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Communications: undergraduate.

A. Rodger Denison Competition--Undergraduate Division River Valley Room--Memorial Union
Moderator: Dr. Ron Jyring, Bismarck State College

Judges: Ms. Melissa Kennedy, University of North Dakota
 Dr. Margaret Nordlie, University of Mary

1:15 Welcome Dr. Jyring

1:20 "Ectypodus lovei from the Medicine Pole Hills local fauna
 (Chadronian, latest Eocene), Bowman County, ND," Karew
 Schumaker * and Allen J. Kihm, Department of Geosciences,
 Minot State University.

1:40 "Heavy mineral analysis of sandstone using an XRD-Rietveld
 Method." Roy P. Kight *, Christopher A. Cool, John R. Webster,
 and Ryan S. Winburn, Minot State University.

2:00 "Comparison of population characteristics and morphological
 features of painted turtles from two sloughs in western
 Minnesota," Joanna M. Schmit *, Candice J. Zemlicka, Deanna M.
 Thompson, and Donna M. Bruns Stockrahm, Department of Biology,
 Minnesota State University-Moorhead.

2:20 "Auxin induced leaf growth inhibition in Phaseolus vulgaris."
 Traci Tranby * and Christopher P. Keller, Minot State University.

2:40 "Effects of light, growth history and temperature on larval life
 history parameters of Ambystomatid salamanders," Lori S. Ihli *
 and Christopher K. Beachy, Department of Biology, Minot State

3:00 BREAK

3:20 "Correlation between variation in flight speeds and wing
 morphology of North American dabbling ducks (Anus)," William
 E. Langer *, Department of Biology, Minot State University.

3:40 "The role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress in cardiac
 ventricular myocyte excitation-contraction coupling
 dysfunction under simulated diabetes," Lucy Esberg * and
 Jun Ren, Department of Pharmacology, Physiology, and
 Therapuetics, University of North Dakota.

4:00 "Thermal desorption of mercury from coal fly ash," Amy L.
 Gieske, * Linnea M. Schluessler, and David J. Hassett, Energy &
 Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota.

4:20 "Dietary copper but not dietary zinc decreases protein kinase
 C[alpha] expression and dimethylhydrazine-induced aberrant crypt
 loci formation in the rat colon," Erin Fox *, Cindy D. Davis,
 and W. Thomas Johnson, USDA-ARS Human Nutrition Center, Grand

4:40 "The ontogeny of tibial spurs in Eurycea salamanders," Jessica
 Edgell *, Heidi Richter, and Christopher K. Beachy, Department
 of Biology, Minor State University.
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Publication:Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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