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Dynamic Collaboration Model of Production Network Based on Cloud Service Bus. Zhao, Yuan; Liu, Shifeng Jul 12, 2022 5796
Cisco Helps Service Providers Build a Sustainable Internet for the Future with Advancements to Its Converged Network Solution to Lower Costs. Jun 29, 2022 414
Optimal Relay Angle-Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Hu, Huangshui; Guo, Yuxin; Wang, Chuhang; Gao, Dong; Liu, Qinxue Jun 20, 2022 8145
Optimization Design and Performance Analysis of Improved IEEE802.11p MAC Mechanism Based on High Mobility of Vehicle. Peng, Jiankui; Li, Suoping; Dou, Zufang; Yang, Sa Jun 16, 2022 5664
Vampire Attack Mitigation and Network Performance Improvement Using Probabilistic Fuzzy Chain Set with Authentication Routing Protocol and Hybrid Clustering-Based Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network. Alkwai, Lulwah M.; Mohammed Aledaily, Arwa Naser; Almansour, Shahad; Alotaibi, Shoayee Dlaim; Yadav, Jun 14, 2022 5814
Mobility-Sensitive Multicast Protocol in NEMO. Li, Long-Sheng; Chi, Hung-I; Xie, Kai-Chung; Chan, Din-Yuan Report Jun 1, 2022 9652
The technology that's holding back the tide of online fraud - DECTA has the answer. Jun 1, 2022 1054
System Resource Allocation and Rural Industry Revitalization Based on Max-Min Algorithm. Dai, Qiongyao May 31, 2022 6216
System Design and Simulation for Square Dance Movement Monitoring Based on Machine Learning. Lei, Ping Dance review May 19, 2022 6607
Swarm Intelligence with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System-Based Routing Protocol for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks. A-Matarneh, Feras Mohammed; Alqaralleh, Bassam A. Y.; Aldhaban, Fahad; AlQaralleh, Esam A.; Kumar, A May 13, 2022 5871
Evaluation Of LoRaWAN In A Highly Dense Environment With Design Of Common Automated Metering Platform (CAMP) Based On LoRaWAN Protocol. Paul, Timothy D.; Rathinasabapathy, Vimalathithan Report May 1, 2022 7431
Application of IoT Authentication Key Management Algorithm to Personnel Information Management. Wang, Qing; Li, Haoran Apr 21, 2022 7455
Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Virtual Force Disturbing Mobile Sink Node. Yao, Yindi; Xie, Dangyuan; Wang, Chen; Li, Ying; Li, Yangli Report Apr 1, 2022 8193
Optimizations for Mobile MIMO Relay Molecular Communication via Diffusion with Network Coding. Cheng, Zhen; Sun, Jie; Yan, Jun; Tu, Yuchun Report Apr 1, 2022 6552
A Study on Information Classification and Storage in Cloud Computing Data Centers Based on Group Collaborative Intelligent Clustering. Ren, Jie; Liu, Lijuan Mar 25, 2022 7540
Dynamic Analysis of Network Protocol Hiding Behavior Based on Perceptual Mining. Xu, Xiaoyan Feb 27, 2022 4327
Digital Online Marketing As A Tool Of Managing Your Brand (3). Feb 23, 2022 915
Optimization of Heterogeneous Clustering Routing Protocol for Internet of Things in Wireless Sensor Networks. Yang, Shun; Long, Xian'ai; Peng, Hao; Gao, Haibo Jan 19, 2022 5266
Magnetic Induction Technology-Based Wireless Sensor Network for Underground Infrastructure, Monitoring Soil Conditions, and Environmental Observation Applications: Challenges and Future Aspects. Singh, Pratap; Singh, Rishi Pal; Singh, Yudhvir; Chohan, Jasgurpreet Singh; Sharma, Shubham; Sadeghz Jan 7, 2022 13459
Constructions of Optimal Optical Orthogonal Codes with Weights Set {5,7} via Cyclic Packing. Huang, Bichang; Luo, Dan; Zhu, Wenxing Report Jan 3, 2022 7586
