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ACE and Research: The Difference Between "Mere Press Agent" and Strategic Partner. North, Elizabeth Gregory President's page Jun 1, 2019 668
Engaging Dairy Farmers in Safety Messages: Values, Moral Norms, Barriers, and Implications for Communication. Wilmes, Emily; Swenson, Rebecca Report Mar 1, 2019 9065
Exploring Communication Tendencies of Program Facilitators. Kurtzo, Fawn; Edgar, Leslie D.; Edgar, Don W.; Graham, Donna L.; Russell, Mark Report Mar 1, 2019 6356
Interdisciplinary Studies. Sep 22, 2018 2593
Preferred information channels and source trustworthiness: assessing communication methods used in Florida's battle against citrus greening. Telg, Ricky; Irani, Tracy; Monaghan, Paul; Chiarelli, Christy; Scicchitano, Michael; Johns, Tracy Report May 1, 2012 6270
Globalization amid the Cornfields: Teaching Sustainable Practices in the American Midwest. Essay May 1, 2010 353
Talking the talk: communicating with IT. Ennis, Lisa A. Column Sep 1, 2008 2209
Commissioned assignments in environmental policy. Russill, Chris Mar 22, 2006 2887
Originality is a risk. Guzy, Annmarie Mar 22, 2005 1016
The "cyber summit" and women: incorporating gender into information and communication technology UN policies. Cooks, Leda; Isgro, Kirsten Jan 1, 2005 7715
Improving technological literacy: the first step is understanding what is meant by "technology." Then we must try to reach the broadest possible audience. Young, A. Thomas; Cole, Jonathan R.; Denton, Denice Jun 22, 2002 4152
What Americans know (or think they know) about technology. (Real Numbers). Pearson, Greg Jun 22, 2002 1143
From the bottom up? Technical committee activity and alliance formation. Rosenkopf, Lori; Metiu, Anca; George, Varghese P. Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 12553
"Tech Solutions" Powered by Naval Research. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 247
Teamwork Requires Cooperation, Communication. Campbell, Kim Sydow; Hayhoe, George F. Feb 1, 2000 1231
Communication in Cross-functional Teams: An Introduction to This Special Issue. SMART, KARL L.; BARNUM, CAROL Feb 1, 2000 1663
Knowledge Management and Pharmaceutical Development Teams: Using Writing to Guide Science. BERNHARDT, STEPHEN A.; McCULLEY, GEORGE A. Feb 1, 2000 10019
Communication Channels Used by Technical Writers Throughout the Documentation Process. McGEE, LYNN Feb 1, 2000 10246
Situated Learning in Cross-functional Virtual Teams. ROBEY, DANIEL; KHOO, HUOY MIN; POWERS, CAROLYN Feb 1, 2000 11296
The Technical Communicator's Role in Initiating Cross-functional Teams. MARCHWINSKI, THERESA; MANDZIUK, KAREN Feb 1, 2000 6835
Technical Communication as Business Strategy: How Changes in Discursive Patterns Affect the Value of Technical Communication in Cross-functional Team Settings. NORTON, DAVID W. Feb 1, 2000 9337
Matching Collaboration Technologies to Team Needs: Accommodating Document Management and Communication Goals. Ray, Deborah S.; Ray, Eric J. Feb 1, 2000 3000
A Corporate Library Making the Transition from Traditional to Web Publishing. Primich, Tracy; Varnum, Ken Nov 1, 1999 2974
Learning by Example. Hayhoe, George F. Aug 1, 1999 1391
Best of Show and Distinguished Technical Communication Winners. Bartholomew, Barbara; Bates, Michael; David, Forel; Hauslinger, Sarah Lee Aug 1, 1999 7662
When Persuasion Fails: Coping with Power Struggles. Moore, Patrick Aug 1, 1999 7048
Technical Communicators and Online Help: The Developers' and Users' Perspectives. Fisher, Julie Aug 1, 1999 3399
Interviews with STC Exemplars. Staples, Katherine Aug 1, 1999 6841
RECENT AND RELEVANT. Reaves, Rita Bibliography Aug 1, 1999 4494
Information Structure: The Key to Enhancing Search Tool Capabilities and Providing Better Searchability. Ray, Deborah S.; Ray, Eric J. Aug 1, 1999 3171
Communicating with the World. Hayhoe, George F. May 1, 1999 1441
Global Issues, Local Concerns. Hoft, Nancy May 1, 1999 2423
Improving Translatability and Readability with Syntactic Cues. Kohl, John R. May 1, 1999 11302
