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Communication Quarterly: Attitudes and communication of homophobia in fraternities: separating the impact of social adjustment function from hetero- identity concern.

This manuscript examines the social adjustment attitude function that drives homophobia and homophobic communication in fraternities. The social adjustment function underlying fraternity members' negative attitudes about homosexual fraternity brothers related to the desire to secure and maintain cohesive male-male relationships within a fraternity (i.e., brotherhood), facilitate the recruitment of new members, and improve or maintain social relationship with sorority members. Ninety-eight fraternity men from a mid-sized, urban, private university were sampled. As predicted, path analytic results indicated that the social adjustment function was directly related to attitudes toward homosexual fraternity members. Attitudes toward homosexual fraternity members and participants' negative communication regarding gays were mediated by members' hetero-identity concern. Attitudes, however, were directly related to perceptions of others' communication. The implications of these results for fraternities specifically and male-male relationships in general are discussed.

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Title Annotation:Abstracts
Author:Hall, Jeffrey A.; LaFrance, Betty H.
Publication:Women and Language
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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