Effects of Nodes Mobility on the Energy Consumption of Routing Protocols (AODV, DSDV) in Adhoc Networks. Sadiq, Muhammad; Majid, Abdul; Naveed, Amir; Arif, Muhammad; Asif, Muhammad; Khattak, Amjad Ullah Technical report Jan 1, 2022 3268
Spatial Reuse in IEEE 802.11ax: Whether and How to Use in Practice. Zhu, Deqing; Luan, Shenji Report Dec 1, 2021 5108
QLGR: A Q-learning-based Geographic FANET Routing Algorithm Based on Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning. Qiu, Xiulin; Xie, Yongsheng; Wang, Yinyin; Ye, Lei; Yang, Yuwang Report Nov 1, 2021 11591
An Energy- Efficient Optimal multi-dimensional location, Key and Trust Management Based Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network. Mercy, S. Sudha; Mathana, J.M.; Jasmine, J.S. Leena Report Oct 1, 2021 9992
Adaptive Success Rate-based Sensor Relocation for IoT Applications. Kim, Moonseong; Lee, Woochan Report Sep 1, 2021 6814
An Energy Efficient Intelligent Method for Sensor Node Selection to Improve the Data Reliability in Internet of Things Networks. Remesh, Babu K R; Preetha, K G; Saritha, S; Rinil, K R Report Sep 1, 2021 6480
China's Authorities Push to Accelerate IPv6 Adoption: Should Other Countries Take Note? Sep 1, 2021 435
Qatar Tourism organises training session on 'internal communication protocols' for staff. Sep 1, 2021 174
Qatar Tourism trains staffers on communication protocols. Aug 31, 2021 170
IP Infusion, Wipro Limited to Deliver Validated Disaggregated Networking Solutions. Aug 13, 2021 224
MEC acknowledges receipt of Vuwa's demand: "we will respect the official communication protocols". Aug 5, 2021 418
Performance Analysis of Ryu-POX Controller in Different Tree-Based SDN Topologies. Cabarkapa, Danijel; Rancic, Dejan Report Aug 1, 2021 6457
PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION USING HEURISTIC APPROACH IN OPPORTUNISTIC WSR. Abins, A. Arockia; Katiravan, Jeevaa; Udhaya Sankar, S.M. Aug 1, 2021 5504
MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF INTERNET OF THINGS TRAFFIC IN AD-HOC NETWORKS WITH HYBRID ROUTING. Prokopovych, I.; Lopakov, O.; Kosmachevskiy, V.; Babych, Y.; Shvahirev, P.; Denysova, O. Jul 1, 2021 4838
Elite Adaptive Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Maximizing the Lifespan in LSWSNs. Zhou, Jie; Jia, Wenxian; Liu, Menghan; Xu, Mengying Jun 28, 2021 6624
The Identification of the SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome: Nine Cases Among Patients in Banten Province, Indonesia. Adhiyanto, Chris; Hendarmin, Laifa A.; Suwarsono, Erike A.; Harriyati, Zeti; Suryani; Puspitaningrum Jun 1, 2021 5954
DICT wants to invest in common towers. May 8, 2021 438
Hierarchical Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks: Functional and Performance Analysis. Khan, Muhammad K.; Shiraz, Muhammad; Shaheen, Qaisar; Butt, Shariq Aziz; Akhtar, Rizwan; Khan, Muazz May 8, 2021 11159
On the Performance of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Power Line Communication System under Different Relay Transmission Protocols. Odeyemi, Kehinde O.; Owolawi, Pius A.; Olakanmi, Oladayo O. Report May 1, 2021 4971
Filamentous Fungi Growth as Metaphor for Mobile Communication Networks Routing. Wille, Emilio Carlos Gomes; Da Costa Bento, Clovis Ronaldo Report May 1, 2021 5718
A Secure and Lightweight Three-Factor Remote User Authentication Protocol for Future IoT Applications. Taher, Bahaa Hussein; Liu, Huiyu; Abedi, Firas; Lu, Hongwei; Yassin, Ali A.; Mohammed, Alzahraa J. Apr 28, 2021 12756
Event-Triggered-Based External Consensus Protocol of RBF-ARX-Model-Based Networked Multiagent Systems with Nonlinear Dynamics and Communication Delays. Lei, Qi; Luo, Ying Apr 5, 2021 6298
