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Articles from Communications of the ACM (March 1, 2001)

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A Commonsense Opportunity for Computing. RIECKEN, DOUG 951
A Cyberpublishing Manifesto. Berghel, Hal 2199
A Just-in-Time Software-based World. WINBLAD, ANN; GORENBERG, MARK 511
A Larger Role in the Public Policy Process for User Control. SCHWARTZ, ARI 939
Accountability Through Transparency; Life in 2050. MEEKS, BROCK N. 990
ACM Awards Banquet to Be Held in March in San Jose. Benton, Janet G. 148
ACM Digital Library Update. Benton, Janet G. 1314
ACM Student Chapter Active in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Benton, Janet G. 578
ACM's New AND Noteworthy Products. Benton, Janet G. 1830
ACM1 Educators Day Gives the Big Picture. Benton, Janet G. 557
ACM1 Exposition March, 2001 San Jose, California. Benton, Janet G. 539
Affecting Humanity. SELKER, TED 655
ANNUAL REPORT 2000. Simons, Barbara 1921
Astronauts and Mosquitoes. BOVE, V. MICHAEL JR. 602
Back to the Future. CONSTANTINE, LARRY L. 1558
Bandwidth and the Creation of Awareness. COOPER, MARTIN 1084
Be Absolute for Death: Life after Moore's Law. CRINGELY, ROBERT X. 628
Calling All Faculty! Benton, Janet G. Brief Article 101
Can Freedom Withstand E-Books? STALLMAN, RICHARD 389
Closing the Circle of Information Technology. COLWELL, RITA R. 864
Closing the Fluency Gap. RESNICK, MITCHEL 813
Commentary: ACM1 Master-of-Ceremonies Bob Metcalfe Discusses Upcoming Conference. Benton, Janet G. 1741
Computational Bioimaging for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER R. 752
Computer Security--An End State? BELLOVIN, STEVEN M. 811
Computers and Biology. COHEN, JACQUES 524
Computers: Boon or Bane? Neumann, Peter G.; Parnas, David L. 754
Continuum Computer Architecture for Exaflops Computation. STERLING, THOMAS 1142
CRC "MyProfile" is the Next Big Thing! Benton, Janet G. 723
Cyborgs. NORMAN, DONALD A. 1245
Developing the Future. BOOCH, GRADY 1673
Digital Experience. JAIN, RAMESH Column 1032
Digital Immortality. Bell, C. Gordon; GRAY, JIM 935
Editorial Pointers. Crawford, Diane 383
Education is the Key to Future Dreams. GLENN, JOHN 742
Electronic Empire. TOWNSEND, ANTHONY M.; BENNETT, JAMES T. 1283
Forget the Past to Win the Future. TSICHRITZIS, DENNIS 909
Gateway Added to MVP Program! Benton, Janet G. 137
Insurance and the Computer Industry. SCHNEIER, BRUCE 824
Inventing the Future. HOLTZBLATT, KAREN 1114
Keep (Over)reaching for the Stars. GANESAN, RAVI 704
Look to the Past to Envision the Future. BRICKLIN, DAN 611
Many Zeros Ahead. DENNING, PETER J. 541
Never Lost, Never Forgotten. CROWCROFT, JON 474
New Fellows to be Inducted at Banquet. Benton, Janet G. 185
New International Student Research Contest. Benton, Janet G. 207
News Track. Fox, Robert 921
Nominations for 2001 Awards. Benton, Janet G. 158
Promise and Peril--The Deeply intertwined Poles of 21st Century Technology. Kurzweil, Raymond 1480
Pushing Functionality into Even Smaller Devices. MINER, CAMERON 973
SIG Conferences Coming Up In May. Benton, Janet G. 582
Software as Currency. Armour, Phillip G. 886
Spiritual Life and Information Technology. MULLER, MICHAEL J.; CHRISTIANSEN, ELLEN; NARDI, BONNIE; DRAY, SUSAN 726
The Computer isn't the Medium, It's the Message. SCHANK, ROGER C. 829
The Computer-Mediated Economy. VARIAN, HAL R. 655
The Demise of Sovereignty. GROSSO, ANDREW 1169
The Desktop Fab. JACOBSON, JOSEPH 921
The Digital Physics of Data Mining. FAYYAD, USAMA 1632
The End of Computing Science? DIJKSTRA, EDSGER W. 488
The Future is Ours. KAPPELMAN, LEON Column 1014
The Future of the Internet Digital Divide. CHON, KILNAM 548
The Paradox of Place. HORAN, THOMAS A. 892
The Ubiquitous Beauty of User-Aware Software. PANCAKE, CHERRI 525
The Wireless Web. VETTER, RON 843
Toward a New Politics of Intellectual Property. SAMUELSON, PAMELA 1256
Ultimate Cryptography. DIFFIE, WHITFIELD 1522
Universal Literacy--A Challenge for Computing in the 21st Century. BORG, ANITA 1178
User Interfaces: Disappearing, Dissolving, and Evolving. VAN DAM, ANDRIES Column 1155
Virtual Beings. BADLER, NORMAN I. 957
Wearables in 2048. SCHWARTZ, STEVEN J. 490
When Computers Speak, Hear, and Understand. LAI, JENNIFER 1382
When Everything Is Searchable. BREWER, ERIC A. 1674
When the Network Is Everything. WALDO, JIM 1063
Will Software Ever Work? LIEBERMAN, HENRY; FRY, CHRISTOPHER 1525

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