Illustrations in User Manuals: Preference and Effectiveness with Japanese and American Readers. Fukuoka, Waka; Kojima, Yukiko; Spyridakis, Jan H. May 1, 1999 5966
Learning How to Use a Cellular Phone: Comparison Between German and Chinese Users. Honold, Pia May 1, 1999 5831
Using Chopsticks and a Fork Together: Challenges and Strategies of Developing a Chinese/English Bilingual Web Site. Chu, Steve W. May 1, 1999 8197
GIFAS Rationalized French: A Controlled Language for Aerospace Documentation in French. Barthe, Kathy; Juaneda, Claire; Leseigneur, Dominique; Loquet, Jean-Claude; Morin, Claude; Escande, May 1, 1999 6754
One Company's Efforts to Improve Translation and Localization. Walmer, Daphne May 1, 1999 4984
Going Online: Helping Technical Communicators Help Translators. Flint, Patricia; Van Slyke, Melanie Lord; Starke-Meyerring, Doreen; Thompson, Aimee May 1, 1999 5617
Developing Resource for Multinational Writing at Xerox Corporation. Adams, Ann H.; Austin, Gail W.; Taylor, Melissa May 1, 1999 3502
Good, Fast, Cheap: Translation Memory Systems Offer the Potential for All Three. May 1, 1999 2770
Conflicting standards for designing data displays: following, flouting, and reconciling them. Kostelnick, Charles Nov 1, 1998 5136
Information graphics at the 'Boston Globe': from concept to execution. McNaughton, Sean Nov 1, 1998 2658
Visualizations for data exploration and analysis: a critical review of usability research. Mirel, Barbara Nov 1, 1998 10395
Visualization strategies for team-oriented problem solving, analysis, and project planning. Lewis, Paul Nov 1, 1998 3300
Measuring the success of visual communication in user interfaces. Rosenbaum, Stephanie; Bugental, J.O. Nov 1, 1998 6758
Screen captures in software documentation. Meij, Hans van der; Gellevij, Mark Nov 1, 1998 6737
STC 1997-98 international competitions: Best of Show and Distinguished Technical Communication Winners. Bartholomew, Barbara; Bates, Michael; Bottka, Hary; Clark, Jamie; Heba, Gary M.; Miller, Sally; Plas Aug 1, 1998 7535
Business objectives: a key tool for demonstrating the value of technical communication products. Carliner, Saul Aug 1, 1998 2894
Tool tips for the next millennium. Hayhoe, George Editorial May 1, 1998 2080
Making manuals obsolete: getting information out of the manual and into the product. Millar, Carol May 1, 1998 4111
Fear and loathing of the help menu: a usability test of online help. Grayling, Trevor May 1, 1998 5993
Authority and audience-centered writing strategies: sexism in 19th-century sewing machine manuals. Durack, Katherine T. Bibliography May 1, 1998 9379
Building a truly World Wide Web: a review of the essentials of international communication. Arnold, Mitchell D. May 1, 1998 5835
Documenting contributory expertise: the value added by technical communicators in collaborative writing situations. Henry, Jim May 1, 1998 8134
The academe-industry partnership: what's in it for all of us? Hayhoe, George F. Editorial Feb 1, 1998 1352
The ABCs of writing a technical glossary. Gray, Evie; Ingram, William A.; Bodson, Dennis Feb 1, 1998 5597
Testing visual-based modules for teaching writing. Markel, Mike Feb 1, 1998 7434
Getting professional help: why contractors and independent consultants need lawyers. Glick-Smith, Judith L.; Stephenson, Carol Feb 1, 1998 3974
Strategic planning: how "bifocal vision" and a living document create success. Kryder, Leeanne G. Nov 1, 1997 4170
The medium is the message. Hayhoe, George Editorial Aug 1, 1997 1545
The future of technical communication. Haselkorn, Mark P. Aug 1, 1997 991
Quality improvement: benchmarking, document design, and the STC. Sheffield, Michael L. Aug 1, 1997 4487
Establishing a corporate style guide: a bibliographic essay. Mckay, Peter D. Aug 1, 1997 5506
Demonstrating effectiveness and value: a process for evaluating technical communication products and services. Carliner, Saul Aug 1, 1997 8142
Multimedia resources: a selected interdisciplinary guide. Heba, Gary Bibliography Aug 1, 1997 12672
STC 1996-97 international competitions: best of show and distinguished technical communication writers. Fenwick, Ellen; Ratcliffe, Michelle; Tanner, Beth; Hermansen-Eldard, Marjorie; Burnett, Stuart Aug 1, 1997 5587