Profibus Thermal Flow Meters support wide range of applications. Mar 31, 2021 614
GRA Engages Journalists' Network on ECOWAS Protocols. Mar 29, 2021 352
A MAC Protocol of Concurrent Scheduling Based on Spatial-Temporal Uncertainty for Underwater Sensor Networks. Liu, Xin; Du, Xiujuan; Li, Meiju; Wang, Lijuan; Li, Chong Mar 28, 2021 9388
Fuzzy-Model-Based Control for Markov Switching Singularly Perturbed Systems with the Stochastic Communication Protocol. An, Zhiguo; Chen, Qijuan; Liu, Junxiang; Luan, Le; Wang, Yong; Zhou, Kai; Mo, Wenxiong Report Feb 18, 2021 3771
RBM: Region-Based Mobile Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Mukhtar, Muhammad Fahad; Shiraz, Muhammad; Shaheen, Qaisar; Ahsan, Kamran; Akhtar, Rizwan; Changda, Feb 4, 2021 7129
Energy-Aware-AODV: Optimized Route Selection Process based on Ant Colony Optimization--Bacterial Foraging Algorithm (ACO-BFA). Divya, K.; Srinivasan, B. Report Jan 30, 2021 3779
Parameter Detection of an On-Chip Embedded Debugging System of Wireless Sensor Internet Based on LEACH Algorithm. Zhou, Ling-Ao Report Jan 25, 2021 5920
A Robust Self-Organizing Tree-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. He, Qinbin; Mou, Jinping; Lin, Bin Jan 12, 2021 5741
Optimization of Sports Event Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Network. Zhang, Yuan; Zhao, Xuanli; Shen, Jing; Shi, Kaixuan; Yu, Yang Jan 1, 2021 6633
Research of Multidimensional Optimization of LEACH Protocol Based on Reducing Network Energy Consumption. Lin, Chunhua; Jiang, Feng Jan 1, 2021 5639
Parameter Detection of an On-Chip Embedded Debugging System of Wireless Sensor Internet Based on LEACH Algorithm. Zhou, Ling-Ao Report Jan 1, 2021 5920
A Robust Self-Organizing Tree-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. He, Qinbin; Mou, Jinping; Lin, Bin Report Jan 1, 2021 5740
Fuzzy Control-Based Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks. Wang, Xintong; Zheng, Guoqiang; Ma, Huahong; Bai, Weiwei; Wu, Honghai; Ji, Baofeng Jan 1, 2021 6582
Quality of Services Based on Intelligent IoT WLAN MAC Protocol Dynamic Real-Time Applications in Smart Cities. Alnazir, Abbas; Mokhtar, Rania A.; Alhumyani, Hesham; Ali, Elmustafa Sayed; Saeed, Rashid A.; Abdel- Jan 1, 2021 6714
A Novel Approach for Detecting DGA-Based Botnets in DNS Queries Using Machine Learning Techniques. Soleymani, Ali; Arabgol, Fatemeh Jan 1, 2021 5826
Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol Based on Zone for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. Yanfei, Jia; Guangda, Chen; Liquan, Zhao Jan 1, 2021 5239
Performance Analysis of Identifier Locator Communication Cache Effects on ILNPv6 Stack. Kadi, Mohsen; Suleiman, Maher; Jammoul, Samih Jan 1, 2021 6469
Optimizing DODAG Build with RPL Protocol. Niu, Xin Report Jan 1, 2021 4959
Collaborative Attack Detection over MANET Nodes Using Enhanced Routing Protocol for Efficient Data Transmission. Nair, Haripriya; Arunkumar, B.; Venkatesan, Prasanna Report Jan 1, 2021 5092
Slotted ALOHA Based p-Persistent CSMA Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol for WSNs. Alhajji, Sukaina Shukur; Alabady, Salah Abdulghani Jan 1, 2021 4547
Generative Adversarial Network Performance in Low-Dimensional Settings. Jimenez, Felix; Koepke, Amanda; Gregg, Mary; Frey, Michael Jan 1, 2021 6641
Hybrid PSO and Evolutionary Game Theory Protocol for Clustering and Routing in Wireless Sensor Network. Song, Yu; Liu, Zhigui; He, Xiaoli Oct 31, 2020 12359
