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Community event for all the lonely people.

A MAN who was so starved of male friendship he got depressed is urging others to stay connected.

Married Bill Penney, 67, who has been retired for 10 years, went months without speaking to another man after leaving regular work.

He said: "I had forgotten completely what it was like to communicate with men.

"I lost the skills to communicate, you lose them and then your confidence.

"Once that's gone, it's extremely hard to get it back."

Bill told the ECHO how there was little going on in Netherton, where he lives, to encourage meeting new people.

But he got involved with Feelgood Factory - who are hosting the "Man Cave" event for lonely men - and now things are looking up. He said: "As a result, I've got involved with other things - it was a revelation to be back in a male group.

"This is just a chance to have a cup of tea and talk to people."

After retiring as a printer in a bank, Bill's life descended into monotony where he wouldn't speak to another man for months on end.

He said: "I have my missus and family - people at the Man Cave may not even have that."

The Netherton Feelgood Factory will be running a Man Cave event on Monday from 11.30am to 2.30pm, to allow local men to get together in a relaxing environment. | Call the Feelgood Factory on 0151 291 8010.


I had forgotten completely what it was like to communicate with other men - Bill Penney, from Netherton Picture: IAN COOPER

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2016
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