Diversity in our profession. Hayhoe, George F. Editorial May 1, 1997 1255
The contribution of hypermedia link authoring. Bergeron, Bryan P.; Bailin, Michael T. May 1, 1997 4519
Disciplinary style manuals as reliable guides to scientific discourse norms. Hagge, John May 1, 1997 8598
Technical documents as information systems. Sherwood, Duane E. May 1, 1997 4685
Rhetorical vs. instrumental approaches to teaching technical communication. Moore, Patrick May 1, 1997 6989
What research do we need, and what should practitioners care? Editorial Feb 1, 1997 1530
Patterns for success: a lesson in usable design from U.S. Patent Records. Durack, Katherine T. Feb 1, 1997 5628
Accentuate the negative: obtaining effective reviews through focused questions. Hart, Geoff Feb 1, 1997 3387
Design issues for producing effective multimedia presentations. Mason, Lisa D. Feb 1, 1997 3555
Winning the race for cyberspace. Hayhoe, George F. Editorial Nov 1, 1996 1548
Introduction: technical communication in cyberspace. Gurak, Laura J.; Silker, Christine M. Cover Story Nov 1, 1996 1097
TECHWR-L: a history and case study of a profession-specific LISTSERV list. Ray, Eric J. Nov 1, 1996 2586
Technical communication in cyberspace: report of a qualitative study. Silker, Christine M.; Gurak, Laura J. Nov 1, 1996 6802
An information development methodology for the World Wide Web. December, John Nov 1, 1996 3702
Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web: a rhetorical approach. Hunt, Kevin Nov 1, 1996 5033
Using the Web for graduate courses in technical communication with distant learners. Leonard, David C. Nov 1, 1996 8152
Building relationships for technology transfer. Bennett, John L. Sep 1, 1996 1172
Editorial policy and peer review process. Hayhoe, George F. Editorial Aug 1, 1996 1354
A brief history of the Frank R. Smith Outstanding Article Award. Smith, Frank R. Aug 1, 1996 1074
Best of show winners, 1995-1996: International Online Communication Competition: International Technical Art Competition, International Technical Publications Competition, and International Technical Video Competition. Aug 1, 1996 499
The five W's: an old tool for the new task of audience analysis. Hart, Geoff May 1, 1996 4477
Empirical evaluation of concept mapping: a job performance aid for writers. Crandell, Thomas L.; Kleid, Naomi A.; Soderston, Candace May 1, 1996 3612
"Is this ethical?" A survey of opinion on principles and practices of document design. Dragga, Sam Feb 1, 1996 4912
The relevance of selected English-usage principles. Perry, Devern J. Feb 1, 1996 6387
Toward 2000: education, the society and the profession. Rainey, Kenneth T.; Staples, Katherine E. Nov 1, 1995 1017
Finding a common ground: what STC is, and should be, doing to advance education in information design and development. Carliner, Saul Nov 1, 1995 5667
Tough questions and straight answers: educating technical communicators in the next decade. Southard, Sherry G.; Reaves, Rita Nov 1, 1995 6518
A question of identity. Jones, Dan Nov 1, 1995 1983
Why define technical communication at all? Ecker, Pamela S. Nov 1, 1995 722
Technical communication education: revolutionary alliances and responsible goals. Nov 1, 1995 404
Educating technical communicators to make better decisions. Ornatowski, Cezar M. Nov 1, 1995 2857
Putting the technical in technical communication. Merola, Paul A. Nov 1, 1995 1145
Four research issues. Farkas, David K. Nov 1, 1995 1534
Teaching for change, vision and responsibility. Bernhandt, Stephen A. Nov 1, 1995 1402
Wanted: tenure and promotion for technical communication faculty. Kreppel, Maria Curro Nov 1, 1995 2159
The successful career path: roles of the manager, the professional and the educator. Rosenquist, Deborah Nov 1, 1995 1734
Partners for teaching and learning in technical communication. Applewhite, Lottie B. Nov 1, 1995 1890
Evaluating academic technical communication programs: new stakeholders, diverse goals. Anderson, Paul V. Nov 1, 1995 3540
Preparing new learners to meet new literacies. Babcock, Elizabeth Nov 1, 1995 1981