Research on Urban Traffic Signal Control Systems Based on Cyber Physical Systems. Zhang, Li-li; Zhao, Qi; Wang, Li; Zhang, Ling-yu Report Oct 23, 2020 8028
IoT-Based Healthcare Support System for Alzheimer's Patients. Oskouei, Rozita Jamili; MousaviLou, Zahra; Bakhtiari, Zohreh; Jalbani, Khuda Bux Oct 17, 2020 11404
Provably Secure Crossdomain Multifactor Authentication Protocol for Wearable Health Monitoring Systems. Zhang, Hui; Qian, Yuanyuan; Jiang, Qi Sep 24, 2020 9644
EH-UWSN: Improved Cooperative Routing Scheme for UWSNs Using Energy Harvesting. Ahmed, Sheeraz; Ali, Malik Taimur; Alothman, Asma A.; Nawaz, Asif; Shahzad, M.; Shah, Ahmed Ali; Ahm Sep 22, 2020 10862
Survivability Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols under DOS Attacks. Abbas, Sohail; Haqdad, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Zahid; Ur Rehman, Haseeb; Khan, Ajab; Khan, Atta ur Sep 1, 2020 10041
Mutual Friendly Force Identification Protocol based on Hash-Chain for Personal Combat Systems. Lee, Jongkwan Sep 1, 2020 4911
Enhancing Irregular Repetition Slotted ALOHA with Polarization Diversity in LEO Satellite Networks. Su, Jingrui; Ren, Guangliang; Zhao, Bo; Ding, Jian Report Sep 1, 2020 5729
Mobile IPv6 Vertical Handover Specifications, Threats, and Mitigation Methods: A Survey. Praptodiyono, Supriyanto; Firmansyah, Teguh; Alaydrus, Mudrik; Santoso, M. Iman; Osman, Azlan; Abdul Aug 31, 2020 14105
A Survey of Key Technologies for Constructing Network Covert Channel. Tian, Jing; Xiong, Gang; Li, Zhen; Gou, Gaopeng Aug 31, 2020 15163
Impact of Node Density on the QoS Parameters of Routing Protocols in Opportunistic Networks for Smart Spaces. Garg, Puneet; Dixit, Ashutosh; Sethi, Preeti; Pinheiro, Placido Rogerio Report Aug 31, 2020 10469
Adaptive Fractional-Order Operator Clock Synchronization Algorithm Based on Grey Prediction. Hongwei, Yang; Long, Wang; Jing, Zhang; Li, Li Aug 31, 2020 8111
Analysis and Improvement on an Authentication Protocol for IoT-Enabled Devices in Distributed Cloud Computing Environment. Kang, Baoyuan; Han, Yanbao; Qian, Kun; Du, Jianqi Report Jul 31, 2020 4867
TAD-HOC Routing Protocol for Efficient VANET and Infrastructure-Oriented Communication Network. Sadakale, Ranjit; Ramesh, N.V.K.; Patil, Rajendrakumar Jul 31, 2020 6334
Hierarchical Protocol Based on Recursive Clusters for Smart Parking Applications Using Internet of Things (IOT). Hilmani, Adil; Maizate, Abderrahim; Hassouni, Larbi Jul 31, 2020 8895
Schneider, Cisco partner to bridge operational technology. Jul 2, 2020 338
An Improved Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Wearable Health Monitoring Systems. Mo, Jiaqing; Shen, Wei; Pan, Weisheng May 31, 2020 11590
Cybersecurity Framework for IIoT-Based Power System Connected to Microgrid. Jang, Ji Woong; Kwon, Sungmoon; Kim, SungJin; Seo, Jungtaek; Oh, Junhyoung; Lee, Kyung-ho May 1, 2020 5281
Virtual Network Construction Technique, Treating All VPNs Simultaneously. Krile, Srecko; Medvecky, Martin Apr 1, 2020 6060
Network Coding-Based Fault Diagnosis Protocol for Dynamic Networks. Jarrah, Hazim; Chong, Peter Han Joo; Sarkar, Nurul I.; Gutierrez, Jairo Apr 1, 2020 9408
Modeling Geographical Anycasting Routing in Vehicular Networks. Amirshahi, Alireza; Romoozi, Morteza; Raayatpanah, Mohammad Ali; Asghari, Seyyed Amir Apr 1, 2020 8878
Investigating Intrusion Detection Security Techniques in Cloud-Based Networks. Sani, Meisam Sharifi Apr 1, 2020 10160
A Proficient Bee Colony-Clustering Protocol to Prolong Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks. Pathak, Aruna Mar 31, 2020 6623
