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Communication system proves to be the missing link., the web-based property communications and operations system for residential and commercial buildings, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, and is thriving.

The Long Island City-based firm was established in 2001, after Jerry Kestenbaum, the company's president and founder, discovered that staff members in his own building had been unable to contact him during an emergency situation because they were relying on outdated tenant contact information.

In response to his frustration, Kestenbaum created a flexible database system, enabling the online exchange of timely record keeping and task tracking information between tenants, building owners, managers, front desk staff and maintenance workers. What began as an integrated contact management system rapidly expanded over the years in response to the needs of over 30 property management companies, to include such diverse functionality as front desk package tracking, visitor/contractor badging, work order management, permission to enter and keys out coordination, document sharing, online surveys, preventative maintenance and more.

BuildingLink's growing client subscription roster includes over 200 of the top high-rise luxury rental, coop and condominium properties in the New York area. Enthusiastic endorsements from satisfied managers, residents and front desk building personnel is BuildingLink's primary mode of attracting new clients. "We are fanatic about quality, ease of use, and customer service," says Ben Millspaugh, BuildingLink's chief technology officer. "People are used to a very low level of responsiveness and quality from hardware and software vendors; but we view ourselves as providers of a vital service upon which our buildings depend minute by minute, and we try to respond to all requests for assistance out of that sense of urgency."

BuildingLink's Implementation Manager, Fran Besdin, said, "When we started out, building owners and managers had to be convinced that their staff could master the computer skills needed to use BuildingLink. Now, when new buildings open and begin hiring staff, the new employees coming on board already know and have used BuildingLink elsewhere."

BuildingLink currently has over 50,000 apartments enrolled and continues to add services to enhance the program.
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Date:Mar 8, 2006
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