Future direction for continuing education in technical communication. Krestas, Shirley A.; Fisher, Lori H.; Hackos JoAnn T. Nov 1, 1995 1678
Curriculum for the research and practice of international technical communication. Hoft, Nancy Nov 1, 1995 1606
Bringing new technologies into the classroom: the roles of teachers, students and practicing professionals. Grice, Roger A. Nov 1, 1995 2453
Working with technical experts in the risk management infrastructure. Diana, Christine; Heath, Robert L. Sep 22, 1995 5839
Moving to an entrepreneurial model: providing technical information services within a large corporation. See, Edward J. Aug 1, 1995 2555
Using inspections to improve the quality of product documentation and code. Zuchero, John Aug 1, 1995 5122
Technical scriptwriting: a seminar approach to learning. Kemnitz, Charles F.; Jeansonne, Jerold; Kim, Young; Pirie, Chris; Shafer, Kelli; Walker, T. B.; Zamb Aug 1, 1995 4005
Defining quality in technical communication: a holistic approach. Smart, Karl L.; Seawright, Kristie K.; DeTienne, Kristine Bell Aug 1, 1995 4050
Books about the Internet: help for the technical communicator cybersurfer. Murphy, Avon J. May 1, 1995 8318
A portrait of STC in Europe. McClelland, Patricia May 1, 1995 1245
Advantages of using SGML. Lunemann, Rhonda S. May 1, 1995 1415
A good user's guide means fewer support calls and lower support costs. Spencer, Cathy J.; Yates, Diana Kilbourn Feb 1, 1995 2074
How the process and organization can help or hinder adding value. Pieratti, Denise D. Feb 1, 1995 4178
Revising letters to veterans. Daniel, Reva Feb 1, 1995 4513
The challenge of interactive technical communication. Nartin, Jim Feb 1, 1995 2717
Focus on usability. Grice, Roger A. Feb 1, 1995 1107
Communication management. Caernarven-Smith, Patricia Feb 1, 1995 1270
Current research in technical communication. Charney, Davida Feb 1, 1995 3297
The friendly editor. Bush, Don Feb 1, 1995 1736
Adding value as a professional technical communicator. Redish, Janice Feb 1, 1995 9184
What technical communicators think about measuring value added: report on a questionnaire. Ramey, Judith Feb 1, 1995 6832
Introduction. Hart, Ron Nov 1, 1994 346
Getting started in hypermedia: industry lessons from classroom experience. Humphreys, Donald S. Nov 1, 1994 4014
Walking the labyrinth of multimedia law. Helyar, Pamela S.; Doudnikoff, Gregory M. Nov 1, 1994 5069
Producing usable desktop conferencing software. Scholtz, Jean; Kimball, Dawn; Griffith Mary Ely; Richardson, Larry; Bouchette, Deborah Nov 1, 1994 2103
The future of technical communication. Woods, Joyce Editorial Aug 1, 1994 3534
Training in technical communication: ideas for a partnership between the academy and the workplace. Hart, Hillary; Glick-Smith, Judith L. Aug 1, 1994 3451
Rethinking the approach to communication training. Brown, Robert M. Aug 1, 1994 5937
Teaching writing in industry: one company's approach. Hocker, Janis; Dempsey, Bobby Aug 1, 1994 5602
Publications and training: the challenge of working together. Hackos, JoAnn T. Aug 1, 1994 4840
Attitudes of professional technical communicators regarding the content of an undergraduate course in technical communication: a survey. Scanlon, Patrick M.; Coon, Anne C. Aug 1, 1994 3429
International technical communication after a large earthquake. Klein, Fred Aug 1, 1994 2844
Giving users appropriate expectations. Lindell, Janice Aug 1, 1994 1225
Evolving roles of the communicator. Beck, Charles E.; Boykin, Carolyn; Buonanno, Elizabeth Aug 1, 1994 3467
The STC vision: what do we want to create? Cascone, Steven Editorial May 1, 1994 3637
Analyzing electronic help exchanges: an inquiry into instructions for complex tasks. Mirel, Barbara May 1, 1994 8291
Research in technical communication in the Netherlands. Jansen, Carel May 1, 1994 3627
Culture as an element in teaching technical writing. Mirshafiei, Mohsen May 1, 1994 3933
Australian and United States technical communicators: a comparison of survey results. Fisher, Julie May 1, 1994 2555
Setting the context for understanding. Connatser, Bradford R. May 1, 1994 3406