A Robust IoT-Based Three-Factor Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing Resistant to Session Key Exposure. Wang, Feifei; Xu, Guosheng; Xu, Guoai; Wang, Yuejie; Peng, Junhao Mar 31, 2020 12567
Cryptanalysis and Security Improvement of Two Authentication Schemes for Healthcare Systems Using Wireless Medical Sensor Networks. Mo, Jiaqing; Hu, Zhongwang; Lin, Yuhua Mar 31, 2020 11655
Optimized Cluster-Based Dynamic Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in Agriculture Precision. Qureshi, Kashif Naseer; Bashir, Muhammad Umair; Lloret, Jaime; Leon, Antonio Mar 1, 2020 9462
Evaluation of Bandwidth Management Technique using Dynamic LSP Tunnelling and LDP in MPLS for Sustainable Mobile Wireless Networks. Mustapha, Oba Zubair; Hu, Yim Fun; Sheriff, Ray E.; A. Abd-Alhameed, Raed; Ali, Muhammad Mar 1, 2020 5520
The Rise of IPv4 Address Thefts: How Can IP Data Centers Ensure Better Security. Feb 1, 2020 582
The Rise of IPv4 Address Thefts: How Can IP Data Centers Ensure Better Security? Feb 1, 2020 577
Attribute-Guard: Attribute-Based Flow Access Control Framework in Software-Defined Networking. Zhu, Xianwei; Chang, ChaoWen; Xi, Qin; Zuo, ZhiBin Jan 1, 2020 9270
SDN-Based Centralized Downlink Scheduling with Multiple APs Cooperation in WLANs. Lei, Jianjun; Wang, Ying; Xia, Ying Jan 1, 2020 9620
The Statistics of Computer Clocks and the Design of Synchronization Algorithms. Levine, Judah Jan 1, 2020 19927
QoS Strategies for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks in the Context of IoT at the MAC Layer, Application Layer, and Cross-Layer Algorithms. Bernard, Muwonge Ssajjabbi; Pei, Tingrui; Nasser, Kimbugwe Jan 1, 2020 23341
DEVELOPMENT OF MACHINE MONITORING SYSTEM. Polak, Roman; Lasova, Vaclava; Bernardin, Petr; Janda, Petr; Svagr, Marcel Jan 1, 2020 1827
A Dual Band Notched UWB Antenna with Optimized DGS Using Genetic Algorithm. Derbal, Mohammed C.; Zeghdoud, Abdelbaki; Nedil, Mourad Report Jan 1, 2020 2000
Energy-Efficient QoS-Aware Intelligent Hybrid Clustered Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Singh, Parvinder; Singh, Rajeshwar Dec 31, 2019 6745
A Lightweight Secure User Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Mo, Jiaqing; Chen, Hang Dec 31, 2019 14178
A Provably Secure and Lightweight Identity-Based Two-Party Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. Li, Quanrun; Hsu, Ching-Fang; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond; He, Debiao Dec 31, 2019 12372
A Network Coding-Based Braided Multipath Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Li, Zhihua; Xu, Minda; Liu, Tingxu; Yu, Lei Dec 31, 2019 15199
Robust Protocol-Based [H.sub.[infinity]] Consensus Control of Time-Varying Uncertain Multiagent Systems Subject to Missing Measurements. Sun, Mengmeng; Chen, Dongyan Dec 31, 2019 5886
VPN Traffic Detection in SSL-Protected Channel. Abideen, Muhammad Zain ul; Saleem, Shahzad; Ejaz, Madiha Nov 30, 2019 6516
Smart Lock Market Growth is Fueled by Increasing Number of Smart Buildings. Nov 21, 2019 829
L7TR Announces 6LoWPAN Support on its IoT suite VPS+. Nov 10, 2019 200
L7TR Announces the Integration of SNMPv3 Into Its IoT Suite VPS+. Nov 6, 2019 181
L7TR Announces the Integration of CoAP to Its IoT Suite VPS+. Oct 30, 2019 197
Body Control Module Market Progresses for Huge Profits During 2027. Oct 24, 2019 871
A Secure and Efficient ECC-Based Anonymous Authentication Protocol. Wang, Feifei; Xu, Guoai; Gu, Lize Sep 30, 2019 10660
An Application-Aware Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks to Provide QoS Management. Rozas, Alba; Araujo, Alvaro Sep 30, 2019 6472
