy manager function.

An unmanaged switch with power-over-Ethernet function supplements the Scalance X-100 range. Two data terminals can then be powered over the Ethernet data line. As this is possible using the existing power supply for the switch, an additional 48-Volt supply is unnecessary, and costs are saved due to the omission of power supply units. The X108PoE switch is suitable for designing electrical star and line topologies in machine and plant components. The integral securing collars permit the connection of up to eight RJ45 FastConnect plugs. Just like all X-100 switches, it has a rugged metal housing with IP30 protection for space-saving installation in a control cabinet--either on a standard DIN rail, on an $7-300 rail, or with direct wall mounting.

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