The new technologies, cross-cultural communication, and localization: ideas which are not mutually exclusive. Winters, Elaine May 1, 1994 1157
Measurement of performance, productivity, and quality. Wiley, Ann L. May 1, 1994 2017
Marketing literature. King, Janice May 1, 1994 1836
The evolution of academic programs in technical communication. Hayhoe, George F.; Stohrer, Freda; Kunz, Lawrence D.; Southard, Sherry G. Feb 1, 1994 3253
The effect of purpose on professional communication. Blyler, Nancy Roundy Feb 1, 1994 6083
Term talk. Nadziejka, David Feb 1, 1994 1435
Too good to be ... useful. Allison, Nancy Column Feb 1, 1994 1253
Technical communication in mainland China: a personal perspective. Lou Chengzhao Feb 1, 1994 1535
Technical writers in Germany: a profession on the way to recognition. Tjarks-Sobhani, Marita Feb 1, 1994 1928
'Worth a thousand words:' choosing and using illustrations for technical communication. Tanner, Beth; Larson, Pete Feb 1, 1994 2343
Fatal grammar: the rhetoric of disasters. Charney, Davida Feb 1, 1994 2706
Philosophy of master's programs: implications for the profession of technical communication. Beck, Charles E. Feb 1, 1994 2893
Celebration and invitation. Wiley, Ann L. Feb 1, 1994 553
Status of technical manual specifications and standards. Bach, Claudia Bibliography Feb 1, 1994 1289
Extend your confidence limits in writing about statistics. Nadziejka. David E.; Krauhs, Jane M. Nov 1, 1993 1560
For the office grammar czar. Allison, Nancy Nov 1, 1993 1014
The business of marketing your business. Peterson, Dart; Fugate, Alice E. Nov 1, 1993 1482
Ontario Hydro and SGML. Rockley, Ann Aug 1, 1993 1932
SGML authoring tools for technical communication. Davidson, W.J. Aug 1, 1993 3759
The politics of technical language. Verburg, T. Larry Aug 1, 1993 3214
Why we use big words: a historical perspective. Altom, Tim Aug 1, 1993 1554
Figures of image: Aristotle and the design of icons and hypermedia. Horton, William Aug 1, 1993 2262
It's a small world, after all. Chaitt, Mary Aug 1, 1993 1301
Let 'em eat cake, speak English, and think as I do. Winters, Elaine Aug 1, 1993 1415
A framework for studying ethics in technical communication: research, case studies, and writing codes. Wegner, Katherine Aug 1, 1993 2612
The STC code and the ethics framework. Beck, Charles E. Aug 1, 1993 3581
What every successful manager knows. Aug 1, 1993 5283
What happens to our work? Aug 1, 1993 1087
Technical communication in the less-than-ideal organization. Schultz, Helene levy Aug 1, 1993 2610
Professionalism in technical communication. Skelton, Terry; Andersen, Shirley May 1, 1993 2837
The technical communicator and ISO 9000. Weiss, Edmond H. May 1, 1993 1979
Transformations. Buckiewicz, Marek May 1, 1993 844
The business of technical communication. Peterson, Dart G. May 1, 1993 2535
The paradigm of jazz. Wiley, Ann L. May 1, 1993 769
Understanding foreign language user requirements in business - a model. George, William K. May 1, 1993 3748
Communication management. Caernarven-Smith, Patricia May 1, 1993 2744
Status of technical manual specifications and standards. Bach, Claudia May 1, 1993 2473
Models for technical communicators. McGuire, Gene May 1, 1993 2214
Trends and issues in technical communication. Cook, Ken, Jr. Editorial Feb 1, 1993 813
Let's do away with manuals ... before they do away with us. Horton, William Feb 1, 1993 3825
Downsizing technical communication staff: the risk to corporate success. Smudde, Peter M. Feb 1, 1993 4240
The impact of language and culture on technical communication in Japan. Kohl, John R.; Barclay, Rebecca O.; Pinelli, Thomas E.; Keene, Michael L.; Kennedy, John M. Feb 1, 1993 6682
Three approaches to reader analysis. Warren, Thomas L. Feb 1, 1993 3579
A model as the basis for a taxonomy of technical communication. Beck, Charles E. Feb 1, 1993 2171
The relationship between language and design in mechanical engineering: some preliminary observations. Geisler, Cheryl Feb 1, 1993 2170
The continuing importance of research in technical communication. Smith, Frank R. Editorial Nov 1, 1992 1353
Research in technical communication: perspectives and thoughts on the process. Pinelli, Thomas E.; Barclay, Rebecca O. Nov 1, 1992 3798