G-DCF: Improving System Spectral Efficiency through Concurrent Transmissions in Wireless LANs. Eliab, Ayinebyona; Kim, Yonghwi; Lee, Joosang; Lee, Jeong-Gun; So, Jungmin Sep 30, 2019 10961
HONOR unveils 5G R&D centre. Sep 17, 2019 147
Renesas Electronics solution supports protocols, reduces development time in industrial network. Sep 13, 2019 283
Renesas Electronics solution supports protocols, reduces development time in industrial network. Sep 13, 2019 268
Renesas Electronics solution supports protocols, reduces development time in industrial network. Sep 13, 2019 283
L7TR Announces the Integration of IEEE 802.15.4 Into Its Virtual Layered Network Protocol IDE, VPS. Sep 4, 2019 205
Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocols for Low-Cost Passive RFID Tags. Khalid, Madiha; Mujahid, Umar; Muhammad, Najam-ul-Islam Aug 31, 2019 18651
CenturyLink holds the top spot in the 2019 IHS Markit North American SIP Trunking Scorecard; - By Diane Myers, senior research director, IHS Markit. Aug 14, 2019 390
Mineracao Perspecta awarded $162M program from U.S. Air Force. Aug 14, 2019 111
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 286
whiteCryption Secure Key Box adds TLS support for end-to-end data security across networks. Aug 9, 2019 303
Clever Tools To Simplify Sion Initiation Protocol (SIP) Market Shake Up In Key Market Trends Key Player Panasonic, Cisco, Mitel, Polycom, Grandstream. Aug 9, 2019 1102
PD-DESYNC: Practical and Deterministic Desynchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks. Hyun, Sang-Hyun; Kim, Geon; Yang, Dongmin Aug 1, 2019 7247
Shortest Path Routing Protocol Based on the Vertical Angle for Underwater Acoustic Networks. Li, Meiju; Du, Xiujuan; Liu, Xin; Li, Chong Jul 31, 2019 8125
A Provably Secure Biometrics-Based Authentication Scheme for Multiserver Environment. Wang, Feifei; Xu, Guoai; Wang, Chenyu; Peng, Junhao Jul 31, 2019 9957
Huawei's EROFS file system, GPU Turbo 3.0 to be rolled out for Huawei P30 Lite, P20 Lite, Nova3i, Huawei Y9 and other handsets. Jul 17, 2019 355
Trust based Secure Reliable Route Discovery in Wireless Mesh Networks. Navmani, T.M.; Yogesh, P. Jul 1, 2019 11489
Performance Analysis of a Novel Distributed C-ARQ Scheme for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks. Wang, Fan; Li, Suoping; Dou, Zufang; Hai, Shexiang Jul 1, 2019 9052
MCRO-ECP: Mutation Chemical Reaction Optimization based Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Daniel, Ravuri; Rao, Kuda Nageswara Jul 1, 2019 7644
A Multilayer Secured Messaging Protocol for REST-based Services. Eteng, Idongesit E.; Olufemi, Oluwaseun O. Report Jul 1, 2019 5475
Security-Aware Scheduling for FlexRay-Based Real-Time Automotive Systems. Zhao, R.; Qin, G.H.; Chen, H.P.; Qin, J.; Yan, J. Jun 30, 2019 11430
L7TR Now Integrates IoT CoAP Into Its VPS Suite. Jun 26, 2019 195
Saudi Arabia stays ahead of field in move toward cashless society. Jun 14, 2019 551
5G: The Fifth Generation of Mobile Network Communication Technology. Jun 8, 2019 872
Adaptive Range-Based Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol in Wireless Full-duplex Ad Hoc Networks. Song, Yu; Qi, Wangdong; Cheng, Wenchi Report Jun 1, 2019 11485
On the Properties of Epistemic and Temporal Epistemic Logics of Authentication. Ahmadi, Sharar; Fallah, Mehran S.; Pourmahdian, Massoud Jun 1, 2019 13263
New Authentication Scheme to Secure against the Phishing Attack in the Mobile Cloud Computing. Munivel, E.; Kannammal, A. May 31, 2019 7060
Priority-Based Pipelined-Forwarding MAC Protocol for EH-WSNs. Shim, Kyuwook; Park, Hyung-Kun May 31, 2019 3636
