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Commonwealth Films Inc.--training videos.

ARMA members receive a 10% discount (which is reflected in the member price) when they purchase Commonwealth videos through ARMA. Videos are also available for preview by contacting Commonwealth Films directly at or by phone at 617.262.$634. Use of Commonwealth Films is subject to certain terms and conditions. For details, contact Commonwealth.

Buried Alive Commonwealth Films Inc.

A Commonwealth blockbuster and ARMA favorite, Buried Alive raises awareness about the need for correct document retention and records management procedures. The video also reveals the 23 legal, financial, and operational consequences of noncompliance. Created in consultation with top experts and based on some of the nation's best-managed systems, it dramatically shows how documents should be systematically retained or destroyed without risking destruction of vital information or evidence. This ARMA version features a special introduction and conclusion.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS Videotape, English, 23 minutes; 1990 Catalog No. B4356 $695, ARMA member $625

For the Record Commonwealth Films Inc.

Designed for every employee who handles information and records in today's computer-based workplace--and that includes almost everyone--this video stresses the importance of employee compliance with established in-house records management policies, highlights key principles, and describes the four basic policy issues of records/information management systems: ease of retrieval, consistency of retention, thoroughness of records destruction, and dependability of recovery. The video dramatizes how employee work habits that conflict with these principles can put the entire organization at risk, and how the best-designed systems are only as strong as each individual employee's compliance with it. The video also stresses that many of the general principles that apply to paper records should be applied to electronic ones and that systematized management procedures--not personal filing, retrieval, destruction, or backup gimmicks--must be the rule.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 22 minutes, 1993 Catalog No. B4348 $695, ARMA member $625

Stolen Access Commonwealth Films Inc.

Social engineers trick unsuspecting employees into revealing sensitive and confidential information over the phone, via e-mail, and inpublic. This video dramatically illustrates the threats from information thieves, hackers, and industrial espionage agents, and offers practical tips on preventing information loss.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 16 minutes, 2003 Catalog No. B4830 $695, ARMA member $625

Computer Virus Attack: Defending Against Viruses and Hackers Commonwealth Films Inc.

In this dramatic vignette, a mysterious hacker launches a new computer virus over the Internet. When an employee opens an infected e-mail message without using established procedures, the virus spreads, confidential documents are made public, personal information is disclosed, and e-mail delivery is halted.

This video outlines the impact of viruses and provides training on a number of topics, including

* computer viruses--what they do, where they hide, how they spread

* safe handling of e-mail attachments--authenticating sender ID

* e-mail, Internet, newsgroups, virus hoaxes, false alarms, rumors, chain e-mail, hazardous downloads

* anti-virus software: scanning and updating complying with anti-virus procedures, policies, and guidelines

* how to respond to suspected virus infection

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 15 minutes, 2002 Catalog No. B4819 $695, ARMA member $625

The Plugged-In Mailbox Commonwealth Films Inc.

E-mail has become an integral part of the organizational landscape--but it is not without limitations, liabilities, and risks. The first video to deal comprehensively with the uses and misuses of e-mail, The Plugged-In Mail Box uses dramatized vignettes to educate employees at all levels about the proper and improper uses of e-mail, issues of "ownership" and privacy, and legal, records management, and information security issues.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 23 minutes, 1998 Catalog No. B4622 $695, ARMA member $625

Targets of Opportunity Commonwealth Films Inc.

How easy is it for an outsider to access "secure" organizational information? This video dramatizes how a seemingly secure organization can be exposed and exploited through irresponsible end-user habits and casual attitudes toward established security controls/ policies. Targets of Opportunity also shows how small, insignificant bits of information can be easily pieced together and to a knowledgeable person--can be extremely valuable. Topics include Internet, e-mail, voice mail, remote users, business travel and laptop usage, hackers and social engineers, industrial espionage/competitive intelligence, paper documents, and electronic media. Printed leader/viewer guide included.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 26 minutes, 1996 Catalog No. B4214 $695, ARMA member $625 Commonwealth Films Inc.

Using seven vignettes based on real cases some of which you may have read about in the media--this video provides guidance on

* monitoring Internet use

* preventing the flooding of workplace systems with activity such as chain letters and joke lists

* responding to a message with an attachment or links to offensive sites

* securing information--taking care with what is communicated online

* using the Internet for news groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and e-mail

* handling documents and executable files attached to messages from unknown outsiders

* identifying illegal activity such as identity theft, copyright infringement, and computer fraud and abuse

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 22 minutes, 2000 Catalog No. B4804 $695, ARMA member $625

Information Security Video Library

Now, for the first time, Commonwealth Films' best-selling information security training programs are available in one boxed set at a special low price of $1,995--a 40% savings!

Set includes:

* Computer Virus Attack


* Stolen Access

* Targets of Opportunity

* The Plugged-In Mailbox

ISBN: N/A (Commonwealth Films loci Cat. No, B4832 $1,995 ARMA member or non-member

Back in Business: Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption Commonwealth Films Inc.

Planning ahead before a disaster strikes is crucial to a successful records management program. This best-selling video shows how proper awareness, preparedness, and compliance with in house records management policies can make a difference in the event of a disaster. Covering everyday emergencies as well as major disasters, Back in Business addresses critical paper and electronic records, records retrieval, disaster plan recovery, back-ups, off-site facilities, records management, and more. Essential viewing for all employees.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 26 minutes, 1992 Catalog No. B4350 $695, ARMA member $625

Illegal Copying: Software, Printed and Online Media, Audio/Video

Commonwealth Films Inc.

Information is copied everyday, but it is not always done lawfully. This video dramatically shows employees and managers the dangers of making unauthorized copies of many forms of copyrighted material--software, printed matter, and video/audio tapes, as well as text and graphics downloaded from the Internet. Dramatized vignettes illustrate how copyright infringement is illegal and unethical and can carry hefty penalties for offenders, including steep fines, statutory penalties, damages, sanctions, and jail.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 21 minutes, 1996 Catalog No. B4213 $695, ARMA member $625

Say What You Mean Commonwealth Films Inc.

All communication should state things precisely and accurately, leaving no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity and avoiding a record of careless words that could be disastrous if misinterpreted later in court, by the media, or other outsiders.

This awareness-raising video, designed for people at every level of an organization, powerfully addresses

* the need to be precise

* the dangers of a casual attitude toward writing and sending e-mail

* document creation more than just the final versions are important

* document retention--the hazards of excessive saving

* document destruction--"gaps in the files"

* electronic communications

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, English, 25 minutes, 1996 Catalog No. B4204 $695, ARMA member $625

Ready for Anything Commonwealth Films Inc.

Ready for Anything is designed to raise organization wide awareness and increase top management's support for comprehensive records management and business continuity policies. Realistic cases dramatize two levels of business disaster. In the first, a company-wide computer problem brings operations to a standstill for 39 hours. In the second, a regional catastrophe forces evacuation of an organization's headquarters and closes the facility for months. The reenactments contrast the ability of prepared and unprepared organizations to function after a disaster and illustrate the steps and criteria for developing a practical continuity plan.

ISBN: None (Commonwealth Films Inc.) VHS videotape, 21 minutes, 2002 Catalog No. B4810 $695 ARMA member $625
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