Research in technical communication: a view of the past and a challenge for the future. MacNealy, Mary Sue Nov 1, 1992 9169
Doctoral research in technical communication, 1965-1990. Rainey, Kenneth T.; Kelly, Rebecca S. Nov 1, 1992 7003
A survey of practitioners' attitudes toward research in technical communication. Beard, John D.; Williams, David L. Nov 1, 1992 5277
A practitioner's guide to research methods. Goubil-Gambrell, Patricia Nov 1, 1992 5716
Qualitative research in technical communication: issues of value, identity, and use. Sullivan, Patricia; Spilka, Rachel Nov 1, 1992 8302
Conducting research in technical communication: the application of true experimental designs. Spyridakis, Jan H. Nov 1, 1992 8552
Survey research in technical communication: designing and administering questionnaires. Plumb, Carolyn; Spyridakis, Jan H. Nov 1, 1992 8015
Confucius for the technical communicator: selections from The Analects. Etz, Donald V. Nov 1, 1992 2566
Communication patterns and intellectual teamwork. Nov 1, 1992 1588
Quality in technical communication: a definition for the 1990s. Fredrickson, Lola Aug 1, 1992 2755
Tips for high-tech public relations writers. Townsend, Jacqueline Aug 1, 1992 1101
Visual literacy: going beyond words in technical communications. Horton, William Aug 1, 1992 1919
Definition as central to the field of technical communication. Beck, Charles E. Aug 1, 1992 4390
"Shared Minds" - a model of technical collaboration. McGuire, Gene Aug 1, 1992 1166
Humorize to humanize. Cohen, Gerald Aug 1, 1992 578
Atlanta is communications crossroads for over 1800. Aug 1, 1992 4452
President's plans - 1992-1993. Aug 1, 1992 1235
Controlling technology through communication: redefining the role of the technical communicator. Cilengir, Erika N. Column May 1, 1992 5869
Teaching students the verticality of technical documentation. Hager, Peter J. May 1, 1992 3906
What you should get from a professionally oriented master's degree program in technical communication. Carliner, Saul May 1, 1992 5735
The technical presentation. Gilbert, Frederick May 1, 1992 997
The wired word. Horton, William Column May 1, 1992 3110
The technical communicator interviewing for information. McDowell, Earl E. Column May 1, 1992 2182
Technical communicators and the National Research and Education Network - opportunity knocks. Kahn, Russell L. Product/Service Evaluation Feb 1, 1992 5123
Toward consistency in visual information: standardized icons based on task. Gurak, Laura J. Feb 1, 1992 3068
I'm OK; you're only a user: a transactional analysis of computer-human dialogs. Ridgway, Lenore S.; Grice, Roger A.; Gould, Emilie Feb 1, 1992 6665
Guiding the reader: proposals and persuasion. Cole, Marian Feb 1, 1992 2006
Do we dare to free our computer users? Oram, Andrew Feb 1, 1992 4969
Learning to use simplified English: a preliminary study. Thomas, Margaret; Jaffe, Gloria; Kincaid, J. Peter; Stees, Yvette Feb 1, 1992 3089
Using reliability testing to teach reader response. Boiarsky, Carolyn Feb 1, 1992 1655
Short and sour. Nadziejka, David E. Feb 1, 1992 1248
Designing online documentation. Horton, William Feb 1, 1992 1617
The technology of human editing. Bush, Don Column Feb 1, 1992 1151
An idea whose time has come. Cohen, Gerald Column Feb 1, 1992 484
A capable, controllable process. Wiley, Ann L. Feb 1, 1992 1076
Warranted good. Peterson, Dart G., Jr. Feb 1, 1992 2304
The effect of organizational metaphors on writers' stylistic choices. Suchan, James Feb 1, 1992 1879
The workshop front - what we found out. Caernarven-Smith, Patricia Feb 1, 1992 2115
A model for inclusion and structure for documentation projects. McGuire, Gene Column Feb 1, 1992 892
Reaching the technical audience: sometimes it's not easy. Hatch, Eric K. Mar 1, 1991 1591
Trying on Renaissance clothes: EDUCOM '90 meets in Atlanta. Nelson, Milo Dec 1, 1990 2581
Five steps to better presentations. Cardone, Steve Aug 1, 1990 991
Dateline: Washington, D.C.; SLA calls for national information policy. Mar 1, 1989 234

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