Leader-Following Consensus for Second-Order Nonlinear Multiagent Systems with Input Saturation via Distributed Adaptive Neural Network Iterative Learning Control. Deng, Xiongfeng; Sun, Xiuxia; Liu, Shuguang; Zhang, Boyang May 31, 2019 6536
China steps up deploying IPv6-based network. May 3, 2019 195
Optimal LEACH Protocol with Improved Bat Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks. Cai, Xingjuan; Sun, Youqiang; Cui, Zhihua; Zhang, Wensheng; Chen, Jinjun Report May 1, 2019 8877
Inductive Method for Evaluating RFID Security Protocols. Liu, Defu; Yang, Guowu; Huang, Yong; Wu, Jinzhao Apr 30, 2019 6152
A Flow-Based and Operator-Centric Dynamic Mobility Management Scheme for Proxy Mobile IPv6. Leiter, Akos; Bokor, Laszlo Apr 30, 2019 9625
SSPSoC: A Secure SDN-Based Protocol over MPSoC. Ellinidou, Soultana; Sharma, Gaurav; Rigas, Theo; Vanspouwen, Tristan; Markowitch, Olivier; Dricot, Apr 30, 2019 6984
Design and Implementation of Location and Activity Monitoring System Based on LoRa. Lin, Shengwei; Ying, Ziqiang; Zheng, Kan Report Apr 1, 2019 3666
Phase Offset Analysis of Asymmetric Communications Infrastructure in Smart Grid. Hasan, Mohammad Kamrul; Yousoff, Siti Hajar; Ahmed, Musse Mohamud; Hashim, Aisha Hassan Abdalla; Ism Report Apr 1, 2019 3103
Mobily Successfully Conducts Joint Test for 5G NSA (Option 3) on Huawei's Core Network. Mar 28, 2019 280
PathSolutions announces 2 new patents. Mar 14, 2019 191
PathSolutions announces 2 new patents. Mar 14, 2019 182
PathSolutions announces 2 new patents. Mar 14, 2019 191
New technologies extend the life of legacy networks. Schweder, Jeanne Mar 8, 2019 1708
Pilot Contamination Effect Mitigation in Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output System and Analysis of Mitigation Techniques. Waziri, Saidu M.; Abdulrazaq, Muhammad B.; Tekanyi, Abdoulie M. S.; Mohammad, Abdullahi; Abdulkareem Report Mar 1, 2019 6449
Interference-free Clustering Protocol for Large-Scale and Dense Wireless Sensor Networks. Chen, Zhihong; Lin, Hai; Wang, Lusheng; Zhao, Bo Report Mar 1, 2019 9195
Design and Implementation of Distributed Charge Signal Processing Software for Smart Slow and Quick Electric Vehicle Charge. Chang, Tae Uk; Ryu, Young Su; Song, Seul Ki; Kwon, Ki Won; Paik, Jong Ho Report Mar 1, 2019 3478
5G vulnerable to snooping: Report. Feb 2, 2019 237
Optimization Approach for Throughput and Lifetime Maximization of Energy Aware MANET. Agbon, Ezekiel E.; Awe, Micheal G.; Yarima, Hamisu I.; Njoku, Frank C.; Rahman, Ibrahim Report Feb 1, 2019 4339
An Improved Lightweight Two-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Dynamic Identity Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Qiu, Shuming; Xu, Guosheng; Ahmad, Haseeb; Xu, Guoai; Qiu, Xinping; Xu, Hong Report Feb 1, 2019 11720
Is investment industry transparency just a buzzword? By abandoning the 'protocol,' firms are selling their investors short. Sedoric, Tom; Snyder, Casey Column Jan 18, 2019 674
An Improved Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme for Cloud Computing. Baharon, Mohd Rizuan; Shi, Qi; Abdollah, Mohd Faizal; Mohamed, S.M.Warusia; Yassin, S.M.M.; Idris, A Report Dec 1, 2018 5948
Node Activities Learning (NAL)Approach to Build Secure and Privacy-Preserving Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. Rao, K. Ramesh; Rao, S.N. Tirumala; Reddy, P. Chenna Report Dec 1, 2018 4745
A Robust Energy Saving Data Dissemination Protocol for IoT-WSNs. Kim, Moonseong; Park, Sooyeon; Lee, Woochan Report Dec 1, 2018 6737
