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Communication Technology and Social Change: Theory and Implications.


Communication technology and social change; theory and implications.

Lin, Carolyn A. and David J. Atkin.

Lawrence Erlbaum


334 pages



LEA's communication series


Building on Communication Technology & Society: Audience Adoption and Uses (Hampton Press, 2002), Lin and Atkin (instructors of communication sciences at the U. of Connecticut) turn to communication technology-driven changes in off- and online social communication domains. Following a primer on each technology under consideration, interdisciplinary contributors to 15 chapters offer syntheses of current theoretical, empirical, and legal analyses within individual, work/organizational, surveillance, entertainment, consumer, and legal/regulatory settings. Issues addressed toward an integrated social change paradigm include 24/7 access to news, telework, telemedicine, digital media copyrights, and privacy.

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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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