Cable ONE Business launches Business SIP trunks. Nov 7, 2018 279
Cable ONE Business launches Business SIP trunks. Nov 7, 2018 268
Cable ONE Business launches Business SIP trunks. Nov 7, 2018 279
Wi-Fi Market : Evolving Technology, Trends and Industry Analysis (2016-2026). Nov 6, 2018 237
An Intelligent MAC Protocol Selection Method based on Machine Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks. Qiao, Mu; Zhao, Haitao; Huang, Shengchun; Zhou, Li; Wang, Shan Report Nov 1, 2018 8472
Stepper drives for Ethernet and Fieldbus network protocols. Oct 17, 2018 363
Stepper drives for Ethernet and Fieldbus network protocols. Oct 17, 2018 358
IoT Communication Protocol Market: Increased adoption of wireless sensors fuels growth. Oct 17, 2018 164
Pundi X launches blockchain-powered phone. Oct 10, 2018 596
MDA-SMAC: An Energy-Efficient Improved SMAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks. Donghong, Xu; Ke, Wang Report Oct 1, 2018 8095
SIP telephony service from "AzerTelecom" for corporate customers. Sep 29, 2018 261
Survey on Single Path and Multipath Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. Saeed, Nimrah; Murad, Maryam; Nawaz, Mehmood; Irum, Misbah Report Sep 1, 2018 3088
A Survey on Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks: Perspectives on Protocol Design for Signaling, MAC and Routing. Sharif-Yazd, Mohammad; Khosravi, Mohammad Reza; Moghimi, Mohammad Kazem Report Sep 1, 2018 4244
A Dynamic Approach to MIB Polling for Software Defined Monitoring. Biswas, Israfil; Abu-Tair, Mamun; Morrow, Philip; McClean, Sally; Scotney, Bryan; Parr, Gerard Report Sep 1, 2018 5552
Not Your Father's Fieldbus. Aug 1, 2018 718
Upgrading Legacy Systems for the IIoT. Aug 1, 2018 734
A Multilevel Scheduling MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks. Sampath, Sri Lekha; Subashini, S. Report Aug 1, 2018 6240
Study on OSPF Algebraic Formal Modelling Using ACP. Roig, Pedro Juan; Alcaraz, Salvador; Gilly, Katja; Juiz, Carlos Report Aug 1, 2018 4939
Relaying Protocols and Delay Analysis for Buffer-aided Wireless Powered Cooperative Communication Networks. Zhan, Jun; Tang, Xiaohu; Chen, Qingchun Technical report Aug 1, 2018 10214
Energy-Aware Routing for CubeSat Swarms. Madni, Mohamed Atef Ali; Raad, Raad; Raad, Mohamad Jul 1, 2018 4709
An Intelligent Routing Protocol Based on DYMO for MANET. Hamamreh, Rushdi A.; Salah, Omar I. Jul 1, 2018 2899
An Energy-Efficient Clustering Routing Protocol for WSN based on MRHC. Hamamreh, Rushdi A.; Haji, Moath M.; Qutob, Ahmad A. Jul 1, 2018 5331
A Comprehensive Survey of Security Related Challenges in Internet of Things. Ezema, E.; Abdullah, A.; Sani, N.F.M. Report Jul 1, 2018 3613
Next Generation 911 Technologies: Select Issues for Congress. Gallagher, Jill C. Jul 1, 2018 5892
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How To Protect Yourself From A WPA2 Krack Attack. Oct 17, 2017 1675
NICE provides domestic bank, voice-based authentication solution in Indonesia. Oct 3, 2017 210
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Lawo upgrades REALAY Virtual Radio Mixer Software. Jul 30, 2017 331
Entertainment company chooses Echelon System on a Chip. Jul 6, 2017 278
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Paslaugu kokybes utikrinimas naudojant OpenFlow protokola. Duoba, Liudas Report Jun 1, 2017 1940
NEC, Dell EMC bring network virtualization to enterprise environments. May 12, 2017 225
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Enhanced functionality. Apr 1, 2017 120
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